Mango Airlineshair oil

To whom it may concern,
I've been travelling with Mango numerous times.

I am very disappointed at our boarding welcome, and its only in Cape town.

This morning we were the only ones which was treated like "you not needed to board . Rev.and Mrs Samuels.

The young lady needs to go and learn how to deal with people in respectful manner.
We had come with the same baggage on our return to Durban had to remove my wife's hair oil which was sealed with a spray nozzle and concealed in a packet.

It was counter number 98, I then was told to remove my toiletries and she took out my spray consultanting with number 99.

To me rather tell us not to bring any toiletries, in this regard may I say that I need feedback with this matter which I do not take very lightly.

I hereby will not use Mango in future on my return and also other National flights.
As a minister travel often.
My wife is very annoyed and she never wants to board on Mango.

I would like to know if it was destroyed as we were told because she confiscated it.
This is a shame.

Flight was J334 DURBAN.


Oct 03, 2019

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