Malaysia Airlinesextremely bad stewardess services

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Bad flying experience because of bad stewardess services provided. I am a mas frequent flyer. Mas will be my main choice of selection whenever I organize my trip.

I can see there is a significant drop of the onboard stewardess service in these years. I have few bad experiences from the treat of the mas stewardess in my flight especially on my last few trips to sydney, australia and taipei, taiwan.

I wish to raise this issue to relevant authority to improve mas service. The professionalism of the stewardess service to the passengers is important.

My latest experience was in the flight of mh 367 from taipei, taiwan to kuala lumpur, malaysia (As at 22 oct, 2014 by [protected]). There is a chinese stewardess (I can’t recall her name) was too forgetful and ignored on my request. I was not feeling well with sore throat. I politely requested her for a cup of water to ease my dry throat. I knew she might be busy preparing lunch for passengers, I told her not to rush, just prepare a cup of water when she served drinks later. She responded rudely and inform me that, they will serve drinks later and just sit till that moment. Therefore, I can only wait for her to serve the drink from front row till my row patiently, but to my surprise there is no water, but only fruit juices. I forced to take a glass of fruit juice as she didn’t seem to remember on my previous request at all. A moment afterward, she walked back with a cup of water in her tray and asked us who did ask for water just now. I raised up my hand immediately, too bad that she didn’t notice me and passed the cup of water to another passenger. She walked away even I have been calling her when she passed by to gently remind her on my request. It was an act of forgetful and ignorance. I was seriously unsatisfied with this kind of service.

She was so forgetful while she was preparing the meal to passengers, I have requested for my 2 cups of water from her, she seem to be totally forgot about my request and treated me rudely.In short, I felt discriminated from her action.

Actually this is not the first time I encountered such disrespect and rude services from mas stewardess. I was so disappointed for the services provided by mas stewardess to their passengers. How do mas train their stewardess in such a way that they not even having such basic respect to their passengers? This experience is terrible bad and affected my emotion. I supposed to be enjoying my trip but I was treated with bad service from the flight service before I have landed.

To be honest, I have been starting to change my flight service to cathy pacific airline, china airline and eva airline for my trips to taipei, taiwan, as their services are much more customer friendly compared to mas. This is specifically refer to the politeness of the steward and stewardess during my flight.

  • Updated by Kenapa Susah Sangat · Apr 26, 2017

    Hi and good day,

    I just want follow up about my refund for this ticket ... Any progress ? Because before this I have conversations with your customer service. ( Call you customer service number )

    I'm really hope you can assist me..

    Anything ur can email to me : [email protected]



  • Th
    Thejesh Nov 05, 2016

    Very poor

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  • Ri
    Ritesh Mor Aug 15, 2018

    No vegetarian food was served in flight from kualalumpur to denpasar .

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  • Zi
    Zi Heng Ooi Aug 15, 2018

    MH1 on 24th of June 2018 scheduled to fly at 9:35pm (GMT) was cancelled. And I have a very important meeting on the next day of arrival which is 26th of June. I only got to know my flight to Kuala Lumpur had been cancelled when I touched down at London Heathrow at around 7:30pm (GMT) which was 2 hours before scheduled departure of MH1.

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  • Ka
    Kalai Selvie Ponnusamy Aug 20, 2018

    Sir, I have noted the back of my luggage dented at the baggage claim upon arrival from kuching to kl yesterday night despite me requesting a handle with care tag. I would like to be compensated for the damage. Thank you.

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  • At
    Atie Sep 01, 2018

    Makanan (kerepek) yang disimpan di luggage bg penerbangan dari kuantan ke sandakan jam 6.00 a.m. telah dibuka dan diambil sehingga tinggal separuh sahaja. Pekerja MAS tidak jujur.

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  • Ra
    Ramankaura Sep 02, 2018

    I was travelling with Malaysian airlines on 7/12/2017 from New Delhi to adelaide flight number MH 173. On arrival at Adelaide I found my brand new suitcase was damaged from the handle (adjustable) side.Now I can not use it again as it can cause injury to any one .

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  • Ly
    Lyla Sirikorn Sep 03, 2018

    My Baggage damage on flight MH797(5.55) from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur 18Nov2017. My mobile phone lost. The officer tell me when i back to Thailand on Nov 19, 2017. I will go to Baggage Services at Suwannaphumi Airport I gone to L&F Office to complaint . Please contact to me in Thailand 085 109 4040.

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  • Rb
    RBajaj Sep 03, 2018

    The behaviour of staff is very bad.. just want to change my return ticket. Worst experience..

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  • Yi
    Yi Fong Liew Sep 04, 2018

    Unable to make payment for my booking.
    Call twice inquiry about the booking payment dateline. (Call date, time, spoke to who. Details provided)
    Drop email to gccc.reservation (Mas), only provide me the expired date didn't refer the content which I provided.

