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No cash refund on cancelled flights.

Booked return flights from Melbourne to Denpasar for Sept/Oct 2020. Flights cancelled by Molindo Air due to Covid 19, fair enough. Have been emailing them requesting a cash refund as stated in their T & C's they will refund in currency paid. They are now only offering travel vouchers which is not sufficient given the Australian Govt has bans in place prohibiting its residents flying internationally and we don't know we it will be safe to travel internationally again. I am reluctant 1. To take the offer of travel vouchers as they may expire before we can travel again 2. MA T&C's on our ticket state refunds will be in the currency paid. If MA had of given us the cash refund I would've booked again with them but there is no way I would book with them now!!! MA your customer service really needs some work if you ever think it will be business as usually and people will book to fly on your airline out of Aust. again. I will not be ever booking with this airline again. Extremely disappointed and frustrated.

flights cancelled by malindo refund not forthcoming

re reservation SQASNS
On 7th February I booked 2 return flights with Malindo air. I paid for both return tickets and have a receipt from eGHL. On 27th February Malindo cancelled our flights and I immediately applied for a refund via the website form as advised. Malindo sent an email receipt in response to my request on 29th February indicating that I would be reimbursed within 30 days.
It is now well over 30 days and, after several emails that received no response, Malindo now states that they did not receive my website refund requesting reimburse despite my emailing a copy of my receipt for this. The Customer Care Centre, Australia now requires me to apply again via the website form. I am reluctant to do this as no doubt this would involve another 30 days delay and there is no guarantee that my application will be honoured this time. I just want the return of my $1068.66 which was paid in good faith for a service that the airline failed to deliver.
Dr Fiona Buchanan

  • Li
    Lisa Duxbury Jun 22, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also processed my refund request in March due to the cancellation of the flight because of COVID19. I understood that I needed to wait approx 30 days for the process to complete, so I did that and when I didn't hear anything from them, I emailed their customer care team asking for information.
    I was told that due to the global crisis, it would take approximately 30-60 days for my refund to process, and thank you for my patience.
    Okay, so I'll wait another month then.
    Another month later, I emailed again, receiving the same generic response, but still no refund.
    I have contacted them again today, but after reading a lot of reviews and complaints against this airline, I'm not convinced I will receive my refund in cash terms, if at all.
    Ik'm not sure I've received such terrible customer service in my life before. To be honest, if they were transparent and kept the lines of communication open, then I wouldn't mind having to wait, however, they can't even do that.
    Lisa Breidi

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  • An
    Andre Amour Jun 24, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Lisa Duxbury I’ve been waiting since March for a refund. Heard nothing from them after emailing several times. I messaged them on Facebook and got a reply and was promised a refund. Now they are offering a voucher and refuse a refund.its an absolute joke.

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Food served was stale-butter chicken

I'm kalpana mariappan travel to cochin on 10/2/2020 on od231... flight was at 10:05pm from kl... food was already spoilt/stale... butter chicken... had funny taste & smell... I told the stewardess & she gave me a paper to write the complaint, I did that but no feedback from. malindo until today. I ate 3 mouth full & told the stewardess it's spoilt.. but no other meal was given as replacement too!! I really think the crew needs extra training on dealing with issues like this.

forced to buy baggage allowance when my travel documents clearly show I am entitled to 20kg

After purchasing my tickets (Perth - KL- Kathmandu - KL- Perth) I was sent a link to my ticket information which I was asked to download.

The wording on the e-mail was:
Important! Please see attached your booking confirmation containing all your necessary information about your trip! Please print this confirmation and present at check-in.

At the top of the downloaded forms was the wording:
'Please print this confirmation and present at check in.'

On the outbound trip, it stated that I had no bag allowance. Seeing this, I purchased a baggage allowance in advance.

For the return trip however, it clearly stated that I had an allowance of 20kg, so I did not realise any need to purchase baggage allowance for return trip.

( I attach copies of the forms below)

On checking in at Kathmandu airport I was told that I had no baggage allowance and would have to pay US$ 630 for my one piece of baggage (US$35 per kilo)

I was told that the papers I was showing to check in (which were the documents that Malindo Airlines had asked me in writing to present at check in, and which I had already used once to check in at Perth International Airport) were not valid and that my ticket information had been changed.

The ground staff were not at all interested in trying to assist me in any way, focussing instead on delay tactics and knowing that in the end, I would have no choice but to pay if I wished to board the plane.

It felt like a mafia ruse.

