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Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 3428 0000(International) 2 0
1800 870 720(Australia) 1 0
8800 100 5002(Russia) 1 0
1800 209 5556(India) 1 0
1800 627 372(Ecuador) 1 0
1 800 801 3428(Mexico) 1 0
+39 110 031 1111(Italy) 2 0
+1 888 242 6342(United States) 2 0
+1 800 465 2001(Canada) 2 0
+689 40 463 944(French Polynesia) 1 0
+687 437 719(New Caledonia) 1 0
+244 226 433 610(Angola) 1 0
+86 400 878 9999(China) 1 0
+81 120 404 053(Japan) 1 0
+212 801 000 005(Morocco) 1 0
+221 338 695 539(Senegal) 1 0
+27 800 342 872(South Africa) 1 0
+21 71 655 500(Tunisia) 1 0
+54 800 777 8000(Argentina) 1 0
+55 800 707 1000(Brazil) 1 0

Fiat Auto Complaints & Reviews

Fiat Auto / dishonest about repairs I don't need and putting my safety in danger

Sep 14, 2019

Hi, I was at this dealership 7745 S Tamami trail, Sarasota, FL last Monday, Sep 9th 2019 and I had such a horrible experience. My front driver headlight was out, I knew before I went there from another mechanic shop who had examined the headlight that it is a connector problem, the...

Fiat Auto / fiat tibo cooling water level is always decreasing

Aug 24, 2019

I have bought a brand new fiat tibo from 7 month I noticed that cooling water level is always decreasing Every time I take it to fiat service center in Egypt They say that they make checks and add more cooling water for the engine And they say every thing is OK But after that the cooling...

Fiat Auto / customer service

Jul 30, 2019

Bought my daughter a 2015 Fiat 500 back in April. The car had 1 previous owner with a full Fiat service history. The car has done only 36000 miles and now requires a new hydraulic control unit at the cost of £1569.40! This is apparently a common fault with this vehicle so I contacted Fiat to...

Fiat Auto / key

Jul 09, 2019

I remember being a little girl and seeing my cousin with a FIAT roadster and I said to myself I want a FIAT when I grow up. So I did not hesitate to purchase one on 2015 a 2014 FIAT 500L with leather seats and moonroof/sunroof. On May 25, 2019, my friend's purse was stolen and it had my...

Fiat Auto / fiat tipo

May 29, 2019

i am living and egypt and i knew that you have an amazing car (Fiat tipo hatchback HIIGHLINE) which is not delivered at my country at the first place i need to know if there are any possibilities to make it available here or not!? second issue many tipo owners at my country are not...

Fiat Auto / disrespect customers & manufacturing defects - spiaggina’58

Apr 20, 2019

To whom it may concern I would like to inform you that I bought Fiat 500C Spiaggina58' from Dhofar Automobil in The Sultanate of Oman and I found a lot of manufacturing defects and when I talk to the management regarding that they said take the car and come after 1000 km drive and we will...

Fiat 500 Sport / repeated breakdowns and electrical problems

Jan 29, 2019

2015 Fiat 500 Sport Complaint Purchased 08-10-14 Today's mileage: 39, 098 VIN: 3C3CFFBR4FT501011 Since I've owned this vehicle, I have had it towed 5 times. My complaints are: • We have replaced the left headlight 4 times, the right headlight 3 times, • We have replaced the left and...

Fiat Auto / customer service

Jan 20, 2019

Unprofessional customer service by Fiat Egypt as they never follow up with customers after any reported complaints in addition to the poor service during servicing our cars in the service centers. Actually Fiat reputation in Egypt has been affected and considered as one of the worst car...

Fiat / 2 cars

Nov 04, 2018

November 4, 2018 Chrysler Corporation I am writting to share my experience and unfortunate disappoinment with the purchase of not one (1) but two (2) of your FIAT SUVs. When I decided to purchase my very first brand new car, I did not hesitate at all on pursuing my dream car, which just...

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles / 2018 ram 3500, 6.7 diesel slt 4x4

Oct 12, 2018

I purchased a new 2018 ram 3500 and it consumes diesel exhaust fluid (def) at an alarming rate (123.11 mpg). I have had my truck into the dealership 5 times and nothing is being done to repair the issue. People with identical trucks (engine/transmission/gear reduction ratio) are getting 5...

Fiat Auto / panda 4by4

Oct 01, 2018

My car is at the Marchi Fiat dealer mechanic (in Bastia Umbra) for more than one week. They tell me they have to send the part that needs to be replaced and a new one is sent to them. they keep telling me the part has not arrived. Is there a strike or something that they cannot get a part to...

