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insurance claim

I, Manmohan Aggarwal, had bought a new Maruti Wagon R from Maruti Suzuki Dealer M/s Competent Automobiles, Shivaji Marg, New Delhi on dated 26 April 09.
The car's registration no is DL 2C AK 4734. I haven't recieved my Registration certificate even after 75 days of purchase of the car while another car Maruti Swift No DL 2C AK 4714 bought on 21 april 09 has been given his registration certificate 40 days ago.

Now, My car had got an accident on dated 26.06.09 and the car has been repaired from the same showroom. Now the Claim department of the showroom is not responding about the claim and misbehave with us all the time whenever we go over there. The showroom staff is also non cooperating in this matter. I am totally frustrated. They say like that "Consumer court jaoge jao chale jao lekin men yeh gari ko inurance claim nahi karunga" and the people are so abusive and behave like junglies.

I request you to please put the matter to the higher authorities giving me relief and compensation.

I will be highly thankful to you for this.

Manmohan Aggarwal ( [protected], [protected])

failure of breaks

I have a swift dezire car which chessi no. 106898, engine no 1085194and registration no ch 04- 6646. I felt that during driving my breaks fails some times for a moment. I went to the tricity auto jirakpur (punjab) on 30 th may and told my problem of breaks. they check the breaks and told me its all right there is no problem in breaks. after that during driving breaks fails again. and I again went to tricity auto on dated 13/06/2009. they kept the car for 4 days and assured me there is no peoblem in break parts and we have repaired all the parts. yesterday breaks fails again for moment. trcity auto's people are not listening the problem. if due to the failure of breaks any lose of human life maruti udyog/ tricity auto will be responsible for that. you are requested kindly change my car and save me and my family.

Rajesh kumar
Mobile no: [protected]

  • Sh
    Shre1 Jan 15, 2010

    Hi Rajesh

    I had a similar issue with my Ford Ikon 1.8D and I met with a major accident on highway. Fortunatly we were saved with few minor injuries. After the accident repair Ford service center claimed the breaks were absolutly perfect. I took the test drive at 100kmp/h and put a panic break. The service personal was shocked to see the break failure of the car. They initially said the whole break system need to replaced. Then on careful examing it was noticed the main pipe from booster which would have very high pressure had a cut generated after rubbing to the body. On panic breaking due to the force exterted on pedal the pressure generated is very high and all the pressure leaks out of the pipe with a break failure. On further onvestigation it was indetified as a manufacturing defect and ford has the changed this pipe in all cars during that time frame except for mine and it was missed.

    you can reach me on [email protected]

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  • Mu
    MUKESHRUWATIA Feb 15, 2010






    CHASSIS NO.: MA3FKEB2S00213633

    ENGINE NO.: D13A1310414






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  • Yo
    Yogesh Desai Nov 11, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased Swift dezire before 15 month. a tthe time of delivery i gave addittional charges of passenger registration (Texi registration). but came to know that this model of your company is restrict for this type of registration. in this regard my delear Kiran motors, surat has mailed to you for give NOC for registration.
    i humbly request you for NOC because i had made contract with Govt. sector (Surat Municipal Corporation, Surat) to give car on hire rate contract.
    So please do needfull urgently in this matter because SMC give me very short time limit.
    Ramchandra Desai. Katargam, Surat, Gujarat.

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dishonoured cheque against my car sale to maruti true value

I sold my maruti alto lxi to maruti true value attached to m/s abt maruti, guindy, chennai on 20th november 2008.

After pre-closing my loan with m/s icici, I was given a cheque for the balance amount by the dealer which on depositing with my bank was returned dishonoured for "encoding error" as the reason.

Upon approaching the dealer I was told to give the dishonoured cheque and take the fresh cheque from them. however, icici bank conveyed that the dishonoured cheque will be sent to me in the next 7 days. m/s abt maruti has refused me the fresh cheque as of now since their policy does not permit them to give the fresh cheque before receiving the dishonoured instrument. my car papers in original, keys etc have all been handed over. even after pleading and assuring of no re-presentation of the dishonoured chequ from my end, my request to be given the fresh cheque has been turned down. the cheque amount is rs 49, 476/-

  • Se
    Senthil Palanisamy Dec 04, 2008

    Your concern is genuine hence you are affected party. At the same time, What ABT is seeking is also correct that they should be in a position to re-issue a fresh cheque. If you return the cheque, then only they will be in a position to confirm that their cheque has not been honoured.

    Definitely everyone need an authoritative document when they are dealing with finiancial instruments. I believe Wha t ABT is doing is 100% correct in all aspects.

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Mar 09, 2009

    They can give stop payment for the dishonoured cheque. This is irralavant and against the business ethics. Why should customer suffer when the mistake was done by the dealer.

