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800 3428 0000 (International)
1800 870 720 (Australia)
8800 100 5002 (Russia)
1800 627 372 (Ecuador)
+1 888 242 6342 (United States)
+689 40 463 944 (French Polynesia)
+687 437 719 (New Caledonia)
+27 800 342 872 (South Africa)
+21 71 655 500 (Tunisia)
+54 800 777 8000 (Argentina)
Corso G. Agnelli 200
Italy - 10135

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Fiat Autofiat tipo gasoline buoy

Dear Sir /Mme
Hope all is well at your side inhale a major complaint from fiat dealer in Cairo
As we have bought a fiat tipo 2019 on the 27 th of Feb 2019
And for over 3months now we have has a problem with our gasoline buoy and I contacted the dealer so many times in these past 3months and they keep on telling me that they will contact me once they receive the spare part and nothing really happens I m really really disappointed with the service I m getting as I have a bmw my self and there is no comparison between the 2 dealers .
The fiat keeps on stopping with my kids cause indicates wrong fuel sign and they refused even to supply me with a car for my kids to move with till they get the spare part .
Vert disappointed with the service they dont get back to me when they say they will
The spare parts over 3months hope you can help me thanks

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    Nov 05, 2019

    Fiat Auto — fiat spider - gauge cluster 3 months and counting

    We took my Fiat Spider in for service on Aug 8th for a trip reset button issue. Service indicated that the...

    Oct 06, 2019

    Fiat Auto — fiat tipo sedan manual

    Dear Ma'am/Sir, Hope my complaint finds you well. I am writing to you from Egypt. I have recently bought a...

    Sep 30, 2019

    Fiat Auto — service related

    Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Repairs and Servicing The issue that I have...

    Sep 14, 2019

    Fiat Auto — dishonest about repairs I don't need and putting my safety in danger

    Hi, I was at this dealership 7745 S Tamami trail, Sarasota, FL last Monday, Sep 9th 2019 and I had such a...

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    Fiat Autofiat tibo cooling water level is always decreasing

    I have bought a brand new fiat tibo from 7 month

    I noticed that cooling water level is always decreasing
    Every time I take it to fiat service center in Egypt
    They say that they make checks and add more cooling water for the engine
    And they say every thing is OK
    But after that the cooling water decreases again

    I first noticed this when i smelt something burning
    I took the car to the service center, when they check the cooling water was below the minimum
    They raised the level to max and said that the problem was because the didn't make pre distribution inspection to the car -which in my opinion very bad handeling -
    after two weeks the water reached minimum level
    I took the car to service center again in obour city in cairo and this time they raised the water level about maximum

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      Fiat Autocustomer service

      Bought my daughter a 2015 Fiat 500 back in April. The car had 1 previous owner with a full Fiat service history. The car has done only 36000 miles and now requires a new hydraulic control unit at the cost of £1569.40! This is apparently a common fault with this vehicle so I contacted Fiat to see if they would honor the cost. Today, after 8 days and 3 calls to Italy I was contacted by Fiat and advised they would not be helping at all!!! How can a motor company sell a car, knowing there is a major fault in the manufacturing process of this part and not recall or offer to rectify this problem? Instead, there making their customers pay out large sums of money to put this right. I'm totally disgusted with Fiat and will never consider buying one of their vehicles again.

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        Jul 09, 2019

        Fiat Auto — key

        I remember being a little girl and seeing my cousin with a FIAT roadster and I said to myself I want a FIAT...

        Fiat Autofiat tipo

        i am living and egypt and i knew that you have an amazing car (Fiat tipo hatchback HIIGHLINE) which is not delivered at my country at the first place i need to know if there are any possibilities to make it available here or not!?

        second issue many tipo owners at my country are not satisfied by the service handled from the authorized agency that running your business in egypt which makes me afraid of buying the car and may alter my choice, so any solution ?

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          Apr 20, 2019

          Fiat Auto — disrespect customers & manufacturing defects - spiaggina’58

          To whom it may concern I would like to inform you that I bought Fiat 500C Spiaggina58' from Dhofar Automobil...

