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Complaints & Reviews

rude and insolent worker

Today I went to Kuching International Airport to help my mum check-in by using mobile phone. I did not realise that im using the wrong counter to check in. Two workers of malaysia airlines were standing beside me and laugh at me. I asked : " May I know where is the air asia mobile check in? " They did not answer me but said :" Lucunya ". I really felt sarcastic on their service attitude. They should tell me that i make a mistake, instead of teasing me! This is not the right attitude! I do hope that there is improvement on their customer service attitude!

how does malaysian airline operate

To whomsoever it may concern,
Hi this is to inform how the malaysian airlines staff behave with customers,
My mom was suppose to board a flight from sydney to mumbai via kuala lumpur on 31st may flight mh140 which departs at 21.40, my mom when checked in for baggage at 20.45 was told that her baggage was in excess and that she would have to drop some baggage off or pay for the extra kilos which was 3kg, well she decided to drop it off with other family members so that they could get it along with them but this was not what the airline staff wanted and started arguing with her to pay money instead and then when she was done removing the extra bit of luggage after a lot of argument the airline staff did with my mom at about 21.15 she was told that the gates are now closed and she will have to miss the flight even when there is half an hr left for the flight to depart and said that you can ask your travel agent to book the ticket for the next day flight. When asked the airline staff to call the manager / supervisor, she was told that no one was on shift.
Is this the way how malaysian airline operate.
When contacting the travel agent he said that the malaysian airline flight for the next day was available but was only from sydney to kuala lumpur and not from kuala lumpur to mumbai.
We do fly frequently around the world with many airline like saudi arabia, kuwait, british airways but this was the first time I thought about experiencing malaysian airlines as I heard that it was good from one of my friend, but believe me guys malaysian airlines is losing it, you still have half an hour for departure and you are been told in advance that u have to miss the flight, come on what are they trying to do, get some bucks of you, is this the only way to earn money. If it would have been the other way round maybe malaysian airline would get some more business (Word of mouth) but they have lost it.
This is not it malaysian airline doesn’t have a 24hr customer care line for customers in india or maybe for others as well, what they have is only a toll free number for malaysian citizens and a reservations office contact number which is of no use after 17.30 ist and a malaysian airlines operations number who has no information at all who doesn’t cooperate and just hang-up on you.
Well left with no option when we book a ticket for the next day flight we are told that the airline charges which we would have to pay are rs 950 inr which are the date change charge, rs 555 inr as tax and rs 4000 inr as fare difference on top of the rs 50000 inr which was already paid at the time of booking the flight.
Come on malaysian airlines if you guys want to earn money come upfront we can give you some charity rather than you harassing people and try to get some bucks out of them.
Well I or rather my mom would not have to face all this hassle/chaos if they would have allowed my mom to board the flight after the baggage was within the permissible limit or if they would have arranged the next flight for her as caring for customers to have a good reputation.

Guys (Malaysian airline) you will have to change the way you’ll work coz it is a competitive world, people would not mind going to your competitor if they get the service or comfort and I will make sure that I will not recommend your airline and bad mouth you.

  • Fi
    firozn631 Jun 01, 2012

    It is no surprise why Malaysian airlines is losing its reputation. And it all begins from the rude and unhelpful staff they have working representing Malaysian Airlines name. I arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport to print my boarding pass of which I had checked in online the night prior to departure. I did this procedure 3 times, because the online system fails to send you a check in confirmation. Once arrived at the airport, 35 minutes before departure and with NO bags to check in, the kiosk says to check with the front desk which is where the problems begin.
    1 - The airline attendant proceeds to tell me and my passenger we are were in fact not checked in and now can not board.
    2 - I ask to speak to a manager, they tell me no manager is present. I ask again, "There must be a manager, I need to speak to one" It is now 25 mins before departure with the dispute of finding a manager in order to get better assistance.
    3- Manager arrives and says again there is nothing that can be done, she proceeds to review boarding policies. It is now 10 min until boarding.
    Here is the problem, I understand policies and regulations, but I don't understand how a major company can hire such unhelpful and discerning staff. I travel with Malaysian Airline very much and have ample of their enrich miles, I expect a certain level of customer service which is not received. I would expect a company such as yourself would thrive to make sure it's customers are happy and satisfied which has not been the case at the Kuala Lumpur check in with Ms. Diane Keys as the "manager" and her associates. I intend to take this small complaint to the highest level possible to express my grief and great disappointment in this airline. You can assure you have lost a customer, and while one may not mean much against millions, if your airline continues with this poor customer service, one will quickly multiple by the thousands.

    0 Votes
  • Is
    iska Sep 15, 2013

    Totally agreed malaysia airlines staff on check in counter is so unhelp full and arrogant and rude.

    0 Votes

online booking service scam

I made a booking via malaysian airlines online booking service. I logged in as a member but unfortunately upon arriving at the reservation page, I was again asked to log in my id and password (Funny cause I have done so at the system entry point). I did as instructed and hoping that my particulars would appear by default but it did not, instead a blank page was displayed and after trying for several times, I decided to just fill in the info.

However, the form for second passenger did not come out and the system automatically showed a proceed button and after that, all processes e. G. Seat booking, insurance etc were referring to 2 passengers.

My mistake, I proceeded thinking that in the end there will be a page for me to fill in the second passenger details, but it did not. When I received the confirmation email, I was surprised to see that my names appeared as the first and second passenger.

I tried to sort this problem with the contact centre and was asked to send an email to request for a name change to their reservation manager, but after 18 hours, nobody responded. I called the contact centre again and a few people attended to me but still no solutions. At last I was lucky to speak to a lady name krishna who within her limited authority, tried her level best to make the changes.