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misbehaviour of dealer

Wanna do a serious complaint about mauti's authorised dealer "pathankot vehicledes"... About their disgusting misbehaviour...

Really our trust from maruti suzuki became dim after their misbehaviour...

Sorry to say but they dont seem to keep that trust and promise which we thought about maruti compay...

Now we are dropping the plan to buy another car from maruti...

So strong action is definitely expected & appreciated from you...
Or u can expect the future...

  • Hey maruti udyog ... dont you take any action on GEM Motor dealer, Kondapur, hyd ??? or you support a customer or a dealer ???

    9 months old Maruti Alto LXI. Went for servicing& wipers repair at GEM Motors dealer, kondapur, hyderabad. At the end of day while i was bringing my car i observed wipers were not working as before. i ask them they said bring it tomorrow. Due to my personal grounds where iam busy with my Wipro technologies, i was drop to go GEM Motors, Kondapur, Hyd.

    Again next saturday, GEM Motors called me and said its 1 hr job, we will finish wipers repair now it self. I went from office to GEM Servicing center. They said we will finish this work by Tuesday evening...

    Really very Bad Maruti GEM Motors dealers i feel... People think Maruti dealers provide nice service... No its Wrong... Maruti employees are not working like any other organizataion people... Its true... same thing happend for Second time...

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Maruti is a well known brand which is actually the heart of india and its citizens. people trust and believe in maruti as it is their parents or family people.. but today with the growth in techniques and man power the ethics and that craze is getting blurred. I realised it when I recently took one of my car for a check up to m/s bhawani motor garage, siliguri.. it is a maruti authorised service station which is not that big but still manageable...

So to get some work done for my zen I landed up there.. they were courteus to see me there and listened to all my problems related to the vehicle and without a trial they opened up the vehicles suspension, brakes, air cleaner and some denting and minore paint job too.. after everything was opened up they put up a long list of spares which they deemed necessary.. I said ok you please go ahead and do the work.. after half an hour I saw that one of the owner mr sanjay das got all the spares from somewhere and I was shocked to see that none of the spares were maruti genuine parts but they all were some local delhi made stuffs and the clutch pressure plates were also duplicate.

When I asked him why arent you giving me the original spares he said its the best quality and added that "its no use putting up maruti original parts because they are very expensive and there is guarantee n the spares. maruti has just been selling useless things. and we are selling all these spares and they are giving good service.. so plz dont bother.. we will do good for you" but when I was adamant that I want only original spares after a lot of comotion and argurment he agreed to get me the original spares and went back to get them.

After another hour he came back with the spares in maruti packed boxes I dont know what had he brought but still I had to trust. and after he came there came the staff of the maruti spares distributor from where he had taken the spares. he asked mr sanjay to make the payments and then mr sanjay asked me for the money saying that he has to make the payments to the distributor I said first let my vehicle get overhauled and then I will pay yu all at the time of delivery and then he started fighting with me saying why yu get yur vehicles here when yu cannot make payments...

I have been maintaining vehicles since last 14 years and have been visiting mass regularly but this sort of a thing never happened but for the 1st time I faced a very bad situation... when I denied to make payments sanjay said the distributors staff that plz wait I will make yu the payment as son as
The vehicle is ready and on listening to this the staff got fired saying that already a lot of payment is due from your end.. and when yu said yu will make the payment now then make it but sanjay spoke all sorts of slang to that staff and asked him to run away saying nahi hoga payments... and after all this I realised that I am caught up tday... and not only this any spare or nut bolts that was required was being brought from the market... they did not have it in stock... then I asked the fitter to replace the engine oil also and he got some veedol engine oil... from stock
But I refused saying I need castrol and finally I had to go out to get the oil on my own... I got the castrol tin and gave them.. and during lunch time
The mechanic asked me for 100 saying he will have his lunch here only and wont go home... when I said ask yur owner he said fine yur work will be
Delayed not my problem... all the work they said was done and by evening the car was ready...

Now time for the bill... and the bill was ready for some rs. 10045 including spares and labour... I was shocked at seeing the bill because:

1 the bill was not of bhawani motor garage but was of some rajesh automobiles
2 the bill bore no maruti authorisation no logo no certification of mass
3 the spares bill was very high.. the rates were 20 to 25% higher than the mrp printed on the spares.
4 the labour cost of oil change was 150, clutch plate change was 1050, denting and painting on the front left fender panel was 2950

Then I had a word with sanjay regarding this then he said our charges are this and no discounts on this.. I said its very very expensive yu please show me yur rate chart then he said that these are maruti prescribed rates and we do not alter all this. and for the bill he said mass is in name of both our firms.. bhawani motor garage and rajesh automobiles and we are licensed.. he said I am giving you this white slip of spares because it will save yu tax service tax... and rest they were not ready to listen to me...