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  • Ly
    Lyla Sirikorn Sep 05, 2018

    In flight Bangkok to Malaysia on Nov 18, 2017 departure 05.55 flight MH797. My baggage had damage and my mobile phone lost . I gone to Baggage services in KLIA level 3, main Terminal Building, Kuala Lumpur International to complaint and claim my baggage. Please contact to me at 085 109 4040 in Thailand.

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  • Pb
    Pboonl Sep 05, 2018

    Flight booking reference V9AVPG
    Flight MH 0608 was delayed from 1725 till 1840
    Flight MH 0385 was delayed from 1950 till 0850 the next day
    I would like to lodge a complain as this had cause countless inconvenience to me. First i would like to demand compensation for the hotel and accommodation at kul while waiting for the next flight.

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  • Le
    Lee Dumpleton Sep 06, 2018

    I wish to claim full compensation for the delay of flight MH0003 on 26 July, 2018. This flight was delayed for over 24 hours, meaning I missed a whole day of my holiday and my plans had to be changed.

    Lee Dumpleton (Mr)

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  • Da
    Danny02 Sep 06, 2018

    I am regularly commute between KL and Jakarta. From my last 3 months experienced, Sept to Nov 2017. Malaysia airlines 9 out of 10 flights i.e. 90% not on time and delayed above an hour were the norm.
    One of the worst airline so far in time management.
    Hope this airline take time seriously

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  • Jc
    Jccap Sep 08, 2018

    The airline sent us to a hotel but run iut of taxi voucher, so they made us pay for it with a promise for refund!! Not responding to inquiries for almost 2 mos. Customer care unable to contact the people involve!

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  • Ba
    Barbara J.Mojilip Sep 08, 2018

    One of my bags was damaged probably as a result of a fall/drop impact. I have tried to look for Mas counter at Auckland International Airport but could not find or there is none. Therefore i cant lodge a complaint immediately.

    Thank you.

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  • Rb
    rbhrsadia Sep 10, 2018

    Today on 9th of October my travel date is 10/10/2017, I need help on this but i am not getting any immediate response.

    Kindly look in the matter

    you can contact me on : +91 9833351215
    email : [email protected]

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  • Mj
    MJ Reyes 0418 Sep 10, 2018

    My baggage is missing and not come in colombo your costumer care people is not helping me with my missing 3 baggage i have important documents there. You must assist us.i only my tag number yet they dont give it to me. Please help me find my missing baggage. This is not a joke your costumer service is not good.

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  • Ma
    Marlene Laporte Sep 19, 2018

    Most disgusting and inconsiderate airline !! No proper direction by ground staff at Melbourne airport.. to handle courtesy and manners and most of all NO respect for the young and elderly who were stranded today for a flight that has been postponed ..

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  • Wi
    Witsanu Nathawin Oct 02, 2018

    Dear Malaysia Airline,
    I'm writing to complaint about the luggage claim service in Bangkok very late responsiveness and missed follow up which is the very long process here over 10 days already, regarding to my Luggage claim no.MH 592242 From Singapore to Bangkok
    Kindly heck and get back to me soonest,

    Witsanu Nathawin

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  • Ai
    Aileencys Oct 02, 2018

    I would like to share my bad experience for the recent flight back from Kuantan to klia. The air conditioning seem not working, really stuffy and no cold air from the blower.
    Pls do improve event for short journey 45 minutes, because I felt dizzy after that.

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  • 言午 Oct 21, 2018

    27 July 2017 Thursday MH3183 06:05am Kota Kinabalu to Sibu, the flight was informed delayed to 06:40am due to captain overslept. But reached 06:4am we still didn't see the captain show up!!! This is so irresponsible!!! How can this happened, this very unacceptable. Now already 7am, the captain show up?!!! Very disappointed with MAS

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  • Ey
    eycha milady Oct 21, 2018

    Good evening, hi.

    I fly with MAS today at MH1051 from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Baharu. When the crew gave me the in flight meal wich is peanut and orange juice, I found the juice has expired. How possible that your crew didn't check the EXP DATE? I really hope you find out this matter.

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  • Ai
    Aizzat Rohimi Oct 22, 2018

    Just came out from flight MH2531 from Kuching to KL. Ticket cost me 2k, which is fine, but the service by cabin crew is lousy as hell. Not even a courtesy offering of in flight meal. Please advise or provide written policy to customer on the in flight services and passenger's rights.

