Malindo Airwaysbad customer service staff over the phone

E Jan 18, 2020

The whole story begin like this :
I was online booking my flight ticket, when reach payment page out of sudden your website down & there is no respond for my payment. When i click refresh then it came out message saying "Booking Pending".
After that i called & managed talk to your customer service staff (this staff is the first who attend me with pleasant & helpful manner, but I'm sorry forgot to ask her name). She guide & explain to me how the procedure & what action i need to take to cross check with the bank.

45mins later, I try my second call to your customer service team. The staff who pick up & answer my call, at that moment when she speak out her word with poor attitude & I feel offended. Her voice & tone speak like arrogant & 'lecture' me when she ask the relationship of passenger & me. She sound no manner & cut off my explanation. She keep telling me that she need to do verification & i do understand but please your verification action makes her sound like 'Police' to investigate. Don't we have the right to book air ticket on behalf of our friends & relatives?!
As a customer service staff you suppose to listen my problem & query completely & no to stop me and ask weird & funny question!!
And you are the one who stop me & interrupt my sentence yet you asking me back same question which i told you right before.
As an international Airways company i cannot accept your staff attitude sound like 'Gangster'. You should well train your staff and be careful select your front liner staff.
I am as a consumer paying money to your company is to enjoy your services not let your staff to 'lecture' me or giving me bad face.
Your customer service staff who answer my second call named Preylah. Please go take up your phone caller recorder & listen this girl how she talk & what kind of manner she speak.
I'm very disappointed what a big company with such bad staff 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

bad customer service staff over the phone

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