So finally I had to pay this amount... and later when I was the delivery of my vehicle I realised the same problem of the clutch persisted... when I told them this they said its absolutely fine.. and did not accept my claims...

Sir is this the standard of maruti today? is maruti appointing mass just for the sake of eaning money? is quality and satisfaction for customers is no more a marutis motto? such a bad service and behaviour both at work and in person is no mans choice... if such people exist in your dealers network I swear on god people will resell their marutis and shift off to some other brand that gives them good service and satisfaction.. people like bhawani motor garage can survive by their rude means but we corporates cannot continue this way always...

I will sell of both my marutis and shift off to some other brand because such a term of trust and workmanship is not tolerable...

If people like me get dissatisfied with yur services and start disposing off their vehicles then whom will the company sell ff their produce...

Please do reply if you find something wrong and unexpected happened to a loyal customer of yours..

Laksh jaitley

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suspension problem

I have owned Maruti Baleno since July 2006. I faced many times suspension problems. But the maruti dealers simply speaking it is normal for all baleno cars.

I need to rectify this suspension problem immediately with any alterations or not.

  • Ba
    Bab Sep 12, 2008

    Baleno suspension problem at the back is not solved. In fact Maruti manager accepted it is a problem with all Balenos and that they have taken this issue with Japanese people. I wonder none of the reviews about Baleno talk about the suspension problem which I think is basically a design fault.

    But I need to solve this problem with or without any alteration

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  • Ba
    Bab Sep 12, 2008

    Maruti Baleno Faced suspension problem at the back is not solved. In fact Maruti manager accepted it is a problem with all Balenos and that they have taken this issue with Japanese people. I wonder none of the reviews about Baleno talk about the suspension problem which I think is basically a design fault

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  • Sa
    sarath Oct 08, 2008

    Dear sir

    I imported a wagonR car from your company through AMW company in Srilanka..
    There were no Radio & CD player. Company asked to pay extra about sixteen thousand in sri lanka rupees (SRS 16000) for the instrument .I still do not set it.
    I think brand new car is a completed vehicle. I would like to know that Radio & cd player not included your car.
    I am looking forward a reply.
    Thank you


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rude behaviour

I own a Maruti Alto for the past two years. I serviced my Maruti Alto from Competent Ghazipur almost 15 days back and after the servicing i noticed that my car is giving me the milage of 10km/per liter. So Yesterday (6th September 2008) i went to Competent Maruti Service center again to register the complaint and to tell them that there was something wrong happened in my previous service. But those guys treated me very badly and their manager scold me and said that he will not do anything of the car and he is not afraid of any complaint. He also threaten me about dire consequences. I returned back to my home as i could not do anything.

Then i booked my car for pick and drop facility so that they can pick my car from home and do the needful. They booked my car on the phone but next day they called me and said that they will not pick the car as their manager has ordered him to do so.

I fumed, and did not know what else to do. I have been cheated by them badly. Has man lost the value of trust and commitment?

Now please tell me what to do and how to sort this thing out as i am no where and mentally harassed.

  • Dh
    Dheeraj Kharbanda Oct 31, 2008


    We bought Alto LXI on 29th August 2008 however we have received full documents yet.

    Even we have called many times to Sikand motors -50 Janpath Cannaught Palace.

    Their reply is you have to wait for three months for RC.

    I have discussed with- Vipin, Joy, Rekha, Vinod.

    I really don't know if my cars documents would verify by police in that case who will be resopnsible for that.

    Car Owner name is - Shilpi Sahani.

    MY Car # is -8155

    Your early response will be higly appreciated.

    Dheeraj Kharbanda

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delay in delivery of swift dzire car

I had booked a maruti swift dzire vxi petrol on 13th august 2008 and I was promised by the dealer (apra auto gurgoan) that the delivery of the car would be on 25th august 2008. firstly there has been no proper communication from the dealer’s side regarding the delivery of car. my loan for the same took some time, but the dealer was promising that they have the car ready and just asked me to get the loan cleared. loan amount was finally transferred to apra auto’s account on 29th august, and when I called them for delivery of the car they said they don’t have it. on 1st september I personally went to their showroom and was shocked to no that the booking amount cheque that I had given on 13th august was deposited on 22nd august, i. e almost 10 days later. that means they started the booking procedure for my car 10 days later and till then they were sleeping on it. now it’s already been 24 days and still no body is giving a clear status about the delivery of the car. can anybody please appraise me on the status against my booking id : i080572685. now I am being told by the dealer’s higher up’s that there is less production from maruti’s side and the lots they were expecting are not coming on time. can anyone please help me in knowing if there is a genuine production problem (from maruti udyog) or I am just being taken for a ride while my car must have been passed on for a premium by the dsa or the dealer.