Initially she told me that there would be a fee of usd30 for the change which I refused to pay cause the problem was caused by their system issue (Read in the internet about mas online system cookie problem etc). After speaking to her superior, she came back and told me that they will waive the charge and changes will be made.

Moral lesson, management leaves the difficult task of handling customers problems to their lower rank personnel. The managers at reservation did not bother to check or reply customers’ email and the the supervisor refused to talk to me despite my request. This problem will go on and on especially with glc in malaysia and they will never survive in the vibe of competition if the management continues to disregard customers’ complaints and feedback.

  • Ja
    JasimP Jun 30, 2015

    Malaysia Airlines online booking system is a disgrace. You go through the booking right up to payment and then it gives a error saying check with you bank and cancels the booking. You cant even try another card. so you try again and use another card and the same thing happens. After the third time you call the call center and wait and wait. When you finally get through and tell them your problem they say yes we are having a problem and we have received many complaints today. ok so you have a system problem that inconveniences your customers. So can you make a booking through the call center. SURE no problem but it will cost you. Why should the customer pay extra because of your system screw up. Well if dont like it please write to [email protected] DAMN RIGHT I WILL

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Martyn Webb Jun 03, 2016

    Last night 12 February I tried to book on line but because I did not have a mobile telephone number to give I was refused three times although I have a valid land line telephone. As a consequence I had to book through a travel agent which cost me an additional $57.75 for the privilege.

    Why doesn't MH website say MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBER PREFERRED and, like its contact telephone numbers listed on its complaint form allow intending passengers the choice???
    To make matters worse, my complaint on MH complaint website was rejected twice!!

    I have never met this before why would an airline seeking business set out to annoy prospective custoners???

    0 Votes

asia bad services for 2012

No wonder I can't regret singapore airlines always the number one for me to fly with a value services attitude and behavior for services into customer compare to malaysia airlines.
Just information I had a bad experienced for 2 times to flight to europe with malaysia airlines, instead in indonesia also have garuda indonesia. I thought malaysia airlines have the best services. And now, I know, that malaysia airlines services is currently far from my thought and impression

First time in summer on end of july 2011, my flight from kuala lumpur to amsterdam was delay and change into another day as this delay 12 hours. (What a night mare) and we are spend one night in kuala lumpur which is bad impression
And now in 2012 for my trip in business and vacation to amsterdam try again with malaysia airlines, when I was in jakarta on the 24 april 2012, the crew from soekarno hatta in the check in counter malaysia airlines told me that I have to wait to check their over booked for my trip from kuala lumpur to amsterdam, can you imagine how bad if it's happened again, until I argue with the manager in charge on the soekarno hatta airport for getting my sit in malaysia airlines from jakarta - kuala lumpur and kuala lumpur to amsterdam

In madrid, even worse and worse..

1. I ask mr. Vicente nacher poza about my ticket from my fly back to jakarta on 21 change into 29 may 2011 by phone, and he is confirm and asked me to come to malaysia airlines office in madrid which is this office is not even in madrid city, and take me 45 minute by taxi for make a payment method with credit card. And when I come to malaysia airlines office, mr. Vicente nacher poza had my document of ticket, so he just continue charged me to change my ticket within my credit card, and he is not even check my document first before he's made a payment, until then he's find out that my ticket can't changed after 23 may 2011..

(My question is ?? Why he is not told me on the phone before I come to visit malaysia airlines, and the worse things that he is not even check my document ticket before made a payment due with credit card from customer. Instead of my credit card charge for value of currency from idr into euro (Saling and buying).

Do you know what the meaning of up set in this moment

2. He was gave me a received payment credit card and I thought that the credit card was inside as usual for transaction. And he wasn't put my credit card, and that was on friday at 11am. So he has so many times at the moment to send me an email, that he forget to give my credit card, so I can just come back to malaysia airlines office in the same day. And do you know that tourist always need their credit card no matter how, for make an easy payment method ??? This is what we called un safe travel with experiences in malaysia airlines — - night mare airlines in the world of 2012.. This is what I give for such a bad company for satisfaction customer

3. I am wait until monday to get reply email from mr. Vicente nacher poza, until I got finally report from ms yusnizar from malaysia airline global customer contact centre and I am not even found some solution had been answered instead of said sorry for 4 times of her message to me.. How disappointed I am. And finally I come on monday to malaysia airlines office in madrid for took my credit card back from mr vicente nacher poza, and he told me that my credit card was at the bottom of his desk.. Oh my god.. This is a reason even worse then a kid from 5 years old. Do you think a credit card from customer is like a paper that you can drop and forget about it... How about if this credit card is the only card that customer made for payment during their travel ?? Do you think they are happy and feel safe ?? Do you know how everyone need feel safe when and happy when they are traveling far fro their home country, and how come and made the reason like talking with kids for the reason of his forget ?? Come one man wha't this company that I am talking too ?? Is it how the company face with international customer.. Gosh I wish I will never fly with malaysia airlines anymore, and even for my family, friends and everyone one (just info for during those weekend I am traveling as a tourist in madrid - spain without my credit card)

Last information I did sent to all clients, friends, college from facebook, twiter that malaysia airlines should be aware by the night mare of the customer satisfaction and soon when I come back to jakarta will be on kompas and jakarta post and also global news paper for pages of un satisfaction by readers. As I am a writers for gramedia group so I will made for indonesian people ware that malaysia airlines is not good as their thought.. So we are must be careful for choice this airlines for make us upset for their services, except you are flying with their first class.. And the rest just nothing. Also my blog to tell about bad experiences to not make it happen to others.