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  • Ho
    Hopeless MAS Oct 27, 2018

    MAS is too much for charging RM50 for making a spelling error on middle name. Suppose to be Chie but was wrongly keyed in as Chee. Air Asia does not charge a single sen

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  • Eu
    Eugene Woon Oct 27, 2018

    Flight MH129 KUL/MEL on 31/05/2017
    NICELY PACKED with FILM PACKING with FRAGILE MARKED Baggage Tag No. EYCL0232669272, content of the CORNING WARE item was BROKEN. How do I claim for the Broken Item. Thank you.

    Woon Wee Meng
    Enrich No. MH012109156

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  • We
    WeenaWan Mohd Oct 28, 2018

    Today morning flight MH2551, 24 May 2017 bound from Miri to KL with very surprised once my luggage arrived found huge hole of damages and 2 wheels lost. Of course it's a 4 wheels luggage type was good conditions before loaded luggage # 0232432216 at the bag drop. Really disappointed with this airline.

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  • Ke
    Kenapa Susah Sangat Nov 04, 2018

    Hi and good day,

    I just want follow up about my refund for this ticket ... Any progress ? Because before this I have conversations with your customer service. ( Call you customer service number )

    I'm really hope you can assist me..

    Anything ur can email to me : [email protected]


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  • Hi
    Hii76 Nov 04, 2018

    Very sad went the steward start shouting rudely to all passanger "NO HOT DRINK"... until one his superior as him to lower down his tone.

    We are paying for the services... please dont treat us like that... you just spoil our hoilday mood and give bad experience with MH.

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  • Du
    DulceK Nov 04, 2018

    i had my recent trip on april 18 manila to kuala lumpur and april 25 kuala lumpur to manila. For both trip, i specifically requested your good office to provide me oriental vegetarian with no onions and garlic. However to my dismay, both flights served me food with onions. Hope you can improve your service with such request.

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  • Ze
    ZeroZero Nov 04, 2018

    Line for bag drop too long. Last time it was more smoother. Not sure why system change or what was the benefit, but it was easier last time to check in and drop the bag. Now it was long line. person new with system can stand in wrong line and had to another line after 30min++ standing.

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  • Ha
    Harsh Kumar jmd Nov 04, 2018

    Dear sir/madam
    Last week I am travel from DEL-KUL-DPS, DPS-KUL-DEL and my ticket no. is 2322442033387. I have sum problem is that KUL-DPS & DPS-KUL, you are not provide vegetarian foods. So I suggest you to please provide vegetarian foods in all flights.

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  • Ay
    Ayu, Monterey Nov 05, 2018

    Hi there, I was onboard MH 66 to USA connecting Incheon and LA. My ticket No 0162209272550. When I took my luggage at LA, my luggage surprisingly was not in good condition as I check in earlier. It lost a wheel and had tear on the body. Luckily things in the beg didn't spell out. How do I claim back the beg? Really appreciate your quick reply. Tq

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  • Mi
    Michael Teo Nov 11, 2018

    21/3/17, 4:35pm, mh 774 KUL-BKK.
    There's a very tall steward, wearing glasses.
    Was very rude when I requested to hold on to headset, he replied saying that the system will be switched off.
    This is my regular route that I fly twice a month, never have I r encounter such attitude.
    In deed he went forward to switched off the system.

    MH 060476393.

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  • Am
    Amirlee2 Nov 12, 2018

    I arrived from Dhaka(4 Feb)to KLIA (5 Feb) by MH 197
    My luggage came up the carousel after more than 1 hour! I was in business class.
    There were very long delays between bags coming up.
    This is quite unacceptable and we, the passengers deserve an explanation. Could hanky panky be the reason?

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  • Ga
    Gayani Nov 12, 2018

    Please provide me with the contact number, email address and office address of the Head of Customer Affairs, urgently.

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  • An
    Andymitch22 Nov 12, 2018

    I have been waiting as well as your other customers for 1 hour at Jakarta international check in, there is no staff here . This may be the reason you are lossing your customers

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  • Xi
    Xiiao Xue Nov 12, 2018

    I want to complain to Malaysia Airlines Kuching to kuala lumpur ... after the transfer to Singapore. I want to sell all the cookies on the suitcase all broken ... ... I can not sell ... ...HOW NOW ???

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  • Xi
    Xiiao Xue Nov 13, 2018

    I want to complain to Malaysia Airlines Kuching to kuala lumpur ... after the transfer to Singapore. I want to sell all the cookies on the suitcase all broken ... ... I can not sell ... ...HOW NOW ???

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  • Sh
    Sherley Paulite Nov 13, 2018

    I' m Mehek Chhattan, an indian citizen attested that when i received my luggage from india to manila The jewelries are not anymore inside.all the locks are broken.

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  • Cl
    cltang Nov 13, 2018

    The in charge person at counter before boarding was unfriendly...we feel uncomfortable with the attitude..
    PHUKET FLIGHT MY 0786 On 8 DEC 2016

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