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Bintulu, Malaysia Review updated:

On 28th April 2019 I took MAS Airline flight (MH1040) from JB (departure at 13:00) to KLIA arrival at 14:00 and transit from KLIA (MH2746) departure at 17:30 to Bintulu arrival at 19:35. I checked in my luggage directly from JB until Bintulu.

When I reached home I found that my zip on the bag was positioned towards the side whereas I had placed it in the middle. Upon opening my bag I find out that my electronic shaver & perfume were missing from inside my luggage. I thought security at KLIA was excellent but I am now very upset and disappointed as I have never had such a bad experience on Malaysia Airlines.

Apr 29, 2019
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  •   May 04, 2019

    To the anonymous author

    In order the legal professional can conclude regarding the outcome of the facts and the fairness of the treatment, related to the civil aviation, the basic evidences shall be accessible always:-

    - full name of the passenger, residing city and country, contact
    - e-ticket in full and/ or boarding pass in full, which shows the air carrier ID,
    - the additional receipt, if any,
    - the request - what the author wants exactly
    in minimum.

    If the above evidences are absent, the words or the author represent useless words
    and the author will get the compensation via the authority / via the court never.

    You can introduce with the rest basics via this short link, if you intend to fight for the refund:
    you can forget about the demand anything.

    Such are the rules for air travel in Inida and outside India .

    Oleg G
    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters (Asia, Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd
    for request with documents use email : aryan(at)

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