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I am writing to express my disgust with Hyderabad airport staff at the Malaysia airlines counter on the early hours of 10th July 2019 ( my flight number was MH 199 to KL and then onward to Auckland). The flight which was originally scheduled to depart at 00. 15 hours was delayed by 40 minutes.
There is an absolutely disregard for customer service and nicety that used to be part of the airline team. We have lived in NZ for 17 years now and have used your airline on a regular basis.
Yesterday was the worst nightmare of our lives.
Initially the flight was delayed by 40 minutes which meant we needed to reorganize our transport, as we were travelling with my 79 year old mother in law. We checked in online and arrived well before two hours of departure. The baggage was overweight by around 13 kilos which was a mistake on our end. I removed one box and several clothes and handed them to my husband who then left. I didn't realize there was still an excess of 5 kg, and the staff kept badgering us that they would close the counter down (saying that they would only extend the initial check in time by 15 min regardless of the delay, and saying we were late)
The counter staff ( Phanidar)initially weighed our hand baggage and removed the same from the weighing scale and said nothing to us abt it being over weight. He literally said okay its "9+9+7 that's okay". Then the suitcases were weighed and when found overweight, we removed the box etc... at that point none told us anything.
Then a manager named Sameer- the most scathingly pompous ground staff, devoid of any manners whatsoever stepped in and demanded that we pay 26, 960 rupees... this was a total shock. they never mentioned anything initially.
Then they made my daughter weigh her backpack and said that it was overweight as well.
My question here is why did they not tell us this in the first instance?? They waited for my husband to leave the airport and then decided to take law into their own hands.
This person Sameer was a very very rude person...I will list out what all he did and said..
1. He said that the counter would close in 15 minutes and that if I did not check in according to his instructions, he would not issue boarding passes in spite of being checked in.
2. As I was returning the bags to my husband outside the main entrance, he ordered my daughter to clear the suitcases there, saying that she was blocking the line despite only two other passengers being behind her and other counters being open. Not one of the staff helped her with the bags until after he yelled at her and she asked them for help. Where is the etiquette and customer service of the airline gone?
3. Sameer threatened to not take us on the flight because we were harassing ground staff... when actually the reverse was happening to us... He was literally threatening us.
4. The final straw on the camels back was when I gave the money( because there was no credit card facility????)
I placed the money initially on the counter. Sameer insisted that I pick it up from the counter and give to his hand.This was a shaming process honestly. The entire staff looked to us as if we were criminals.
5. The fact we could have upgraded to business class paying one third of the cost and still had the baggage with us (I am given to understand) was not even suggested.We could have had managed mother in law travel in comfort at least.

6. We were given only two onward boarding passes issued KL to Auckland ... we stood in the immigration line and then realised it... even then they insisted they had issued all three...
We are still reeling under the shock and abuse of last night's incident. We have not loyally flown with Malaysian airline multiple times a year to be verbally assaulted by the staff.

At this stage I seek compensation for all the abuse and mental torture we have been put through for the incapacity of your crew. We seek an apology from your ground staff (sameer in particular) and a refund/ compensation of the money paid which amounts to 26, 960 rupees.( I have the receipt with me).
We are seriously contemplating never flying with your airline again as we and all our family travelling back from India the past couple of days have experienced delayed flights and disgusting manners from the airline staff. I was literally left fuming and my daughter had was shaking from the aftermath. The Menzies staff that transported my mother in law by wheelchair later confirmed to us that this Sameer had a history of being rude to passengers and harassing them.
I will leave no stone unturned till get what I seek. This is not an empty threat.

An irate customer
[ ] Shalini duvvuru
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    Ashreya Duvuru Jul 12, 2018

    Worst experience I've ever had flying. We've had bad experiences with Malaysia Airlines in the past but this was like the cherry to top it all off. Ground staff pretty much just shat on the airline's reputation, especially Sameer. Needless to say, after 6 years of exclusively flying Malaysia Airlines, never flying with them again-- and going to recommend the same to everyone I know because I would hate for anyone else to experience what we did.

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  • Pr
    Priya_NZ Jul 15, 2018

    Last three trips with MA travelling to India have been bad to worst ever! Consistently delayed flights, unclean aircraft, 'in your face' ground staff and not so forthcoming stewards. Worst experience was travelling in a stinking aircraft which was already over an hour late departing from AKL to KL. The stink (urine) was due to some issue in the toilets in the Economy wing. We had to travel on the long haul with such a stench. When I reported it even as the plane was yet to take off, I got the standard response that they will investigate and get back. Not heard anything in the last 6 months! Not travelling MA until they "clean up" their act.

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  • Em
    emccready Oct 26, 2019

    I had a similar experience in Delhi on both 3 July, just shortly before yours, and later when flying oneway to Bali on 8 October... robots who seem to not care one bit about their passenger or the stress they are creating. Malaysia should disappear as an airline ...similar to the plane they never found. Shameful what they offered the survivors as comfort money ...between $2, 000 and 5, 000.

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