So think about it !!! Make people satisfied for the reason with people who got up set for many times with same company.. How crap !!!

bad service

Today we have very bad service experience from malaysian airlines. They provide rubbish service to passengers who's even travelling with small babies and special assistant requested. Not providing good food and even not provide help to passenger on request. Even you can't take allowed weight with you when you pay for that. I suggest passengers please don't travel with this airline with kids. They can not help any one they just want your money and doesn't worried about you and your kids who much you suffer and in which condition you travel.

  • Am
    amandeep bhathal May 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i strongly agree with it

    -1 Votes
  • Bu
    Burt Sandblaster May 18, 2012

    you just "strongly agreed" with your own complaint. Nice going. At least use an alias if you are going to comment on your own letters.

    0 Votes
  • An
    Angry at them Apr 15, 2013

    They suck big time. I paid for business class and had no in flight entertainment and paid over 800 aud for a 1 hour flight. It was late and no boarding call. Worst airline in world. People do not use them!!!

    0 Votes

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delay/lost of baggage

The damaged plane in Istanbul, Turkey seemed to find a full passenger flight MH031 Istanbul - KL (transit to Bangkok) Boarding time 13:40, April 21.

17:15 to chase down the plane. Passengers had to wait by the lack of clarification.
18:00 Passengers came together to protest what they crave food. The coupon to dine at the Food Center.
19:00 Boading pass by and distributed to the flight of the airline Turkish Airline TK64.

The problem seems to be most admired. All 80 passenger baggage is not delivered with The question has been answered, but I do not know is where in the world.

This issue should be of the Malaysia Airlines / answer questions.
1. The problem and the lack of any possible delays to passengers.
2. Not a professional.
3. The delay in tracking luggage of passengers to 28 hours (from 10:00 - Apr, 22) also failed to check.
4. Lack of contact / responsibility. Passengers waiting for luggage.
5. No answer, find or not find?

delay/lost of baggage

  • Su
    Suwat C Apr 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Airline need more 3 days for checking process, very low speed!
    When i heard from their staff, i think it's not reasonable.
    They can't use Tag number, why? Or it's only for show ?
    But ticket including Tag cost, right?

    0 Votes
  • Su
    Suwat C Apr 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i recived my luggage from Malaysia Airline without any explaination and my luggage was broken at lock, somebody stolen my external hardisk and memory cards from my luggage.
    I informed to Airline but they don't have any responsibility.


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  • Su
    Suwat C Apr 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Airline informed the weight @bangkok 23 kg but the weight @
    Istanbul 20 kg. They can't give us their responsibility.
    ?? Why the wieght increase in the Airplane 3 kg??
    ?? The Airline make the fake data 3 kg?

    0 Votes

damaged lugagge

Malaysia Airline carrying a first class brand, first class price but provide their customers with third class service.
I traveled from Kuching to Phnom Penh by Malaysia Airlines on 12/4/2012 to visit my family in Cambodia, checked in five luggage in total.
Upon the arrival at Phnom Penh airport, I noticed two of my luggage were damaged, very sad and disappointed with their way of handling the luggage. However, I still reported to the airport crews immediately. I was instructed to complete a form and he told me that Malaysia Airlines staff will handle this complaint immediately. At the same time, I told them at the airport and in the email that I will leave this county on 20/4/2012 and go back to United Kingdom on 22/4/2012. For everyone information, the damaged luggage is a very new Antler bag, quite expensive and very well built. Till now I can't figure out what did they do to cause such a big damage.
The second day(13/4/2012), I emailed Malaysia airline about the incident but got no respond from them. On 16/4/2012, I emailed them for the second time and they finally called.
They said they have to take one week to repair the bag and the staff even said, it is my responsibility to bring my bag to the airport. If I can't comply with their request, they will ONLY COMPENSATE ME 20 DOLLAR, A BIG SUM FOR an Antler bag I would say. Two points I would like to point out, if u can repair an Antler bag because of air crew negligence with 20 dollar, please tell me, I would like to repair my luggage there too. Second, they never take their responsibility seriously. How long does it take to reply an email? If they can email me earlier, I might be able to send my bag to the airport again. I rejected their offer and they asked me to contact Kuala Lumpur office in order to discuss the matter again. Overall, I am very disappointed with this airline. First class brand and price with third class service

  • It
    italk user Apr 01, 2016

    This is the world worst airline - useless bunch of Deceitful Idiots working there. Rude staff - Untrustworthy Staff... Where on earth can a customer service from an international airline representing the country be so rude and deceitful. I am starting to think is there a or one trustworthy guy/gal working for this airline called mas??? Sadly to say i haven't come across yet!
    baggage handler hate handling customer's luggage! why do u want to work in a department that you hate and you take your frustration on customer's luggage.
    Mueller dont you tell me its not your responsibility because you contracted out. Let me tell you this...this is your responsibility because you took our tickets money.

    0 Votes

cancel flight without confirmation

Me & my husband should be on Kuala Lumpur to watch F1, but because of the cancelation of our flight from Rome to KL in 23 March 2017 & without any confirmation by MAS, we're stuck in Rome airport with almost expired visa & no tickets to go home. There're no MAS representative office & the counter was closed. The information counter said that MAS canceled all flights from Rome for 2 months & we didn't received any confirmation about this & no replacement flight that they arranged for us to get home. We should call them in Malaysia to have there responsibility and it took hours. We loose our money to handle those matter & we loose our time for it also.