          Fiat 500 Sportrepeated breakdowns and electrical problems

          2015 Fiat 500 Sport Complaint

          Purchased 08-10-14

          Today's mileage: 39, 098

          VIN: 3C3CFFBR4FT501011

          Since I've owned this vehicle, I have had it towed 5 times.

          My complaints are:

          • We have replaced the left headlight 4 times, the right headlight 3 times,
          • We have replaced the left and right tail lights 3 times each. I really don't believe I should pay $35 to replace headlights/tail lights since this seems to be an ongoing issue with this vehicle.
          • At one point the console went completely black. I could not see my speed, didn't know how much gas I had, etc. [protected]) Replaced IPC Assembly.

          • The next incident that happened was upon start up, the engine shook the whole car and when putting it in gear the car surged and stalled alternately. The dash console flashed all the lights that exist and one by one it said to check each of the items it reports on. The first time this happened it seemed to be a computer problem and was repaired. [protected])

          • That same issue happened a second time on 01-09-19. I had it towed to an authorized repair business. I was told they had to order an "auto shut down relay."

          • Here's the killer. I have not had use of my car since 01-10-19 and they say the part is on backorder until February 22, 2019. Outrageous! In addition, I had to pay for the part which I feel is unfair.

          • Also, the display dimmer never did boost the brightness in daylight and reduce the brightness in the dark. After repeated complaining about this non-function, the resolution was to disable the feature making it a manual setting.

          • One more complaint. The trim on the outside of the car by the mirrors has rotted and needs to be replaced. The dealership wants to charge me for this which I don't believe I should have to pay.

          I cannot believe I'm the only customer having these problems. Fiat's electrical system seems to be faulty and that should not be my problem.
          By the way: Ii have the extended warrant from opal that expires 07-20-21 or at 85, 000miles. I'm told this is useless to me by the dealer and by the authorized repair shop.

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            • Updated by Greg Welliver · Jan 29, 2019

              Auto correct changed Mopar to Opal. My warranty is with Mopar.

            Fiat Autocustomer service

            Unprofessional customer service by Fiat Egypt as they never follow up with customers after any reported complaints in addition to the poor service during servicing our cars in the service centers.

            Actually Fiat reputation in Egypt has been affected and considered as one of the worst car dealers in Egypt. In order to avoid more deterioration; appropriate corrective actions need to be implemented immediately by Fiat head office.

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              Fiat — 2 cars

              November 4, 2018 Chrysler Corporation I am writting to share my experience and unfortunate disappoinment...


              Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — 2018 ram 3500, 6.7 diesel slt 4x4

              I purchased a new 2018 ram 3500 and it consumes diesel exhaust fluid (def) at an alarming rate (123.11 mpg...

              Fiat Autopanda 4by4

              My car is at the Marchi Fiat dealer mechanic (in Bastia Umbra) for more than one week. They tell me they have to send the part that needs to be replaced and a new one is sent to them. they keep telling me the part has not arrived.
              Is there a strike or something that they cannot get a part to fix my car. I am paying for a rental and I keep having to extend it because they cannot get a part.
              This is very frustrating and I hope you can expedite a solution for this problem/
              Thank you
              Antoinette Levine

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                Fiat Auto - Wanneroo Jeep Chrysler and Fiat Complaints Australiamanagement of fiat punto and costs associated with repairs.

                Hello - I have previously submitted an online form to the Australian office- I have received one phone call from ? Jason who was stoic and unhelpful in his assistance that the complaints department could not assist other than talking to the dealer to contact me.

                Vehicle details
                13/Fiat/Fiat Punto 1.4 Pop Auto
                CHASSIS no ZFA19900000993752
                Engine Number - 0479357
                Register to Rosalie Rowan

