Maple Ridge Chryslerbunch of crooks

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worst place to buy a car, their cars have a profit of up $10 thousand dollars. if their vehicles are listed at $25000, means their cost is only $15000. So be carefull what kind of deal you are getting. Sales person tells you to give them your credit card and we will give you a crazy deal. thats bunch of BS. dont fall for that. its just their way of getting you on the worksheet. after that they will try to sell you on a payment. also tells you that they have made calls on your car to see what its worth. they just put bunch of BS numbers on the paper and show you. always try to steal trades from customers. THATS A REASON THEY HAVE BUNCH OF PEOPLE MAKING OVER $200 GRAND A YEAR. RIPING PEOPLE OFF IS AN ART FOR THEM, dont fall for their trap. STEVE PHILLIPS WILL TRY TO GIVE YOU FREE GIFTS IF YOU MAKE A DEAL, SOMETIMES 2 OR 3 GIFTS, you can buy those things from COSTCO FOR LIKE $50 T0 $100 DOLLARS. they tell you they can take you out of your lease or finance with no money out of your pocket. but real story is they take your vehicle on a trade and they money you loose they put it in your payments. so instead of you paying 400 dollars for your old vehicle you now pay 600 for the new one, so your loan gets even bigger and bigger, it affects you in the long term. by the time you are done you pay lots of more money, when u are doing the deal it doesn't seem that bad but take your calculator and do the math. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS HELP YOU PEOPLE OUT. NOW ITS YOUR TURN TO BE CAREFUL AND DON'T LET THESE CROOKS RIP YOU OFF.


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    Pentz May 10, 2012

    Wish I had seen this 3 weeks ago.

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  • Have had my 2008 Jeep Wrangler serviced at MAPLE RIDGE CHRYSLER for the last six years. I have spent so much money and time in service costs (more than our Mazda and Honda combined; and each car are 11 and 10 years old, respectively). After each service visit, there was always another upcoming problem to be checked on the next service date. I guess buying a cheap vehicle means more to fix afterwards. My service visits averaged $600 each time and I was never satisfied because something else would go wrong. I strongly believe they sabotaged my car (and maybe others) for our money. Word of advise: NEVER BUY CHEAP JEEPS OR IF YOU HAVE ONE, DO NOT SEND IT TO MAPLE RIDGE CHRYSLER! They will take all your money and time. Fortunately, I am a housewife, so work did not ever have to interfere with my Jeep being in service. I averaged 2 - 3 visits a month!!!

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    mo shariff Sep 30, 2016

    sounds like a guy that use to work for them drug addict

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    Maple ridge 0 stars rating Dec 25, 2018

    Never never never ever buy from that dealership. I did buy a used Mazda 5. From the very first day of ownership there has been an issue and had it in 3 times for service. They said it had bad gas. They say they change cv shaft. Yet the car still has initial issues. I was told it’s an old car. Maple ridge Chrysler deserves 0 stars for a rating. 0 stars

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