  • Ke
    Keene Aug 24, 2009

    My flight is from jb to penang but transit at kl
    Jb to kl
    Kl to penang
    On 24th august 2017

    My parcel lost somewhere maybe during transit from kl to penang.
    The flight from kl to penang already delay 2 hours 11:55am only fly from kl to pg

    Original flight: mh 1138 9:15am
    Change to flight: mh 1140 11:55am

    The flight is delay.

    My item or luggage number is 0232146485
    Report lost no: penmh69903
    Ticket number: etkt
    Tag number: mh146485

    I have been wait since 12:50pm 24th august 2017, it has been almost one day, but the response that I get is, they are still searching?
    How could it be ? Searching for whole day?

    Email: [email protected]

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    SharkRose Oct 24, 2011

    Why doesn't anyone man the mas phones? Calls to the customer service and enrich both have only the automatic voice machine manning them... Even after 20 minutes of waiting no one bothered to answer the phone. I must have called them about 30 times in the past few weeks. No wonder mas never makes any profit - buck up or else... I for one am going to top traveling on mas, was due to make a trip on business class but I have now decided to fly via sia through singapore.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Charles Farthing Jan 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wish to formally complain about the exhorbitant additional charge I was confronted with when I arrived at London Heathrow for my flight to Penang a few days ago. When weighed, I was told my suitcase was 4Kg over the limit, which, before that time had never been made clear to me at any stage. I was utterly shocked with the charge of £165.00, but had no choice but to pay it or commence emptying my belongings in the busy reception area.

    I explained that I was proceeding on a 3-month stay to Penang, which I do every year using the same suitcase and had never had problems before. However, that made no difference to your staff and I had no choice but to pay the additional charge, which is totally out of proportion to the extra weight involved and reflects very badly on Malaysian Airlines which I have used several times in the past for the same journey.

    Unless this matter can be resolved in a satisfactory manner I will have no choice but to fly with one of your competitor airlines in the future, which would be an unfortunate but obvious consequence.

    Taken from my ticket stub, my flight details were FARTHING/CHARLES 16JAN12 1/29 LHR PENANG, PEN MH1164 17 JAN, KUL MH001 16JAN (0232791245).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Charles Farthing

    0 Votes
  • Ar
    Aridge2 Feb 10, 2012

    Totally agreed. Malaysia airlines arrangement and customer services really disappointed me a lots. I bought rtn ticket from Argentina to kuala lumpur but they cancelled the flight and never inform me until I called. But the customer service dont even know the route been stop. And keep giving me numbers to call to irrelevant party for eg. KLIA office number, Malaysia hotline number (which is call to same place, just another person pick ip my calls). So end up my problem can't solve and I don't know where should I call since their Argentina office also closed Down.

    0 Votes
  • Cl
    clement1 May 21, 2012

    This happen on 16 May 2017, while i was traveling with malaysia airlines MH711 from KL to Jakarta the flight was delayed for 2hours due to the reason of technical instruments problem.

    When i finally reach jakarta airport i realize that my luggage can't be found. So as other 13 other passages. The Jakarta personel is helpful enough to help us on the reports and try to explain to us how this incident could happen.

    While i'm quite sad and frustrated on the situation, everyday i keep on calling the airport to check my luggage whereabouts, but everytime i call i was sadden by their answer "sorry you luggage still no trace". I've try to call MAS back in Malaysia, but they are even WORSE, they just told me not to call here anymore, and tell me to call jakarta airport, and keep on telling me that my luggage might be taken by someone else "DAMN this doesn't help at all". 1st of all i was there early before the baggage been roll out. the only thing that i just want to know is does my luggage's gone into the plane base on the freaking BAG TAG u put into, u should able to trace would u ???

    Until now my luggage still not been found. I'm soo sad on the situation they putting me in.

    0 Votes
  • Sp
    S Pa Oct 29, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will not fly with Malaysia Airlines ever again unless I have no other option!
    My return flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh to KL, Malaysia was delayed by 5 and half hours and the staff in Dhaka airport did not confirm us that we can leave the airport and return later. Rather told us that the flight may leave early! I could go to my friends hour which is near airport and return after few hours but instead I had to wait within the airport for 5.5 hours!

    Connecting flights to Sydney from KL was delayed by 9 hours. Malaysia Airlines staffs did not know what to do with all these stranded passengers. They directed us straight to the immigration so that we can go to a hotel to rest. But they did not know that not everyone has VISA for transit. We all had to spend hours to fill up forms to get transit visa. Once immigration is done, they boarded in a bus. The bus driver did not know where is the hotel and at 1am at night he drove same area/block for 45 minutes to find our assigned hotel.

    It is the crappiest hotel (the aston hotel) I have ever seen in my life! Staffs are too rude. Everyone was hungry but they did not provide any food or instruction how to get some. They took another 30~45 minutes to assign hotel rooms. Lights don't work on some rooms. Bathroom flash was broken too. At night, hotel staff told us that we will get take away breakfast in the morning. However, in the morning he refused us to have take away since we are late to leave for airport. It would take only 5 minutes to have some take away food but he was very rude.

    I have had enough with the airline and will always try to avoid for sure.

    0 Votes

lost luggage with puny compensation!

My letter to zamri muslimin, head of customer care in mas after mas sutbbornly refused to pay anything more than usd 20 / kg of check in luggage!!! My check in luggage was 9kg!!! Usd 9kg does not even cover the cost of my bag!!!