                I have a number of complaints starting with
                1)The fact that there is no disclaimer on the Australian website that precludes follow up or action that relates to vehicles that are out of warranty. I am and was clear in my knowledge that my vehicle is out of warranty. Although I was told that this independently reviewed per individual case. I don't believe the complaint has been considered in any way.
                2) Your marketing of a Punto - safe to use does not reflect my experience which is recorded below.
                3) I note you have had previous ACCC involvement which assigned the company with a directive on complaints handling in 2015.
                4) I did not receive any formal acknowledgment just a phone call, or an e-mail post this communication.
                5) My communication with the complaints department in Australia - was only that I would need to go back to the dealer for the care to be diagnosed which I had already provided him with and that it would cost me close to $ 6, 000 Australian dollars to correct.
                5) The vehicle has travelled 61, 000 Km and it is unreasonable to expect that the transmission would fail on three occasions twice after diagnosis and expence incurred at diagnosis.
                6) The dealer states this is the only way that they can rectify. There are no other options
                7) The vehicle on resale on the web is valued a $5, 000 dollars and the repair is valued at a replacement part of $6, 000 and will only be warrantied for one year - how can that be justified.
                8)How many of your Punto pop suffer from this issue and what are you going to do about it.
                9) I would like to know what Fiat will do about this and I have provided the details that were sent to Fiat Australia below
                10) The vehicle stuck in neutral resides at my home address currently and does not go- it is not as displayed on your website .

                Compliant Details :
                On three occasions the vehicle transmission has placed me in a compromising safety position :
                1) Travelling at 80 km ( on a double laned road at peak hour) when the vehicle transmission went from 5th to neutral and would not move. I was able to pull over and turn the vehicle off and this reengaged the auto. This was then taken to Wanneroo fiat where the vehicle was purchased. I will if able attach the documentation regarding the outcome of that service - 5.7.2018
                2) On the second occasion the vehicle was slowed to turn left up an incline /hill and it did not gear down and went into neutral and stayed that way on this hill with traffic turning into the road behind me . After turning the vehicle off and on and trying to adjust the gearing ( 20 minutes ) the auto reset into 1st and I was able to turn around and go home. The vehicle was then taken back to Wanneroo fiat and the report being attached reflects the only option should this occur again being - replacement of the clutch at a cost of $5, 990 - the date on the report is invalid as it has not occurred as yet . The date was the 27.7.2018 - not as reported 27.8.2018
                3) On the 22.8.2018 at peak hour I slowed the vehicle to stop at the traffic light 30 kms from home and just before entering the freeway and it again stuck in 5th then went to neutral and was not able to be adjusted - so I was stuck in traffic and was towed home . Only by the assistance of a passing man was he able to push me off the main road to a side road where I again sat for another hour. My road side assist tow arrived to assist.
                4) The vehicle purchased new in 2013 has done 61, 887 Km - and is outside the warranty period that was provided. All services conducted - which you can access from the dealer
                5) It is unacceptable that a vehicle that only a small amount of KM should place me repeatedly post investigation by the dealer in a place of risk . I would like an investigation and a response . Please provide options - I am currently without a safe vehicle to transport me .
                ) I would also enquire whether this is a known or common issue and staff knowledge about repair.
                7) Items on the service sheets that talk about low hydraulic fluid - should have been monitored/ investiageted at service- why did this not occur.
                8) Safety is paramount to all drivers on the roads. This was not afforded to me post services . This has all occurred in a short period of time .

                I look forward to a satisfactory resolution - whereby the vehicle is repaired and safe to use.

                The cost of the replacement part is unacceptable.

                I require a formal acknowledgment and response from Fiat international. Your website boasts a customer care services centre with multilingual staff . Your follow up is requested.

                My Contact details
                Mobile [protected]

                Please formally respond and investigate

                management of fiat punto and costs associated with repairs.
                management of fiat punto and costs associated with repairs.
                management of fiat punto and costs associated with repairs.
                management of fiat punto and costs associated with repairs.

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                  Fiat Chrysler Autocall center/rental department