Fiat Auto - Wanneroo Jeep Chrysler and Fiat Complaints Australia / management of fiat punto and costs associated with repairs.

Sep 23, 2018

Fiat Auto - Wanneroo Jeep Chrysler and Fiat Complaints AustraliaHello - I have previously submitted an online form to the Australian office- I have received one phone call from ? Jason who was stoic and unhelpful in his assistance that the complaints department could not assist other than talking to the dealer to contact me. Vehicle detail...

Fiat Chrysler Auto / call center/rental department

Aug 15, 2018

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, I opened a case (Case # [protected] - Case Manager: Amanda) with FCA in an attempt to obtain a rental car while my 2019 Jeep Cherokee was dropped off for service. While the service wasn't scheduled, it was immediately necessary as the truck wasn't safely drivable...

Fiat Auto / engine failure

Aug 30, 2017

My Fiat 500 that has less than 50k miles now has either a bad engine that needs replacing or needs the herrings replaced. To determine which will cost over $500 according to the dealer, Ron Tonkin in Portland, OR. It appears this car is only good for scrap metal at this point. No value a...

Fiat / navigation maps

Jul 17, 2017

I purchased my new Fiat 500x on new year's day 2017. Since then I have complained that locations and mapping are incorrect. Locations that were there for 8+ years were wrong or a mile off. I also just took a drive up North and went through Atlanta and wow the maps were so incorrect I had...

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles / unfair and deceptive business practices

Oct 25, 2016

Any person who may be planning on ordering a vehicle from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), should understand the unfair and deceptive business practices FCA uses when they delivered my vehicle without the correctly ordered and paid for options. Instead of offering to rebuild and replace...

fiat /punto / gear

Jun 19, 2016

01.06.2016 I have a car from fiat. It is fiat punto 2011 automatic gear. It is only 60.000 kilometers and its gear doesnt work. I only used this car in city and never used it bad. It is only five years old car. When I went to original fiat car service in Turkey, it gave me 3000 dollar...

Fiat / service - glendale

Nov 09, 2015

I took my car to Glendale for its first oil change and found out soon after because of a scraping sound while driving that the belly pan was never replaced, the oil was over filled and a plastic guard was left unattached. I contacted them and three weeks later I can not get any response to...

Fiat / authorised service center burns my car

Jun 10, 2013

dear sir, i am an owner of a fiat uno in cairo egypt, i am contacting you with sorrow and sadness for my car, ur authorised dealer in cairo: Alaksa burnt my car!!! sir i am begging you to read what happened and help me, i am a 27 year old female, vascular surgeon in cairo umiversity hospitals i...

fiat /punto / hard to repair reg.

Nov 03, 2012

Fiat vehicle is good but service provided by fiat team is very poor and worst. They never give care about customer complaints I explain my experience with fiat I purchased a FIAT punto, Chassis No.MCA11835507004633HPZ, I faced problem with mileage (from second service 30000)and tire wear...

Fiat / fraud by company dealer

Jun 01, 2012

wrong commitment of car warranty(at the time of selling car they commit 2 year normal warranty but now they provide only 1 yr warranty) and very bad service provided by dealer Car model:- Fiat Linea emotion pack Dealer Name:- Urmil motors 1-[protected] complain number registered in fiat Proof:-...

Fiat Bravo / extremely dissatisfied!!!

May 01, 2012

I have been struggling for 2 years now to get my Fiat Bravo sorted. No acceptable assistance from Fiat South Africa Head Office whatsoever! They have replaced everything on this car except for the body and the interior! The engine mountings went, the steering rack, the clutch, the gearbox...

2009 Fiat Panda / repair problems

Dec 09, 2011

I purchased a fiat panda from arnold clark brettle lane stourbridge in december 2010 12 months old 1 lady owner haha must of been a rally driver within 2 months car was back at dealers number of faults including air in take thrust bearing informed atyre needed replacing not a happy bunny 7...

Fiat Punto / rust problem in punto

Sep 09, 2011

Fiat PuntoRespected Sir I am one of your customer for Fiat Punto (emotion) and I bought this car 20th sept 2009. I am facing some very serious problem with my car and hope u understand and provide me the customer right. 1. Since I bought the car the performance was decent, but around a year back I...

Fiat / dangerous!

Sep 07, 2011

My fiat punto was recently recalled for corrosion of the break pipes. i already new the breakpipes were severly corroded was going to replace them my self untill the recall came through the door. So phoned our local fiat dealer who is morrisons in stirling who is also the seat...

Fiat Lenia / deleyed service for duplicate key bill no 12861, malik cars pvt. ltd.