Its so surprising the maruti udyog, which is the market leader in automobile and 8 times winner of customer satisfaction award is running low on production of swift dzire is unable to deliver vehicle in time that are booked by your loyal customers. I want to know if there is an on-line system to check booking/delivery status and to provide a clear picture on the status of my vehicle.

Will appreciate if some body from maruti udyog revert’s back to me on the status of my booking id: i080572685 so that I am aware of the true date of the delivery.

Awaiting quick and favorable response.

  • Ko
    KOMAL NARANG Sep 29, 2008


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  • Bh
    bhavesh sharma Oct 14, 2008

    same promblm here also... i have booked dzire vdi . on 30.may.2008. till no repsponce from delar and company.

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  • De
    deven Nov 20, 2008

    even i have the same problem
    i booked it on 24th august and now its last week of November!!!

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  • Su
    Suresh Chand Nov 23, 2008

    Dear Sir, Dated 23rd November, 2008

    This mail is in continuation to the previously mailed four emails as yesterday I called your APRA Service Center, Gurgaon, Haryana., for the delivery of the car but again I received the same reply that the car will not be delivered today as the survey of the car is still pending, I am not able to understand why the inspection of the car is to be get done again and again while the delivery of the car is to be done, on 04th November, 2008 car inspection was done, on 11th November, 2008 again the car inspection was done, and now again I (on 22nd November, 2008) was told that the inspection of the car is to be done, your this activity made me mentally upset and make me mentally force to knock the door of CONSUMER COURT.

    I am not warning you but its truth that your activity of not existing on the commitment and misguiding make me to do so. As you people again and again postponed the delivery of the car having registration no. DL2CN9286. Till date I haven’t received any reply of any email from your side. Please reply with the answer.

    Hoping with no hope for positive response from your side.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Suresh Chand

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  • Su
    suresh kumar yadav Apr 28, 2010

    Yes I agreed with Mr Suresh Chand, because the dealer is doing his best for booking the vehicles but when the consumer books his vehicle the dealer then starts making him round for enquiry about booked vehicle. I am suffering too from J&K vehicleades Pvt ltd. I booked my vehicle on 31st Dec 09 and today is 14 Jan 2009 AC duo maruti 800.
    I didn't blame the Maruti Udhyog. I blame the Authorised dealers who didn't report Udhyog for booking of vehicles on time due to there targets of list.

    Thanks & Regards

    suresh yadav

    bhopal mp

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mileage problem in alto car

Maruti alto dl2cz-6033- mileage problem for past 1 year. contact no. [protected], [protected]

Dear sir,
Following are the few mails in the past two months that I have exchanged in the past regaridng the mileage problem with my car. but still I have not got my problem solved. kindly tell me what should I do?

From: manish bharti <[protected]>
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Sent: monday, 25 august, 2008 7:01:04 pm
Subject: re: a gentle reminder from my maruti - complain dl2cz-6033 alto

Dear sir,

I had again visited the competent ghazipur new delhi for the mileage problem two weeks back. they operated on my maruti alto car dl2cz-6033 and told me that I should see some improvement in the mileage.

I got my car petrol tank full same day and after driving for 15 days, yesterday (24th of august 2008) again I got it refilled and got the average as

385.4 km/29.6 litre = 13.02 km per litre.

This figure is by no means belong to the maruti alto car.

I donot know now, what to do?

I have been spenting my time and money for the remedy of the problem with my car.

this was my third visit for the same problem to the competent ghazipur new delhi with no success.

Please tell me what should I do to get it solved.

Thanks and best regards,

β€” original message β€”
From: manish bharti <[protected]>
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Sent: friday, 11 july, 2008 11:37:53 am
Subject: re: a gentle reminder from my maruti - complain dl2cz-6033 alto

Dear sir,

I had reported one complain about my alto car registration number dl2cz-6033 which is about the mileage. I had reported the complain on maruti site only but so far I have not received any response (forget about positive or negative!!!).
I am copying the same text here.
Dear sir,
I have been driving above vehicle for last 5 years now and till last year car was giving good mileage of 18-20km/litre. last year in may 2007, car was serviced at competent ghazipur, delhi, and since then car mileage has been reduced to 14-15km/litre. I have been in touch with competent ghazipur, delhi since then but they say that it is a good average and thereby donot take any action. mileage test was also done by the competent, ghazipur and it was found to be 14-15km/liter only.
I donot understand how come the mileage can reduce to so low. last week I met mr. sanjay (whose mobile number is [protected]) at competent who comes to visit competent. instead of taking any action on my problem, he along with other competent employee tried to convince me that vehicle is in good shape and milieage of 14-15km/litre is good. I was not convinced with his argument. on forcing he agreed that problem is there and he asked me to come on any of the day 25, 26, 27 of june 2008 at 10.00 clock in the morning at competent and get my vehicle checked. I reached there on 27th jume at 9.45am and waited for him. when he didnot turned up even at 10.15am, I enquired from mr. sharma (incharge of competent ghazipur) about mr. sanjay. I was told that he will not be coming today. I was surprised to hear this. on talking to him on phone, he has again asked me to come on 5th of july 2008. but I am not sure if my problem will be looked into properly.