You obviously do not know how much a bra costs, to which I had 3 very
Good ones in my lost bag and the amount of usd 180 would just cover

I am really surprised your calculation of compensation would include
My expenses in singapore, to which I had to fight so hard for. I would
Have gladly not incurred those expenses and the stress and shock of
Surviving without a bag. How am I to survive in a foreign land with
All the pressing demands of work if I were not to purchase
Necessities. I was told by the changi lost and found to purchase what
I needed to which I did. The reimbursement is reasonable and expected.
I did not even purchase a new luggage bag nor my usual branded
Toiletries and cosmetics, and on the flight back, I had to buy a box
And tape from the post office to check in my liquids! What a great
Experience! Malaysian hospitality?!

You have refused my request to cover the purchase of the toiletries
After it was quite evident my bag was lost nor even budge an inch for
Flexibiliy of the claims.

You just glossed over the fact that the contents of my bag cost so
Much more and contained items that meant something to me personally. I
Had to explain to my colleagues that I lost our bosses baby shower
Gift. How great is that!

I have not felt any real compassion at all from mas from the moment
This incident happened. I only feel you wish to close this case
Quickly and neatly and sweep it all under the carpet case in point-
Forcing me to quickly accept and process the claims as after i
Accepted I legally no longer had a case against mas?

It is really extremely disheartening. I started off giving mas the
Benefit of the doubt and a chance, but through this whole experience,
I have the reinforced believe that truly, the general perception of
Mas by malaysians is true. That is it a poorly managed company in huge
Debt with incompetant staff.

I will exercise my rights to express my views to the media.

Celynn lim

On 3/21/12, zamri muslimin <[protected]

  • Le
    Lester Yeong Sep 15, 2013

    I landed KLIA from Osaka on 14 Sept 2013 and proceeded to Belt G to collect my luggage only to find that one wheel on my 29" suitcase was broken. I proceeded to the Baggage Claim/Lost & Found Dept for my claims. The suitcase cost was S$250 bought early 2013 which converted to RM670. I was given the option of either taking whatever crap suitcase they have as a replacement or take RM100 for the broken wheel. As I needed to return to Singapore on the same day and their replacement suitcases are not what I would buy personally, I demanded for the claim to be done in Singapore Malaysia Airlines Office. I am doing it now. See what comes up.

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  • La
    Laxmikant Patel May 29, 2015

    Nothing to say much, It is the worst airline and i'll never recommend this airline to anybody

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  • Ly
    lynette marem Feb 02, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All the luggage on my recent flight from Kuala Lumpar to Paris didn't get sent through (I'd originally departed from Perth, but it was the KL side that hadn't sent them on). We were told they'd arrive at our hotel the next morning, and we had to fill in forms to provide details of our flights, our itinerary, etc. I was only to be in Paris for 2 days and then on up to North Sweden, where the temperature got to -39 whilst I was there. The bag hadn't arrived by the time I left 2 days later, and I was ill equipped for the cold in Sweden. I hadn't had a chance to shop at speciality shops (as I had in Australia ready for the trip) so had to grab what I could as I went, mostly at Stockholm airport, buying jumpers, woollen shawl, hat, whatever I could so I didn't freeze to death. The bag (thanks to the kind help of a lovely male receptionist at the hotel I was staying in Paris) eventually found me a week later in an obscure town in North Sweden. I was lucky to get it back, I think, but meanwhile am trying to claim reimbursement for the items I had to buy - even something towards it. It was impossible to chase up the missing bag in Paris, and I spent a lot of time and frustration (and tears) trying to do so, and now on my return I'm getting the complete round around trying to get back what I feel I'm definitely owed - or even a little bit towards it! There seems to be no clear numbers of ways to contact these people. Happy enough to sell you tickets - then nothing, no way to follow things up. It's definitely put me of this airline for sure.

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stolen luggage

my name is mangal behal i m living in auckland .i booked my ticket 23 dec 2011 with was very bad service with this airlines.when i reached india.malaysiaairline staff said sir u r luggage coming next flight .i said why thn he said sir no space in flight .and on delhi airport staff said sir give us to u r home address we vil deliver u r luggage at u r home.i said r u sure they said yes sir v r sure .don't wry abt u r luggage ..nxt day staff member call to us at my home and said v can't deliver u r luggage at u r home.u hav to come here .again me and my wife came back delhi from punjab ..and whn v got luggage . everything stolen in my suit case..
Iphone 4s
Two trouser
. $1000 in the trouser
. Shirt n tie.
whn i asked all staff member said sir u r all luggage stolen on malaysia airport not's very very bad ..after that delhi staff member said v vil give u $160 discharge vocher ...and i m still w8ting vocher ...i vil never going this airlines...

