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hi good morning,

according to the subject, i want to express my feelings of disappointed with the malaysia airline service.

i am travelling from MIRI to KUL on 3rd oct (6.00am). for your information my friends and i were booking for a business class tic and we suppost to get our meal on plane. But, were informed that the meal on the plan insufficient so that we got a notes for our voucher claim,

the problem came during the claim, were waiting for the officer to give us our voucher almost 1hour since we didnt get any meal on plane. i am so disappointed with malaysia airlines management. this issue was so simple but cannot be managed well.

i rate this time 2 out of 10 for malaysia airlines services. we pay for a business class but were been treated as homeless who asking for food. Im not satisfied with the service and the payment we need to paid.

thank you

Malaysia Airlines

Oct 02, 2019

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