Sir please help me in getting the mileage problem of my alto car solved. I have already spent lots of money and time in past one year to solve this issue. I do have hope from you.
Thanks and best regards,

Now I am observing that the mileage is further detriorating. kindly help me in getting this problem sorted out.

Thanks and best regards,

  • Na
    naman Sep 13, 2008

    i am also having the same average issue and when i went to the service center, i was told that there is no fault with the vehicle, but the fault lies in the driving habits...and thats totally false...the speed of my car doesn't exceed 60 or max 70...

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  • Dh
    dhruw singh Jul 17, 2011

    repected sir, i hv been in this line since 20years ... many of my customers gets disappointed with the average problems of this car ... me too is unable to find out the exact reason behind this problem ...
    so kindly help me to recover the disappoinments of my customers...
    I will be really thankful to u .

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engine noise

Ever since I bought swift vdi car from m/s. machino techno sales ltd, kolkata on [protected], there is a definite "pinking" tappet sound in my car which inspite of my two visit persists. I was impressed that it is quite natural for such engines. although other vehicles driven by the dealer's service guys do not have such noise. I fell that the company should immediately look into the problem and not shrug off responsibility.

cheating the customer

I booked swift dzire white zdi model from sitaram motors thrissur on 05-05-08 by paying rs:50, 000/- as per...

fraud and scam

My wagon R br 1 c 7780 under extended warranty has ignition problems. It is with karlo automobiles patna since 13.08.08. morning. Still they have not been able to rectify problem.

  • Ha
    Harish Anand Sep 28, 2008

    Respected Sir, I am owner of Maruti Swift; can't say the proud owner of Maruti Suzuki. I love driving my car and appreciate the maruti suzuki technology. I learned driving on maruti and subsequently purchased Maruti Zen thereafter Maruti Swift. I wound say i am die hard fan of Maruti technology, style and its performance. I purchased my Maruti Suzuki swift from M/s Rohan Motors in sarita Vihar in New Delhi in the year 2005.I care a lot of my and duly get service time to time and its very close to my heart.

    However, I am very disappointed with the Maruti Service Centre M/s Rohan Motors located in Badarpur New Delhi.I gave my car for the first service at the service centre;when i reached to pick the car i found that the driving side rear door was dented. I called the service manager col.Qurashi and he accepted it and told me to get the door re- painted, but i refused and left the matter.

    However, Last week i gave my car for repair of bumpers(front and back) and lower potion of the door(left hand side).After confirming i went to pick the car and found bumpers 're painted as told to him but lower potion was not and bonnet was painted which was neither told nor discussed with Mr.Sagar.After complaining he accepted his fault then also left the matter and asked me to come after 2 days.Todays again when i went to pick the car, i was astonished to see my car front glass was broken two of the driving sides were painted without my knowledge and permission, i was shocked to see and was very dishearten, the originality of the car has lost, Just to get the benefit from Insurance company. Car is still at the badarpur service centre, for the last one week i am driving my wife's car. I purchased my car with my hard earn money and love my car. But they have totally spoiled my car for their on benefit. They don't deserve to have service centre wherein they just look how to harass the customer and make money. As of now, I am at a loss as to where I stand in the scope of things. ”. Other than creating a negative impression about Maruti Suzuki, in our mind, this incident has also raised doubts, as to the service of the company, and its dealers as a whole.
    I request you, to kindly consider my case, and help in restoring our faith in Maruti Suzuki and to get me the justice.

    This letter is more of a plea to prevent such unethical practices in future by your Dealers.

    We sincerely hope that you’ll pay heed to our appeal.

    Warm Regards

    For Anand Electroniks

    Harish Anand

    Car No.DL3C AD -5145


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bad service


The manager,
Maruti udyog ltd.

Sub: bad servicing

Dear Sir,

This is the troublesome to see such large names do these kinds of things. These people always give sweet pill to the customer and make them suffer.

I am having maruti 800 car PBO2 y 6961, in the name of my mother smt Kawaljit kaur. I always take service of swani motors amritsar for my car service and repair. Last to last month I got serviced my car through swani motor ltd amritsar but my car got more problems than ever before. I spent rs.3500 on the service but it was a disastrous service. Now my car has noises in both front wheels. Average of my car has gone down.

When I asked to service man to rectify it he said this will automatically be o.k. After some days when the problem did not got solved, I again visited there and got my car checked; the service man said that I should talk to amandeepji (service manager). He also gave me sweet pill that the problem will be solved and I shall come after two three days.

I again went after some days and then he replied that I am not responsible for it. And when I asked the service man he said at least rs 10000 more will be spent on it.