missing valuables worth $800 from my checked in baggage

Valuables worth aud$800 from my checked in bag have gone missing. I flew on the 10th of november 2011 from melbourne, australia to bangalore, india. Its suprising that an airlines that we have travelled with for the past 5years has been so careless about baggage handling. I'm hoping someone will get back to me regarding the same. Its been 5days snce I have lodged a complaint at malayasia arilines website and nobody has got back to me about, it.
My attempts to contact the malaysia airlines bangalore has been fruitless as people there dont take things seriuosly.
I travelled from melbourne australia to bangalore india on the 10th november, 2011 with malayasia airlines. (Flight no. Mh 148 and mh 192)
Below is the list of things that have gone missing from my bag.
1) ghd hair straightner
2) visage hair dryer
3) natio body wash
4) mustela body and hair cleanser
5) 3 cans of olive oil spray
6) accucheck sugar level testing stripes.
7) accucheck sugar testing needles.
8) my 3 month olds feeding bottle and food dispenser (Heartless humans dont even spare that huh!!)
These valuables have been very dear to me and this has caused me to have second thought about travelling through malaysia airlines.
The worst part was we werent even provided with a bassinette for my 3month old inspite of booking one.
Hoping somebody will get back.
At the bangalore, india office of malayasia airlines people dont bother taking things seriously. One staff played up with me (Inspite of being patient and polite). She provided me with wrong email id. My request to connect to the right authority has gone unheard of for the last 3 days. Finally a lady speaks to me asking to not hold her on the phone "morning morning" :d as she is too busy... It took her 3days to get back to me with this answer?
Malayasian airlines boasts of the highest level of hospitality...In the end... All it did was cause was a whole lot of distress.
I'm posting this incident on the net so that more people are aware of how "responsible" the staff at malayasia airlines are. Beware.

Sushweta. [protected]

defaults on mas system

I have book tickets on internet with mas airlines on 1/11/2011 to seoul. Originally I book on depart date 14/march 2012 because I have meeting there. Before I do the payment with credit card I double check the details, only then I authorized it,. On the 3/nov/2011 I print out the itnerary and found out the date was wrong, it departs on 14' nov/2011. The mas management allow me to change the date with the high penalty of rm250.00 which is 35% of the original fares and it is not my fault. It is unfair.

  • Sy
    syvt Dec 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    golf kaki,
    i having online booking error with mas airlines recently also (05 dec 2011), their system really got problem but they deny and blame us back, so we should make complaint at below office to get our CONSUMER RIGHT back!
    they fine you rm250, they fine me rm495 with their mistake, is ok, let public know how they work and how they bully their clients!

    Penolong Setiausaha,
    Tribunal Tunhutan Pengguna,
    d/a Pengarah Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna,
    Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna,
    Tingkat 3, Bangunan PKNS,
    40622 SHAH ALAM,
    Tel: 03-55114929
    Fax: 03-55116981
    Tingkat 16, Putra Place,
    100, Jalan Putra,
    50622 Kuala Lumpur.
    Im serching more prove to point them out, together we are strong!

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stay away

From: malaysia airlines uk <[protected]>
Reply-to: [protected]
Date: wed, oct 6, 2010
Subject: job offer @ malaysia airlines united kingdom

Attn: candidates

This is to inform all interested expatriates that malaysia airlines uk is in need of expatriates that can work in various fields, and we've gone through your cv/resume together with your qualification through our job provider and in the below mail you will find the current positions where expatriates are needed at malaysia airlines uk.

Your applications is hereby invited from suitably qualified candidate for appointments to the following below position in malaysia airlines united kingdom.

Job #1: senior finance officer – route profitability (financial reporting department)
Job #2: station maintenance engineer (maintenance department)
Job #3: airport manager (airport operations department)
Job #4: manager ecommerce (direct sales department)
Job #5: administrative assistant (commercial department)
Job #6: head of commercial strategy & distribution (sales department)
Job #7: country manager (sales department)
Job #8: brochure development executive (direct sales department)
Job #9: call centre agent (direct sales department)
Job #10: crm capacity control officer (cargo revenue management department)
Job #11: facilitator commercial training (learning and development department)
Job #12: senior admin assistant (financial planning department)
Job #13: manager agreements-cargo (financial planning department)
Job #14: performance manager (direct sales department)
Job #15: facilitator customer service training (learning and development department)
Job #16: department secretary (revenue management department)
Job #17: balance scorecard manager (chief executive officer department)
Job #18: global contact center team leader (direct sales department)
Job #19: network analysis manager (network planning department)
Job #20: aircraft specification & cabin project manager – inflight entertainment (engineering department)
Job #21: aircraft engineering program manager – environmental & payload systems (engineering department)
Job #22: aircraft engineering program manager – mechanical & endurance systems (engineering department)
Job #23: engineering services program manager (engineering department)
Job #24: hr manager (hr business partnership department)
Job #25: finance manager (financial reporting department)

Qualifications/experience: the candidate must possess the below followings; interested candidates must have not less than 2.5 years experience in any of the above listed fields. international passport. resumes/cv with verifiable reference.

Basic salary: successful candidates are entitled to an attractive net salary after tax, which would be paid in gbp (pounds sterling), us$ or euros equivalent depending on employee home country and currency preferred and also the below

1. three bedroom flat duplex
2. free medical & travel insurance
3. 10 days leave/break/vacation after every 90 working days
4. flight fares (air tickets)
5. free education scheme to expatriates children/family.
6. official brand new car.
7. passport copy
8. one reference letter

Other conditions of service: successful candidates selected at malaysia airlines uk will enroll on a two (2) weeks job elaboration and specification workshop as regard their job responsibility / designation which will be given due to the difference in expatriate policies between the expatriate country and great britain. successful candidates will be required to sign a training bond and employment will be based on a two (2)years and may be renewed for a further period of two years and more only on satisfactory performance by candidate. candidates are advised to be prepared for a possibly long waiting period due to an anticipated high number of attendees.

Method of application: applications should be submitted via email ([protected] together with detailed curriculum vitae, and interested candidates are advised to submit their cv/resume as word attached document with the relevant pages of their international passport (valid for 6 months) on or before 30 days from the date of this publications.

