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Recently I purchased a floor from Lumber Liquidators. When I was looking at the floors trying to determine which one to purchase for my newly renovated kitchen, a salesman approached my husband and I. We explained to him that we were looking to purchase a laminate floor for our kitchen. We were looking for a cherry wood but wanted the most durable floor for a kitchen, The salesman showed us a beautiful floor, it was resonably priced. We asked him if it was durable enough for the traffic in the kitchen, and he told us that it was fine for a kitchen. Taking their word for it, we purchased the floor. My parents purchased a floor from them a few months prior and had a great experience with them, so I trusted them.

My husband had installed five laminate floors prior to this one. As soon as the installation started the trouble BEGAN! The lock and groove on the floor was terrible and by far was that hardest floor my husband installed. Once the floor was down we started noticing dents, scratches, and scuffs. The floor wasn't down one day and it looked as if it was down for years. Being that LL made us believe that we had a warranty I called customer Service. They are the absolute worse Customer Service team ever! I called and explained my problem. I explained that I was not happy about being mislead to believe that the floor was adequate enough to be installed in a kitchen. I was told that the warranty only covers sun damage! Are you kidding, SUN DAMAGE? What floor gets ruined from the sun. They also told me that they would send me something that I could apply to floor to hide the scartches. Its been two months and I recieved NOTHING!

I will be writing a letter to the manager and if I get no where with him I am getting an attorney. We work hard for our money and I don't appreciate being mislead to purchase a crappy floor for my kitchen.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 16, 2022 9:04 pm

I bought hardwood hand scraped from them and it started pealing within one day arguing with them for year finally gave up today I had there flooring taken out and much of the wood was punky total junk they don’t stand behind

Feb 22, 2016 4:19 pm

The same thing happen to us! Our floors look 15 years old! We were told they would not scratch and the babies highchair can't even be used on these floors! I wish we had gone else where. There are other problems but it would take all night to list them. This company is lieing to customers just to make a sale!


I just wish we had read these comments before we purchased laminate flooring from LL. We agree the locking system is terrible. My husband has done several floors before, but purchased NONE from LL until this unfortunate experience. The first he ever installed came from Sam's. Had no problems. Second he installed came from a bargain place, had no problems installing it. We had a floor man recommend LL and their locking systems on their flooring. Well I would say he had never used this one we purchased. It was St. James Burnet Road Russet 12MM, so we thought it would be good flooring. When we got it home and looked at it, it just didn't look like what they had on their sample wall. We went back and they assured us it was and said open several boxes and mix boards, so we did this, not feeling good about it at all. We only had a little over 200 sq feet to install. Well there are about two or 3 at the most different boards and it seems like each box is identical throughout. WE will NEVER purchase anything from LL again. And will advertise for them negatively. I think they are a complete RIPOFF. Poorest locking system that could ever be. And the stuff is made in CHINA. How could we expect much quality when they are purchasing flooring from there. We didn't realize where it was made until we got the load home. That I guess was dumb on our part. I'm sure the warranty is worthless, too.


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