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On Wednesday 10th October 2017 I received confirmation from Mango Airlines of my booking PYGTSK for myself David Roy Siebert and wife Dolce Siebert to depart from King Shaka airport on 11th October 2017 at 15h45 to Lanseria airport, and returning on Monday 16th October 2017 leaving Lanseria at 07h55

Due to the horrific storm which hit Durban on 10th October, and because the route from my residence in Hibberdene to King Shaka airport was officially closed by traffic authorities I was forced to change my booking which I did and was also forced to pay an additional R808.42 over and above the original price of R1883.24(Please note that this is an astronomical charge of 42.9% on the original price which is ridiculous)

I did however pay this additional amount and the flight was then changed and confirmed by Mango via e mail and sms to be on Wednesday 18th October returning on Monday 23rd October.Due to the strike which was taking place at Mango airlines during this period I was officially informed that the flight times had changed however from 15h45 to 17h30 for the outgoing flight and from 07h55 to 10h10 for the return flight.I was concerned about the certainty of these changes but was officialy told by Mango that I would receive confirmation of the new flight times via e mail, which I did and that I would also recieve notifiation via e mail or sms should there be any further changes.

On the morning of the flight from King Shaka to Lanseria I did receive the confirmation of the flight change, and apart from the flight being 30 minutes later than scheduled I got to Lanseria where I had arranged a pick up.

This is now where the real problem is: Early on the morning of my return trip from Lanseria back to King Shaka which was scheduled to leave at 10h10 on Monday 23rd October, and totally at random I decided just to check my outgoing flight time on the web and was dumb struck to find out that my flight time had now changed from 10h10 to 07h55.I had in no way been informed by Mango, either via e mail or sms about this and phoned Mango to find out why I had not been informed.I was told by the Mango help desk that they had failed to send out the sms to their customers for this change, but they could not tell me why(this call is recorded by the Mango customer care centre for future reference.)

I now found my self in a predicament where I had to quickly change both my drop off and pick up transportation to and from the airports due to this un notified time change, which came at additional cost to myself and the people doing the transport and created a lot of rush, frustration and monetary loss.

This loss as mentioned above, was definetly due to totally unproffesional customer care management by Mango Airline, with no cause by myself, yet I was expected and did pay the exhorbatant additional fee of R 808.42 in flight change fee due to the Durban storm, which was a natural event of which I had no control.

I honestly believe that and demand that Mango Airline compensate me with a refund of the amount of R808.42 in terms of both the monetary loss and frustration myself, wife and others incurred due to their poor and unproffesional approach in this situation as described in this document

Should you possibly require any further information regarding this demand, please do not hesitate to contact me at the details listed below.Mango Airlines will also have all the relevant documentation regarding these changes to this booking with reference number PYGTSK

Dave Siebert

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