Note: there will be no telephonic or online interview as there maybe ill and non-excellent interview as candidates are not being interview physically. so we shall be following the principles of the british expatriate policy, as appointment will be given based on the qualification of candidates cv/resume as such is the final conclusion of the authority. so do indicate the position you are applying for on the top left corner of the cover letter, as only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Hr manager
Malaysia airlines uk

terrible luggage handling

for the past several years,
all of my new suitcases came out with deep scratches
my zipper's lock is being cut and it is impossible to lock my suitcases anymore
my stuffs that i wrapped with plastic were being torn all of them
the things that they took out were put back into different plastics
delicacies that i brought home were crushed into powder and it was impossible for me to enjoy them anymore

i LOVE going to malaysia but it is impossible for me to go there anymore unless there is another airline available other than the f-ing Malaysia Airline

never malaysian airlines again

We booked our tickets online to fly from India to Australia on Malaysian Airlines. Our travel plans changed and we had to cancel the tickets. OCT 2017 1) We were asked to contact the bangalore office. 2) The bangalore office said contact Chennai office 3) I called Chennai office and the person is asking me why bangalore asked to contact them… what the [censored] do i know… i’m just doing as im told. 4) he asked me to contact Bangalore office 5) Bangalore office asked me to send a photo copy of my credit card… I said I am not sending any photo copy of my card as they can go and use it anywhere… why cant they use the card that was paid… they said if you want your money send the card or piss off 6) I send a picture of my card and i was told Delhi office to process and should have the money by end of Nov End of Nov… I am in the travel industry as well and not sure why it should take 4-6 weeks to do a bloody refund… Early Dec.. I called the Australian call centre… They said they cant do anything… and asked me call India and be nice to them… Dec 23rd 2017… its been 8 weeks since this started… I keep sending emails to the indian offices and dont get any response… I want to complain to somebody in Malaysian Airlines… and there is nobody you can complain to… basically they are saying… “Get [censored]ed”… Never Malaysian Airlines again!!!

  • Cl
    Claw10 Dec 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We booked our tickets online to fly from India to Australia on Malaysian Airlines. Our travel plans changed and we had to cancel the tickets.

    OCT 2017

    1) We were asked to contact the bangalore office.

    2) The bangalore office said contact Chennai office

    3) I called Chennai office and the person is asking me why bangalore asked to contact them... what the F*** do i know... i'm just doing as im told.

    4) he asked me to contact bangalore office

    5) Bangalore office asked me to send a photo copy of my credit card... I said I am not sending any photo copy of my card as they can go and use it anywhere... why cant they use the card that was paid... they said if you want your money send the card or piss off

    6) I send a picutre of my card and i was told Delhi office to process and should have the money by end of Nov

    End of Nov... I am in the travel industry as well and not sure why it should take 4-6 weeks to do a bloody refund...

    Early Dec..

    I called the Australian call centre... They said they cant do anyting... and asked me call India and be nice to them...

    Dec 23rd 2017...

    its been 8 weeks since this started... I keep sending emails to the indian offices and dont get any response...

    I want to complain to somebody in Malaysian Airlines... and there is nobody you can compalain to... basically they are saying... "Get F**cked"...

    Never Malaysian Airlines again!!!

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  • Fl
    Flyonline Dec 25, 2010

    Bro, I think you've to contact their Online Support centre since u purchased the ticket online - their email stated in the e-ticket clearly - [email protected] - from there they will credited to the credit card used in the transaction. It's standard procuder practice by many airlines for online fraud.

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  • Le
    ledDILIP Mar 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also face same problem as you
    i pick flight from kl -maa on 7th of march, i asked food is FPML, but they asking me for i need veg or non veg., when i told them i already booked my meal toghther with ticket, they not even care my words,
    atlast i not eat any food . if you need drink water u need request 3-4 times ..., i am regular visiter ...and from now on if some ask me to fly free in ml airlines, i will not...

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  • Ev
    Evelyn Lateo Jun 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just follow-up what I complaint already until now no action for my lost luggage. When I boarded a flight mh806 to manila, terminal 1 ninoy aquino intl airport, on the may 11, 2017 and my one luggage is missing, ahl mnlmh14128. And until now still missing. What I am upset about, they want to pay my lost luggage usd160 only, this amount is for the payment only of my luggage bag and 1guess wallet inside the luggage. They ignore the total cost what inside my luggage its all new and mostly branded. I always follow-up the mas here in manila and called them many times until now. Mas do nothing, and just ignore my rights what inside my luggage. I was very upset and dissapointed, but its useless. Cause they never listen. Even I wrote and complaint this already. So no choice to accept the usd160, becouse no point to complaint your rights. Mas never cared about what customer concern and satisfaction it was very poor customer service. It was your faults and careless why my luggage is lost and missing and in the end I am the one who suffered, very bad service.

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double charge on credit card

I bought 9 tickets from Malaysia Airlines using two seperate credit cards. They did a double transaction on each card. The first transaction amount was the exact ticket price. The second transaction amount was a similar amount, less by about a hundred dollars. It caused my credit card to go overdraft and there were no available funds for me to pay my bills. I then had to pay off my credit card to be able to pay bills on the internet to meet the bill payment due date.

I contacted Malaysia Airlines complaints centre and they blamed the global booking system. I don't understand what that means because I bought tickets previously from other airlines using credit card and didn't have the problem. Because two of my cards got blocked I ended you having to pay $4000 + $3000 in cash to make some immediately necessary purchases, bills which I could have otherwise done from my card.
I would really appreciate you help in this matter.