In an attempt to have them see reason I explained that, had my documents, issued by Malindo airlines stated that I had no baggage allowance, that I would have purchased baggage allowance in advance for a fee of approximately US $120 but that, because they clearly stated that I had a 20kg allowance, I had not even thought to do so.

To ask me to pay anything, in light of the information on my documents, I thought was robbery, but in an effort to at least minimise the costs, I asked whether the airline could not at least sell me the allowance at the online rate but they refused to enter into any discussion, repeatedly telling me that I was in the wrong.

I have never, in thirty years of travelling (I am a journalist and have worked in the South East Asian region since 1989) been treated so poorly.

In the end, their only solution was that I pay (Nepali Rupee 32000) US $300 for an upgrade, which, of course, in the end I was left with no choice other than to pay.

I will be interested to hear what Malindo proposes by way of a refund, not only for the financial costs but also for the stress and the embarrassment caused.

I shall decide on my next course of action after hearing from Air Malindo.



forced to buy baggage allowance when my travel documents clearly show I am entitled to 20kg

booking: admk (dmk to kul) double charged for baggage in rm and baht!!


Numerous email to MALINDO customer services, however until today problem haven't been solved.
They just ask me wait n wait for the related PIC/DEPT follow up mycase and keep sending me forward email without further info update.

Please find my email to MALINDO customer services dated 12.01.2020 as per below:-

12.01.2020 (FDQXMK FLY BKK (DMK)10.01.2020 - 12.01.2020)
Please be informed that I do made a payment for ADD ON baggage return way as per below RM125.00
KUL to DMK 10KG RM50
DMK to KUL 15KG RM75

However, TODAY when I check in baggage from DMK to KUL, system shown I didn't buy any baggage. Being wasting my timing investigate n rushing, they advised us to buy for the check in baggage of 4000BAHT!

wierd is: baggage can be detected for fly from kul to dmk 10kg
rm50 but fly back from dmk to kul failed to detect baggage bought 15kg rm75

At here I am so disappointed with the services that given to me! I had made double payment for my baggage in RM and BAHT for coming back to KUL!!
I wan to request a refund Immediately!

Hope can hear u soon on the above matter!
Appreciate your prompt action!

Kindly acknowledge by replying me via this email

Joanne Lau CC

booking: admk (dmk to kul) double charged for baggage in rm and baht!!
booking: admk (dmk to kul) double charged for baggage in rm and baht!!

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excess baggage

Good morning,

My partner Mr Ian Drummond-Hay and myself were charged $420 USD for baggage form Kathmandu (KTM) Malindo Air OD183 to Kuala Lumpur KLIA International (KUL) on the Monday 27/01/2020.
This was charged as excess baggage at $20 USDollars per kilo, $627.90 Australian Dollars.
I checked your website prior to our travel and thought we had 20 kilo of check in luggage each.
I did not fully understand theat I had purchased a ticket through a travel agent Jetabroad, who I also tried to verify but was told to take it up with the airline, who I had difficutly contacting due to no telephone or internet coverage due to our travel.
This amount was high way robberey and are very disgruntled by the service we recieved and the amount we were charged.
I would request some amount of refund as this was too much regardless of who's fault it was. A full receipt is available.
I look forward to your response.

Kerrie Bouquet.

bad customer service staff over the phone

The whole story begin like this :
I was online booking my flight ticket, when reach payment page out of sudden your website down & there is no respond for my payment. When i click refresh then it came out message saying "Booking Pending".
After that i called & managed talk to your customer service staff (this staff is the first who attend me with pleasant & helpful manner, but I'm sorry forgot to ask her name). She guide & explain to me how the procedure & what action i need to take to cross check with the bank.

45mins later, I try my second call to your customer service team. The staff who pick up & answer my call, at that moment when she speak out her word with poor attitude & I feel offended. Her voice & tone speak like arrogant & 'lecture' me when she ask the relationship of passenger & me. She sound no manner & cut off my explanation. She keep telling me that she need to do verification & i do understand but please your verification action makes her sound like 'Police' to investigate. Don't we have the right to book air ticket on behalf of our friends & relatives?!
As a customer service staff you suppose to listen my problem & query completely & no to stop me and ask weird & funny question!!
And you are the one who stop me & interrupt my sentence yet you asking me back same question which i told you right before.
As an international Airways company i cannot accept your staff attitude sound like 'Gangster'. You should well train your staff and be careful select your front liner staff.
I am as a consumer paying money to your company is to enjoy your services not let your staff to 'lecture' me or giving me bad face.
Your customer service staff who answer my second call named Preylah. Please go take up your phone caller recorder & listen this girl how she talk & what kind of manner she speak.
I'm very disappointed what a big company with such bad staff πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

bad customer service staff over the phone

customer service/refund team

I requested for a refund as my wife was pregnant with a condition(only found out after booking the flight). Submitted the form first time with only the scan of the uterus. Waited weeks but no update. Called them only to find out then that they don't accept the scan as a verified document.