                  On Saturday, August 11, 2018, I opened a case (Case # [protected] - Case Manager: Amanda) with FCA in an attempt to obtain a rental car while my 2019 Jeep Cherokee was dropped off for service. While the service wasn't scheduled, it was immediately necessary as the truck wasn't safely drivable due to a warning light indicating the electronic throttle control needed service. I did not feel comfortable using the vehicle; whether I was the sole occcupant or having my wife or two children in the truck. My wife and I both have full time jobs and our children go to daycare. For the last five (5) I have been without transportation, relying on colleagues and Uber, to get to and from work. The fact that I didn't hear from Amanda until Tuesday, August 14th at 4:53pm, is unacceptable. I quickly learned that your call center is set up in such a way that it is impossible to obtain your case managers name and contact information upon request. Phone calls on Monday and Tuesday, where I spoke with call takers Alexander and Paris, respectively, were useless. Each party advised that not only could they not provide me with a phone number for Amanda, but they also refused to let me speak with a supervisor. Then, when speaking with Amanda, she was short and dismissive. Only providing an option of me renting a car out of pocket and then submitting a bill to her for POSSIBLE reimbursement. How do you expect a customer to successfully submit a bill for reimbursement when placing a simple phone call isn't possible? I've placed two (2) calls to Amanda today checking on the status of my claim. Both calls went straight to voicemail and, surprise, Amanda hasn't called me back yet. As I said to Amanda, I'm not asking for anything unreasonable. I don't need a large SUV rental for an entire month. I'm asking to establish a rental car, the smallest car that's offered, for an initial 2 days until my car is inspected by the dealership. I'm just asking for something to alleviate the burden of asking friends and taxis to get me to work so I can pay my bills. This has been the single most disappointing customer service experience I've ever had. If this is how your business model was intentionally structured then shame on you. This has left the most sour taste with regards to every vehicle brand you represent. I have no faith in any future dealings with your company or any of the vehicles under your umbrella. I have told, and will continue to tell everyone I speak with about how incredibly negative of an experience I am having.

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                    Fiat Auto — engine failure

                    My Fiat 500 that has less than 50k miles now has either a bad engine that needs replacing or needs the...

                    Fiatnavigation maps

                    I purchased my new Fiat 500x on new year's day 2017. Since then I have complained that locations and mapping are incorrect. Locations that were there for 8+ years were wrong or a mile off. I also just took a drive up North and went through Atlanta and wow the maps were so incorrect I had to use my phone and not rely on my 7 month old navigation system in my new car. I seem to have found a competent service department and they told me that my maps are up to date for (2013). What? yes, 2013 is the last time Navteq released a set of maps to the public. So this means every vehicle since 2013 still has the same maps as a 2017 vehicle.
                    I complained to Chrysler / Fiat and they responded - see below
                    " I can definitely understand why you wanted to bring attention to this! I have documented your concerns in our system however, we do rely on
                    Navteq to provide updates for our navigation systems. There is a map
                    reporting program that would allow you to provide feedback on areas that
                    need attention. If you would like to take advantage of this feature, you
                    can do so at mapreporter.navteq.com."
                    So I spend thousands on a vehicle with navigation to find out the navigation is very outdated with no update on the horizon. I am also told to update the maps for Navteq that never releases updates?? Chrysler / Fiat should provide up to date maps for customers for free. They should also change map providers if we depend on them to provide us with up to date mapping. This is absolutely ridiculous and a waste of money for a consumer.

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                      Fiat Chrysler Automobilesunfair and deceptive business practices

                      Any person who may be planning on ordering a vehicle from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), should understand the unfair and deceptive business practices FCA uses when they delivered my vehicle without the correctly ordered and paid for options.

                      Instead of offering to rebuild and replace this vehicle with this option, or offer to refund the money that I had now paid in full for this vehicle, Fiat Chrysler has for the last 3 years done nothing to remedy this, and only continued to change their determinations when I have continued to provide then with additional facts and evidence showing these determinations to be invalid and unfair.

                      I then presented these facts and evidence to my US Senator and the Federal Trade Commission, who requested a response over this from Fiat Chrysler. FCA then again changed their story and determination of why they delivered this vehicle without the options listed on the purchase agreement in this official response.

                      I was again able to provide the facts, evidence and Exhibits which prove that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has now given false and deceptive information, in this official response, to this US Senator and the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC stated that they have added this to their records, and indicated that they could possibly act against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the future, but declined to take any action over these unfair and deceptive practices at this time.

                      I have now sent these facts, evidence and Exhibit’s proving that Fiat Chrysler has given false information to a member of Congress and the federal department of the FTC to the ranking member of the Oversite & Government Reform Committee Congressman Elijah Cummings, who’s office has informed me that this was forwarded to all other Committee members. The Committee can now use it's authority to take action against Fiat Chrysler having presented this false information to requests from Federal agencies and members of Congress.

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