He did not convey me what had happened to my car and what had he done that my car needed rs.10000/- more for repair. The anguish behavior and non-sence attitude of employees is disturbing one and creating mess for maruti udyog ltd.

Now I want to know what had happened to my car and responsible person to rectify it. OR I shall go to court of law to seek justice.


Sukhwinder Singh,
25, Golden Avenue,
Amritsar- 143001.

black smoke from emission pipe

Dear Sir:

I am forwarding a series of letters which I send to MUL re my problem. But till this date they haven't fixed it.

Please include the following line in all replies.
Tracking number: HT20080519_[protected]

Dear Mr. Paul,

Thank you for visiting our website.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you, However we request you to kindly send us the location or code of the Maruti Dealer from where you got the car serviced. This will help us to resolve your complaint at the earliest.

Rikhi House A 2/7 Safdarjung Enclave
Opp. Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi
011-[protected] (8 Lines)

Tis Hazari Metro Station
Boulevard Road
New Delhi

(Call- [protected] or Toll Free-[protected])
International Toll Free Numbers:
[protected] (From USA and Canada)
[protected] (From UK)
Please Visit us at <>
-----Original Message-----
From: <[protected]
Sent: May 19, 2008 3:40:18 PM IST
To: <[protected]

Dear Admin,
Baiju Paul has posted enquiry
Name Baiju Paul
Email paul.[protected]
Address Type3, Qtrs No.31, A V Nagar, New Delhi
PinCode 110049
Phone Number [protected]
Model Maruti Swift
Registration Number DL9CR 6543
Enquiry About Service/Problem in Vehicle
I have bought a Swift VDI 2 months back. I have done the first service
at Rana Monotors, delhi. I had a very bad experience there, (they put
petrol engine oil into my diesel car) Since I have noticed it, after
several arguements they changed it. Anyway now the problem is a lot
black particles (powder)are coming from the emission pipe. My white
swift's back side is now almost black. What is the reason? I have always
driven the vehicle at speed of 60-80Kmph. Maintained the rpm under 2500.
Using only premium diesel.Kindly let me know the reason. I was having a
Swift Vxi earlier, and with great expectation I bought this diesel
swift. But I am totaly disappointed now. Please solve this. Also even in
highways it gives only 16-17 and in city 13Kmpl Thanks and Regards Baiju
Thanks & Regards,
Baiju Paul

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[Add star]
Baiju Paul
<paul.[protected]> Tue, May 20, 2008 at 3:41 PM
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>
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Dear Sir:

Thank you so much for your quick response.
The dealer code is
Rikhi House A 2/7 Safdarjung Enclave
Opp. Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi
011-[protected] (8 Lines)

Vehicle serviced at there Okhla service centre. Vehicle clocked 4300 km. now.

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Baiju P Paul
Mob: [protected]
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Baiju Paul
<paul.[protected]> Wed, May 21, 2008 at 12:58 PM
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>
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Dear Sir:

I am still waiting for your reply. See, this is my 7th Suzuki car. None of the previous car gave any trouble. Infact the delay from you and the dealer really disappointing me.


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Baiju Paul
<paul.[protected]> Thu, May 22, 2008 at 11:30 AM
To: [protected]
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Tracking number: HT20080519_[protected]

Sorry to tell that no one respond yet. I believe we are living in
India not in Antartica. If you have post sale support, do something.
I am not at all happy with your servicee. Next time I will not think
about suzuki


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Baiju Paul
<paul.[protected]> Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 6:05 PM
To: [protected]
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Dear Sirs:

As per your directions, I went to Rana Motors and the engineer from
Maruti was there. He checked my vehicle and then asked the mechanic
to clean the intercooler and nozzles. (that's what I understood) He
told me it would be better If I change the engine oil, I immediately
said to change the engine oil also. (they charged me for the oil.)
After these exercises also the vehicle infront of the techincal team
emitted a lot of black smoke at an rpm of 3200 and it incresed as you
hike the rpm. The Engineer told me that it is because of the
particles already in the emission pipe. This should be alright after
100Kms. I drove another 600kms and given the vehicle for Second
service. This morning I went for a pollution Check up and my car
failed in the pollution check up. Again the same thing even at 2800
rpm the vehicle emits thick black smoke.

As you are aware in a city like Delhi nobody can drive the car more
than 2000rpm. So I couldn't notice this.

Frankly speaking I fed up with this vehicle and the way you have
treated my case. I cannot take leave everyday and take this vehicle
to the dealer for inspection.

It is 100% sure that it is a mechanical fault (my mileage is
12-13kmpl) Either solve my problem ASAP or else take this car back
and pay for my troubles.

After spending 5.5 Lakhs for car and a carfull of troubles.

