Malaysia Airlinesabsurd charges due to sheer inefficiency

A Nov 26, 2017

To whom it may concern, I'm writing this post to express my thorough disappointment and dissatisfaction in Malaysia Airlines, I did not receive the value for what I paid for.

I booked return flights to Perth BKI (Kota Kinabalu), 1 month earlier together with my tourist visa, which I applied through online. It so happened that I decided to renew my passport which is set to expire in exact 6 months (just in case) . I did a trip to UTC for the process, and casually enquired if my tourist visa would still be valid after applying the new passport out of sheer cluelessness. The working lady attended to my doubt with a yes, and advised me just to bring along my old passport with me.
Upon Sunday, which was this morning I handed over my tourist visa along with 2 of my passports, old and new ones at the check-in counter.

It was around 7a.m in the process and departure time was 8.20 a.m. The staff asked me to wait for the visa to process, and after what felt like FOREVER a different staff returned to me, to indicate my travel visa denies my trip, I ought to renew my visa along with my new passport. I tried to keep it cool but internally I was paralyzed. Instead of crying over spilt milk, I enquired for the best solution. It was around 8 a.m that time, the flight soon to depart. I queried if I could renew my visa over the counter and he, matter-of-factly, replied yes, but I wont be able to make it on time for the trip.

I paid RM 1, 500 In prior and if I were to catch the next flight, I would have to pay another Rm1900 for a direct flight which was on 12pm. I approached the working office and TO MY HORROR !!! The visa took not less 10!!! minutes !!! to renew ( which I had no idea it was such a goddamned swift process) and now I had to pay rm1, 800!!! for such 10 minutes of a pathetic delay. I understand and totally aware this of official process ( Read : No visa No travel)
But in creating value for your customer, what do you intend to deliver ???????
1. I did not blame the lady from UTC for her seemingly negligent misstatement as visa affairs could go beyond the sphere of her knowledge and expertise but INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES (HELLO!?!), working staff at the counter day in day out exercising their professional services : Had the staff returned to me EARLIER and not LATER, I could have made it in time for my flight without having to splurge a whopping 1.8K, which of course is in your company's favour but not your customer's. Isn't it reasonable to expect YOUR staff to be equipped with technical knowledge, efficiency and strategic consideration, I mean ... don't they deal with this everyday???!!! Couldn't you confirm with me instantly my travel my visa issue and have me to renew it accordingly instead of kept me waiting for god knows how long and expect it to be perfectly fine for me to conveniently top up with such hefty amount? I'm perfectly fine with the penalty fare but really ?
2. I hate the fact that the best solution wasn't the best solution. I understand where all this thing coming from, but MAS is not a budget airline, the difference between budget airlines and this is the price I'm paying for and the value of services I expect to receive. It is utterly ridiculous and inconsiderate the more I come to think of it
And that's the end of the story. As a loyal customer of MAS or at least I claimed myself to be, and I know this could be petty issue (idk) for some people or maybe it happens too often that people just can't be bothered to protest but this I can't help feeling you failed to live up to your corporate's vision in operational efficiency .This is just my two cents I just hope MALAYSIA AIRLINES TO BE CONSIDERATE when incurring ABSURD charges due to your OWN nauseating INEFFICIENCY. It's sad to say that now I've come to agree and believe with many of my friends' opinions based on their unpleasant experience for MAS.

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