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I am writing to complain about the fact of not being compensated for my onward travel that had to be re booked due to a 5 hour flight delay with Malaysian airlines.
I was booked onto MH002 on 11/03/13 from KL to London Heathrow.
The plane was delayed for 5 hours due to one of the engines blowing up and needing to be fixed.
Whilst spending 5 hours in the airport from 00:00- 05:00 with lack of food and most shops closed, I approached a member of staff at the Malaysian airlines information desk to let her know that I would now be having to buy another onward travel train ticket and taxi fare as I would now miss the original one id paid for due to the plane being delayed.
I was assured by the member of staff that I would be reimbursed for this on my return to the UK once I contacted Malaysian airlines.
However to this day I have not received a penny, just a letter saying thank you for sending evidence and that someone would get back to me shortly but that Malaysian airlines were experiencing a high volume of requests at the moment.
I find this completely unsatisfactory.
Please advise what to do next
I look forward to hearing from you
Many thanks
Stefanie Wiseman

Malaysia Airlines


  •   Sep 27, 2019

    It is useless to submit the complaint more than 2 times to the same entity /official.
    The solutions is the UK court only, where you need to have the evidences of vilations of your rights in regard with the exact flight.
    You can hire a UK lawyer for 120GBP per 1 hour or you can find the legal professional, who can assst you fora smaller fees, for example to create he complaint and to submit the complaint, but you will apper before the judge, whom you can give the detais, by yourself.

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