Best Regards

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Baiju Paul
<paul.[protected]> Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 5:37 PM
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>
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Dear Sirs:

I am extremely sorry to tell you that my car problem is not yet solved. This is the 4th time I am reporting the same complaint. From my swift VDi which is hardly three month old a lot of black smoke is coming. Last time your engineers said its because of fuel. they just removed a tank full of diesel from my car and put BG additive. Once the effect of additive gone again the same black smoke is there. I am sure you have given me a faulty engine. If I am not getting justice from you immediately, I will definitely report this to PRESS and conumer court. Please try to understand in this three months I went six times to the workshop. Please do the needful ASAP


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Baiju Paul
<paul.[protected]> Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 6:17 PM
To: [protected]
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Dear Sirs:

I am forwarding the communication between MUL and me.

My problem till this date not solved. Today after several repeated
calls to your engineer Mr. Vivek, he asked me to bring the vehicle to
Rana Motors for EGR and Turbo inter cooler fin cleaning. They have
already done this last time. But no result. This is the 3rd time I
am going there for the same complaint. And no one from Maruti
responded to my e-mail which I sent on July 25th 2008, Rana Motors
Manager Mr. Srivastava and engineer promised me that they will arrange
the delivery of the vehicle by today evening 7PM. Now I got a call
from them that they couldn't finish the work. Again when spoke to Mr.
Vivek his advice is take the vehicle today then bring it some otherday
( after wasting the whole day) I do not understand this. I really
fed up with the dealer and MUL.. If you are not intersted to solve my
problem, please let me know. I cannot spent my time for your hit and
try method. If it is a mechanical fault take it to your factory and
fix it. Ottherwise compensate me and take this stupid car back. Who
will pay for my money and time spend on this car? If I am not getting
justice in 24 hrs time I will definitely bring this matter to Consumer
court. I have proof for everything.
The stupid engineers at Rana put petrol engine oil to my vehicle at
the first service. I reported this matter to you but nothing

Look forward to hear from you.


  • Hr
    H.RAJENDRAN Aug 17, 2008


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  • Su
    sujoy broota Jan 25, 2009

    HI ! My name is sujoy. I am driving a swift VDI since may 2008. I get engine oil & filter changed every 5000 kms. I change my airfilter every 3000kms. The diesel used is ordinary from a company owned petrol pump near ashoka hotel new delhi. Still I face black smoke problems from the very first 500kms. The dealership does nothing about it. Im my opinion the problem lies in the defective turbo & intercooler. But no confirmation from the dealer. I have done 25000kms till date. The mileage i get in delhi--gurgaon is 23kms/ltre & on the highways is 27kms/ltre.

    Sujoy Broota

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untraceable problem

I'm a owner of maruti swift vdi and from the day 1 I puchased the car, i'm facing problems in it.

On 27th july my car did'nt start in the morning and I took the same on monday the 28th to sparsh automobiles here at raipur from whom I bought the vehicle. the vehicle's all problems were told to them and was taken for rectification of problems by their workshop. as on date they are unable to locate the problem and have tried so many operations on the car. as per my knowledge some are hereunder:

Firstly on wednesday they said that the e. c. m is not working so have to call for 1 from maruti udyog ltd - gurgaon and they called for. after my regular phonecalls and followup dailythey gave me a pod no of overnite express courier to me saying that its coming by this. I followed up with courier people and the ecm was delivered. after the chane of ecm the problem was again there, now they said its a wiring problem and they are changing the complete wiring of the vehicle. even after doing this, the problem was there, now they said that its some switch problem and some fuse. even after changing them too the problem persisited. now they called for the origional second key of the vehicle from me saying that its the key problem, on my taking it too in front of them and using a fresh key, it did'nt work.

now yesterday after my talk with the works manager there I requested him to call for a service engineer from maruti and maybe he can trace the problem but their reply was that untill and unless we finally fail in tracing problems, we cannot call them. now they have again called for some part from maruti udyog and think that it might be the problem and will try to rectify problem changing that.

My complaint is that after so many operations / changes in the vehicle, the workshop people here are unable to rectify the problem and are doing all practicals with my car. also I would like to mention that there was some fault in a lot of swift manufactured by maruti last year and my vehicle is of the same lott. even my suspension was not changed after a call from their end only saying that there is a problem in the lott and want the vehicle in workshop for change / check. I think maruti udyog ave a public awareness advertisements also in media regarding this. after that I am regularily complaining about the sound while driving from the back of the car. even at this complaint time also I had told them to check and rectify the old problem too.

I feel i'm in problem as there is no concrete solution yet about my complaint.

indus motors is cheating the people

I booed swift vdi on 31/05/2008 at kottayam with indus motors kottayam, and they assured me that they will deliver the vehicle with in 45 days. now it is 2 months over, when I enquired thay said it will take another 2 months to deliver the car.
While enquiring I found that the manager and staffs are selling the cars to some other people by taking 15000 to 25000 extra and end of the month manager to executives are sharing this money.
If you don't pay extra money they woun't give the car.
I am cancelling the booking and going for some other vehicle.

