Mango Airlines / FlyMangostolen goods

I flew down from Johannesburg to Durban on the 3rd of October for the 8pm flight which that was delayed by like 20-30 minutes, however that is not my issue and I understand that these sometimes happen. However on my return flight from Durban to Johannesburg at 6:10am yesterday, I had goods stolen from me, in the form of my original ray-band glasses. I had checked in 3 bags, of which 1 did not have a locker. When I got home to take my stuff out, it was not there. This is so disappointing. I am appealing to the person receiving this complaint to check weather it occured at Durban or Johannesburg...Check the cameras. This is a disgrace from Mango and it just goes to show the type of people it employs. This is my first line of complaint. I will post on social media should this not be dealt with. Embarrassing

Oct 08, 2019

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