  • Sy
    syvt Dec 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Shafrina Farid,
    they blamed the global booking system?? their booking system is really suck and yet they still blame on us, claim from us, i also kena recently, i won't be silent to about my lost (money & spirit) each day! that why im searching more complaint to point them out at below office
    Tingkat 16, Putra Place,
    100, Jalan Putra,
    50622 Kuala Lumpur.
    Penolong Setiausaha,
    Tribunal Tunhutan Pengguna,
    d/a Pengarah Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna,
    Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna,
    Tingkat 3, Bangunan PKNS,
    40622 SHAH ALAM,
    Tel: 03-55114929
    Fax: 03-55116981

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missing handphone and cash money

I get into the flight and sat accordingly as the boarding pass, the steward ask me put my back pack into the cabin and i rejected. i put it under my feet but when the flight start to fly the steward told me that the back pack cannot put under the feet and he take away my back pack and put it on the last cabin. On the half way i saw the steward open the cabin look for something.

When the flight arrive my friend opened the cabin, i stand behind her, i saw her open the cabin and take out her back pack and i also take out my own back pack, after that we walk into airport terminal when we waiting my baggage i open my back pack and i can't find my handphone and when i opened my wallet all my cash money are gone. I believe the steward steal my handphone and cash money...because no one touch my back pack only the sterward...and no one sit behind us.

misleading and unhelpful

On June 23, I made an online booking for 4 persons to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam October 21 - 25. I entered the date I wanted and clicked on 'Lowest Fare' type.

I was then shown the available trips and picked my desired time. After all the necessary information provided I confirmed my ticket at a total of RM5468 and filled in my credit card details. MAS then sent a confirmation e-mail regarding my purchase. After rechecking the mail, I realized I had made a mistake of the return date and immediately called their hotline. I would be liable for an additional RM50 per ticket change, which is fine and went ahead with it.

Within minutes of this occurrence, I decided to go back into their website and did a separate but identical booking and to my horror, the total was RM2748! Instantly I called their hotline again to explain the matter of price changing in a matter of minutes when I clearly selected their lowest fare option.

The operator informed me they could not rectify the situation but I would need to take it up with their IBE SUPPORT department and only reachable by e-mail. I then shot out an e-mail to [protected] on Friday explaining what had happened and did not hear back until late Monday after sending out a second e-mail.

A staff by the name of Surinder of the Business Support Center replied saying my first e-mail was not received due to the wrong address (I rechecked and did not make any mistake). He mentioned they are unable to entertain my request of reverting to the lowest fare (RM2748) from the original (RM5468) due to the TERMS & CONDITIONS.

MAS FAILED to recognize although I did not choose for the 'Flexible Fare', I did however chose the option of 'Lowest Fare', which was NOT the case.

I proceeded to the MAS Penang office on the ground floor of Menara KWSP and spoke directly with a staff. I gave her my booking details and she herself was surprised why I wasn't given the lowest fare (RM2748) from the beginning.

She reiterated the only department that can help with my situation was the IBE SUPPORT, who will not entertain my request.

The stark difference of my ticket and what is cheaper available prompted me to cancel the entire trip and MAS is charging me RM800 for all four tickets as a cancellation penalty.

This is obviously very misleading and very disappointing. For budget airlines to practice this is understandable, but for a national carrier is ridiculous! I will not rest my case until I am absolved and getting my FULL refund.

infant not given proper seat

To whom it may concern
I board malaysian airline flight no mh 0132 and mh0172 from nz to india on 17th june. I was happy with my first flight from nz to malaysia but really very dissatisfied with flight no mh 0172 from kuala lumpur malaysia to delhi.
I was travelling with my 10 weeks old baby and didn’t get cot/bassinet for my baby in flight mh0172. I requested several time to crew members but they were busy with boarding the passenger and asked me to wait and wait. At last in whole journey I have to hold my baby in my arms which was just impossible. With no choice that time I was holding my baby which result me stomach ache at the end and bad arm sore when I reached my home. Even my baby was unwell due to unrest and it took several weeks to both of us to recover from that pain. I can provide you medical documents as well if you need further.
Evenly a kid knows that mother of infant need bassinet seat but surprised your staff was unaware of that. Your incompetent staff issued seat with bassinet to some other passenger who was not carrying baby and I suffered in whole journey. Crew members in flight were uncooperative and bad-mannered too.
Hope you can solve this matter wisely and remember I paid for a comfort journey not for holding the baby in my arms.
My travel detail are as under;-
Date of journey 17.06.2011
From auckland to kuala lumpur
Flight no. Mh 0132
Seat no. 11 a name sood / richa mrs
Infant name sharma / arnav mstr
From kuala lumpur to auckland
Flight no. Mh 0172
Seat no. 17 f name sood / richa mrs
Infant no seat / cot/bassinet name sharma / arnav mstr
With regards,

Richa sood
E - mail - [protected]
Mobile +[protected]

  • Ar
    arnav richa Jul 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please read second flight as Kuala lumpur to delhi

    richa sood

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misconduct of airhostess

I was travelling with my family on flight no.MH714 from Denpasar to Kualalampur on 13.06.2011. I booked my asian vegetarian meal well in advance for 7 passengers of my family.During the food service airhostess served different meal and said they have no asian veg meal due to the fault of ground staff of malaysia airlines at Denpasar. I requested the air hostess ( Ms.Domg ) to get me the complaint book or feedback form so that I can put my complaint to the seniors. Despite of giving me the feedback form she called the other host from the back cabin, who threatened me not to ask for any complaint or otherwise I will be in a problem.Such behaviour of ur staff will tarnish the image of ur company one day and you will be empty handed without customers travelling with you.I dont think or expect any action from the worst airlines like yours.
ArunGupta ( [protected] )