I want to know maruti know all these things. do they take any action against these delears

  • Ge
    george jacob Jun 01, 2009

    seems like maruti too have hands on this, that they too will be getting a share of the margin from the dealer.Maruti is also going too down on quality(rather cheap quality) spares.I prefer going for some better brands which could give you value for money.

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  • Ms
    mshabeerahamed Feb 15, 2011

    i booked a alto k10 vxi on 4-2-11, (friday) with full amount given to them, (30k extra for accessories) they said they do have a ready stock which they can deliver on monday as the reg office is leave for Saturday...i had no other option, !?!
    now its 15th of the same month...they've still not delivered my car..i tried calling them a couple of times each day, they are suggesting me that "1 more day sir...coz they dont have the stock right now and they'll have to bring the car from cochin which is again 150 -173 kms approx"...i'll either go to the consumer court or i'll cancel my booking and i'll go for some good cars like i10 or 120 from hyundai...

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  • Ge
    george jacob Feb 15, 2011

    maruti do everything possible to get a customer.But once they are in, they are trapped like they cant come out of it.Do give a complaint and try to go ahead with ur 2nd option hyundai.

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rudeness and cheating

We had bought maruti wagon r in july – 2007 (gj-06-5894). the car was covered under maruti insurance. at the renewal time i. e after one year, the representative of maruti came to us for renewal of the insurance. the person was too rude to speak. when the authorities were informed they favor their representative. kiran motors had renew the insurance without giving any benefits which they are providing to their customers (might be theri relatives). they had pass over our benefits to their own relatives.

The address is

Kiran motors ltd,
Near chhani jakatnaka,
Old channi road,
Vadodara, gujarat
Ph. 2771742

  • Ni
    Nishant Mar 15, 2009

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have booked Maruti Swift VXI Black Colour from SK Wheels, Turbhe, NaviMumbai. Delivery period was 3-4 weeks, but after 5 weeks the dealer failed to deliver a black colour car, inspite of that they are insisting us to choose another colour. The dealer has misleaded us and unnesessary kept us in a dark by saying that the car will be deliver soon. please suggest us the solution on the same.

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disgraceful service

Both ABT and Maruti are age old names in this part of India. I had bought a wagon R from ABT, the initial...


Dear sir, I am a maruti suzuki car owner but “not a proud owner”. I bought my alto fun edition...

manufacturing defect in the car

Complaint of maruti suzuki grand vitara suv car with date wise fact:

On 19th august 2007, I purchased a pearl white color maruti suzuki grand vitara suv (Reg no: mh-04 / db-6725) car from fort point automotivies pvt ltd, mahalaxmi, mumbai. While taking the delivery of the car there were two problems. First the alignment of the car was not proper. The car used to steer automatically towards the left side when the steering wheel is left free. Secondly, there was lot of vibration and cabin noise in the car. As if some loose parts are there inside the cabin. I informed the dealer on that day itself. I was assured that the problem was minor and would be rectified soon.

On 21st august, the car was given for check up. But the problem was not solved and I was told that problem would be solved during the 1st free service after completion on 1000 kms.

On 28th august, the car was given for first service. But even after keeping the car for 3 days the problem could not be rectified.

On 3rd september I wrote to maruti udyog limited at [protected] and mentioned in detail about the problem.

On 9th september I again reminded maruti udyog limited about the problem.

On 17th september I gave a written complaint to fort point automotive.

On 24th september their works manager mr. Keith d`souza called me saying they have to change some part relating to the suspension of the car and the parts would arrive in a weeks time. After that the car will be perfectly fine.

On 15th october the car was again serviced and kept for two days (Attachment no.3). During this service they said that the noise was coming from the ac piping, and the same had to be insulated. But even after changing the parts the alignment problem, the cabin noise and vibration noise is still there.

On 17th october again I gave them a written complaint and personally talked to the managing director mr. Sundeep bafna, to which they replied saying they need 15-20 days time to come to a conclusive solution to the problem.

After all this finally I filed a case against maruti udyog ltd and fort point automotives pvt ltd. And now I am awaiting justice...

Now almost 6 months have passed and the maruti guys have not yet submitted a written statement to the court. Just see the irresponsibility of these people...

Lets see where the truth takes this case...

  • Ja
    janhavi Jun 12, 2008

    ###, this is unbelievable! Why dont you go to newspaper press !

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  • Su
    Sunil Aug 26, 2008


    i hope this email finds you in good health.

    i have highlighted the same concern with my estilo over the woes that i am facing with the second gear, and have sent an email expressing the same to the email id that you had posted over here.

    pls feel free at responding when required.


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