1. Couldn't`t they update me by calling me or sending me an email?
2. Why do I have to call them to get THAT update? I`ve already wasted weeks waiting for them.

So I submitted the form again, now with a verified gynaecologist letter stating that my wife is not fit to travel on plane.

Waited 1 week plus, only to receive an email stating that they'll refund me in Travel Vouchers.

1. Travel vouchers are to be used within 3 months, and travel dates are only available within 1 year from booking date. The latest I can book is probably March 2020. My wife is due May 2020. 1 year from March 2020 is March 2021. By then my new born baby would only be 10 months old. How absurd is it for us to travel then?

2. I called them again requesting if I can get refund to the bank account I made payment with, and the refund team(via the customer service) said that because it is a medical refund claim, they can only give travel vouchers.

3. I emailed them stating how ridiculous it is that they can only provide travel vouchers as refund and not refunding back straight to my banking account. 5 days later and still no update from them.

4. Called them today to get an update. Call was picked up by customer service no.1. After explaining the whole situation, I was put on hold, and she came back to me saying that the refund team will get back to me. I then explained that it's been 5 days since my email and they have not gotten back to me. I also mentioned that the last time they said they'll get back to me, I did not get any updates from them, but I had to call them to get updates. So I demanded for a time frame for the refund team to get back to me. Was put on hold again, but somehow I was suddenly transferred to a different department(group booking) line.

5. Group booking department line agent transferred me back to the customer service, and I had to explain the WHOLE situation again(even though I gave the booking number), because the customer agent no.2 is not aware of the situation.

6. Customer service agent no.2 put me on hold and checked with refund team. She got back to me saying that the scan that I provided is not a valid document. I then asked her if she knew what I sent in an email previously, and she confidently told me yes. So I asked her to verify what was said in the email, and she couldn't`t reply. Gave her an ear full about lying to me.

7. Customer service no.2 went to check back with refund team, and came back to me saying they'll get back to me in 2 days. I asked them if they have any case reference ID, and they said they don't have one. Customer service no.2 said that I can just call back and mention her name, and magically EVERYONE will know the situation. Well see...

Very inefficient method of working. I had to explain my situation at least a good 3 times within 1 call. Couldn't`t they have put it in a remark of my booking number? Why is it that every time I call, no one seems to know what's going on, and even the refund team seems not to know what the whole situation is, and the solution they give is just pure incompetence.

Very bad ethics from the customer service saying they know the situation but actually they do not. Do they always LIE to their customers? It's like the term in Malay "Berlagak bodoh". Don't they realise that they're just shooting their own gun into their [censored]s?

VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED with MALINDO AIR because of this situation.

baggage charges when the website had an error


I have been communicating with customer service and not getting any resolution, please see one of the emails I sent to them this should give you are fair picture

I am aware of the baggage policy however the website kept giving me an error for 2 days, we also called the contact centre and there was no response As it was the 1st of jan and may have been a public holiday, also while purchasing third party tickets this information is not mentioned anywhere that I am unable to buy my luggage allowance online.

I did arrive at the airport to buy my luggage but I was made to wait in 2 long queues only to be told that I cannot buy it online as it was too late . This information has been mentioned in my first email, hence I would like a refund for the amount paid $686 minus the $75 actual luggage charge online .

I refuse to accept just an apology when I am almost $700 out of pocket and you guys have given me incomplete and incorrect information . If you cannot resolve this please give me your CEO's email address and I will escalate it to him our to consumer protection . Also please assign one case manager as I am getting responses from different agents and I have to repeat everything mentioned in my previous emails .

I will take this up with consumer protection if unresolved .

Thanks and Regards
Charmane Dennis

baggage charges when the website had an error
baggage charges when the website had an error
baggage charges when the website had an error

complaint against your ground staff and need my ticket refund

Sir, I am retired Prof.of UTM, Johor (Jahangir Bakhteri)traveling from Kabul to KL via N.Delhi(transit)on...

failed to refund within the timeline with unreasonable excuses given and worst experience with the customer service team.