May 16, 2011

sir, we have paid the amount for duplicate key at Malik cars auto service on 25/3/2011 we have not received the key till date, (bill no 12861.malik cars pvt .ltd., shaikpet nala, opp laxminagar, tolichowki road Hyderabad). ph:[protected], [protected], [protected], On repeated calls, no propore...

Fiat Linea / Tata Fiat / poor quality

Feb 19, 2011

We purchased Fiat linea on Feb 2010, from Concorde Motors, Diary circle, Bangalore. Since the date of delivery, it is a night mare for me for various issues as listed below, 1. When the delivery is done, the car interior is not at all cleaned. 2. I tried to open the bonnet, found lever i...

Fiat / check problem


i have bought a linea emotion pack on 21st Nov.2009 with regn no.DL 5CE 1996 on a trust that every body is using a fiat technology and lot of my well wishers told me not to buy linea but i over ruled every body and go with my decission but regret to say that i am wrong and others are...

Fiat Linea / complaint against fiat and tata motors


I am extremely frustrated at the way with which the issue with my car is being treated. I have registered a complaint to Fiat regd. this my complaint id is : 1-[protected] but there has been no reply to this as well I bought a Fiat Linea diesel from Bharati Automobile Jogeshwari Mumbai but within 2...

Fiat / noise pollution


I want to complain about this dealership on Yaxchilan Ave. that has been a pain in the butt since they remolded the old Dodge site on the avenue. They started remodeling about 2-3 years ago, and kept a cement mixer, and loud construction noise until 5am more than once. Then, for their...

Fiat / Linea Emotion Pack / service issue


Pathetic service provided by BALAJI Bhiwandi. The worst experience of BALAJI Service Center at Bhiwandi. I purchased my vehicle in JAN’ 2010 and since then I have visited BALAJI service center almost 5 time’s but of no use. In my recent visit I complain about the wheel...

Fiat SA / r22,000 cost for fiat owners at 100000km...!


At 80000km Fiat Multipla JTD the engine management slowed the car to idle. The Service was completed by Park Motors Vereeniging. The problem re-occurred at 117000km - it was established it was the Catalytic Converter and were given a price of R22 replace. PArk Motors Service staff...

Fiat Grande Punto / worst customer support-sales


Dear Sir, This is in reference to the subject mentioned above. It all started with the day I decided to go for a car that I wanted to gift it to my wife. After analyzing & studying the entire car market for quite a few weeks, going through their technicalities, features & driving comfort my...

Fiat Punto Active / does its ac cool?


I am completely irated with my new car - punto active. Its ac doesnt seem to work in indian summers. Why was the car launched heer in the first place if its ac couldnt keep it cool. I guess a maruti 800 has a better than a fiat punto's. What a shame. I request no one to buy a fiat punto...

Fiat Stilo / car service


On the 1st of march 2010 I submitted a complaint because we were not satisfied about the fiat stilo service we received from heartfield in pretoria. We paid about 8000 (zar) and our car still had problems. We no longer trust the dealer to fix our car. The fiat head office refered us to...

Fiat Stilo / service


We took our car (FIAT Stilo) to FIAT dealer in Heartfelf in Pretoria (South Africa) for 120000km service last year November. They told us that we need to change the cam belt because it was not changed with the 100000 km service. Since then our cuts when you are driving and sometimes it...

Fiat Punto Active 1. 2 L Petrol / demanding justice


Dear Sir, We have booked grant Fiat Punto Active (P) on 10.11.09 from ABS Motors Gurgoan Haryana in Medium Gray colour vide LS Order No.14221 dt. 09.11.09 ( copy attached) through Mr. Rathi.They give me delivery date on 13.11.09. On 13 Nov we went showroom and asked for the delivery of...

Fiat Palio Stile / cluster instrument


To, Asst general manager Fiat india pvt ltd From Shibu mathew K. P-11/521/1, mangalath Sree nagar, n.C. C road Peroorkada, tvm-695005 Kerala Ph-[protected] Sir I am very proud to have a fiat palio stile sle which was purchased from kulathungal motors (tvm) on 30-06-09. The...

Fiat Lux Enterprises / pyramid scheme/ smart circle employee scam


I worked for this company for 5 days, 2 for unpaid training, and 3 actually on site. They expect employees to show up at 7:30 in the morning for a daily meeting, then go out to different sites and work all day, all unpaid. This company uses an "Independent Distributor Agreement" to allow...

Fiat / used car


To TATA Motors Ltd Fiat Division KOLKATA Dear Sir, Sub : Complain regarding manufacturing defects & others. Ref : Fiat Linea. Ch. No. 9000506 Dt. 29.06.09 I want to bring your kind attention on the following facts & problems I am facing from day one of the purchase. Kilo-meter...