Mango Airlines / FlyMangodouble payment

T Jan 08, 2020

I am complaining about your bag service department. There was a lady by the name of Noluthando who intentionally made our flight leave us. We came in time, family of 4.
We has 5 bags. When we got there, she told us about 20 kg per person rule for a laggage that we had to comply with. We paid R605 for excess of 4 bags.
First she said she wants to see the kids, i do not know for what.
Second she was waiting at last door to tell us to pay for the other bag. She had a swipping machine with her. When we wanted to pay she refused. And also when we insisted that we will carry plastics seperately from the bag. She refused. They did not even inform us about the bus taking off to the flight, while at the door.
The flight left us while we were at the last door.

Then we had to pay for another flight, something of almost same price. The very same bag that she was complaining about. We entered with it without any queries in the next flight.
I suspect this is a team working to manipulate people. I also want to find if there were people on our seats?
I am writing this so we can have a refund on this.
Flight JE151...

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