Subject: Failed to refund within the timeline with unreasonable excuses given and worst experience with the...

malindo staff - naveen shekhar, (id - m08234) the ground staff at kolkata airport

Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to officially complain about a Malindo airline ground staff Mr Navin Shekhar...

customer service

I just sign up as one of Marlindo air company loyalty program. And this is my first ever online purchased using marlindo air website. Due to unfamiliar interface, i accidentally key in wrong name of flight passenger as i was booking the flight for my sister but because of the unfamiliarity, the passenger name was pre-key in as program as my name. After payment only i came to realized the wrong passenger name, thus proceed to marlindo air counter at kota kinabalu to seek for assistance, as their company hotline is unavailable (called multiple times). However, encounter very awful experienced there as they told me name amendments even with three letter changes will incur rm50 charges (which is ridiculous, as i have similar experience before with other airline which is free of charge). So i requested for a waiver as favor since this is my first online booking, the counter staff named Cynthia which is kind enough to seek for her supervisor approval for waiver, but she told me she needs to write in to request (Email on the spot), so i waited patiently for 15mins for the feeback, however another staff named Stacy came in shortly and told her immediately why bother to request, just charge me on the bill and that's it. She doesn't even bother to explain to me and speak loudly to her colleague when I'm there, very rude and not friendly. I explained softly to her regarding the request as her colleague willing to discuss with her boss, but she doesn't even bother to listen and speak rudely to me when i requested for waiver she ask me to pay even for fare difference. What kind of customer service company offering??? This is my first and last online booking with this airline. I hope marlindo company will investigate and please do some discipline action to the staff name Stacy at Kota Kinabalu branch for her unrespectful, rude service. Or send her back to a mandatory customer retraining program. And kindly revised the name amendments fee as other airline provide free of charge services for this matter.

stewardess acts like a bad person


I was a passenger of yours for the flight OD 572, dated 21 October 2019, journey from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur at 12:30pm.

I would like to make a complaint on your stewardess who acted like a [censored] and provided the poorest customer service to the passengers. (please refer to the attached photo of hers)

It was the time for food delivery, first this stewardess called my friend's name. "Mrs Kah Hoe Cheong..." apparently my friend is a guy but was addressed as "Mrs". This stewardess did not apologize to my friend but she questioned impolitely my friend as if he switched the seat, in addition she started to roll her eyes in front of us of the "technical mistake" where she wrongly called my friend as "Mrs".

And then she called my name "Chin Han Ong", and she requested for my boarding pass. I told her mine was placed in my bag in the overhead compartment. There she was, her signature rolled eyes again and then she was so rude and "lectured" me on the spot, "Next time please take your boarding pass with you all the time".

This is the rudest customer service that I've gotten so far as if I have never let a stewardess to "lecture" before. What kind of attitude is this? If the stewardess didn't wish to serve the customers, I would advise the high management to sack this staff away because her bad attitude would for sure deteriorate the Malindo brand!

I am not a frequent passenger for Malindo, I won't know procedure that "I need to hold the boarding pass all the time", and I personally feel it is so stupid that physical boarding pass should be visible all the time in the plane. After this experience, Malindo airline will not be my choice anymore, really upsetting that I got a rude and [censored]y stewardess to "lecture" me...

Thumbs down πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

I attached her photo for your review of her performance. She needs to be counseled seriously.

(I don't make up the story, 100% true)

stewardess acts like a bad person

meals were not served in flight

My wife and myself travelled by malindo airline in the 20th of october. My PNR is FHQESH. I booked my flight in February 2019 and meals were included in my ticket, even i have the email confirmation of the same. I also asked the person at the malindo airline counter and he also assured that we ll be getting the meals in both the flights. But to my disappointment, meals were not served to us in the flight no. OD801. That's very sad because we are not getting the things for which we paid.
I would like to lodge a complaint about this and want a resolution about the same.

Dr. Sanchit Mehan

meals were not served in flight

cabin crew service

I had the worst experience traveling with MapInfo Air today. On my earlier trip to KL on 9/10, meal was included. However no meal was provided on my way back to Perth today despite the flight ticket was booked together with my earlier flight. . The crew member informed that notice was provided but I am very sure no notice was given to me by email about the change of policy. The worst situation was no hot meal was available for sale even if I was ready to purchase. It was an evening flight and I was only given the snack options. As KLIA doesn't allow the passengers to bring water and there wasn't any drinking water available at the waiting area after the security check.
I did not have the chance to fill up my bottle with water .
I was starving and thirsty throughout the trip! I think the cabin crew did not provide good customer service as they didn't even provide at least a cup of water. What they care was only about money!!! Kept on telling the passengers that the policy has changed since 15/10 without considering that not all passengers are aware of the notice. Malindo used to pride itself to provide better service than AirAsia due to the drink and meal provided and your company usually charge higher price than other no frill airlines. Now, you guys are charging the airfare of serviced airlines but provide the service of budget airline. It is dodgy practice! Owing to this bad incident, I will think again to travel with Malindo in the future.


