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To whom this may concern,

Firstly, I am extremely disappointed in Mango airline service.

My husband had a 20:05 flight on Friday 27.09 only to find out when he reached the airport that the flight was delayed to 21:30 (he missed the entire function that he had planned to attend due to this 1 and a half hour delay)!

What is the point of booking flights with your airline if you can not keep to the scheduled time. The reason that people book flights at certain times is because they need to be somewhere at a specific time!!!

On Sunday 29.09, my husband had a flight scheduled to leave at 19:00. Later that morning received a message of a delay to 20:30. Upon reaching the airport another delay to 22:25, and then yet another delay to 22:48???!!!

This is the first time that we have heard of such an extreme delay in a flight ( we travel very often) but a 4hour delay, please can this be explained???

To compensate for the delay on 27.09 and 29.09 - I would like a full refund on these flights.

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Oct 06, 2019

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