I booked 5 seats on a Malindo flight on the 29th Sept to Bali and 5 seats back on the 11th Oct.
I booked Malindo as it advertised on board entertainment.
On both flights only 1 out of our 5 screens worked.
We asked about our screens several times only to be told we will reboot the system.
Our screens never rebooted and we had no entertainment to and from Bali.
Very disappointing as this was our main reason for booking.
Other passengers on our flights had the same problem.
There was no apology and we have tried many times to contact Malindo by email but they keep bouncing back.

poor customer service of malindo air staff in penang airport

I had a bad checked-in experience with Malindo Air at Penang International Airport on 10 October 2019.
I would like to file a complaint on your staff who handled my check in request poorly and his manager.
I My flight is OD1161, 10 Oct 2019, 16:25, from Penang to Subang Airport. The attending staff who is certainly incompetence, did not managed to help me process my check-in request thus I cannot board the plane even though I have paid for the ticket.
I am a frequent flyer and also a loyal Malindo customer, I have not experienced such poor service by an airline but today Malindo has proven me wrong. I couldn't check in online due to your system error, and I decided to check in at the counter. I arrive at Penang airport and had to dash to the counter to request for check in, however you incompetent Staff told me that I were late and the counter had closed. After collecting my identity card he started to make call by his mobile phone, I believed that he was calling someone to seek for approval in allowing me to check in. However, there was no answer from the other party though he tried for several times. After that, he stood up and tried to call again through the landline telephone, someone answered his call but I can't hear clearly the conversation. He sit down after the conversation ended and continue to use his the mobile phone to make calls. Unsure how many calls that he has made, I just stand there waiting for him about 8 minutes, then just merely told me off. I am a paying customer but I cannot get my boarding pass? In fact, the time when I requested to check-in is definitely more than 30 mins of the standard time of departure and I know I still can make it to the boarding area. But instead of assist me on the check in process, your staff refuse to help me do counter check-in and purposely delay the time so I cannot make it to the boarding area. On top of that, he is totally lack in customer service decorum as he was impolite and ill-mannered. I didn't ask for his name, but you can easily trace the duty roster on 10 Oct, he was the only Chinese guy sitting at "Business Class Check-in counter". I was in disbelief of what just happened, while Malindo always position itself as a premium airline, your staff definitely didn't live up to your airline standard and provide such terrible service, no solution or alternative option provided too. I also request to see his Manager but he refused and told that even seeing the manager the outcome was also the same. After I insisted, he used his mobile to text message and finally told me "If you want to see my manager, you need to wait until 5pm." He even challenged me on the airline's policy and claimed that he was not RUDE but spoke nicely to me when I said his service is unprofessional, I just couldn't believe that this just happened after I have fly with Malindo for so many years. It is a huge difference of servicing standard comparing with Malindo staff in Subang and Penang airport!
In the end, I had to purchase another ticket from Firefly whose staff immediately helped me checking the next available flight and processed the boarding pass, everything was done swiftly in just 6 minutes. For your information, the purchase of ticket and boarding on plane all happened in less than an hour time. While your competitor - Firefly managed to deliver amazing service in such a short time, Malindo staff should be ashamed that she can't even print out a boarding pass for me while there's still plenty of time.
Now I am here to request the compensation for my lost, which obviously is a human error that could have been avoided.

flight delayed

Hi why malindo air is always late... First my flight from laohore to kualalumpur is late 1 hour and now from...

baggage misinformation and money theft

I bought a ticket from Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur (OD 183) on 20 Sept. The ticket said it included 20 kg checkin baggage. This was confirmed by the confirmation message from Malindo. When I went to check in my bag, the clerk said it didn't show on his computer and I would have to pay USD 400.00 to put my bag on the plane. The only other option was for me to remove the bag from the airport and then come back to get my boarding pass. Malindo air essentially wanted to hold my bag hostage for the payment of USD 400.00. I thereafter wrote a formal complaint on the flight between KTM and KUL and discussed this with the purser who said she would make sure this was addressed. I have heard nothing from Malindo. This caused quite a lot of trouble for me. I will never fly Malindo again. Terrible service.