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Pergo Complaints & Reviews

Pergo / laminate

Apr 21, 2019

I bought a brand new home two months ago with pergo flooring in every room. It was a selling feature of the home but before we even moved in we saw chips and scratches and holes in every room. I had a waterproof vinyl wood flooring in my last home and it looked perfect for all the years I...

Pergo / pergo laminate flooring

Apr 11, 2019

We bought Pergo Laminate Flooring in November 2017. In September of 2018 we noticed that there was an area of about 10 boards where the edges were buckling. We went back to Lowe's where we bought the flooring and informed of the problem. They filed a complaint with the manufacturer . We...

Pergo / laminate flooring buckling

Feb 07, 2019

We bought Pergo Laminate flooring about 2 years ago, in October of last year, and we noticed there was an area where the flooring edges were buckling. We notified the store where we bought the flooring and we submitted a complaint to December 2018 the inspector finally came out to...

Pergo / pergo laminate flooring

Oct 16, 2018

There is a white residue or film on the flooring that no cleaner will remove. Everything I do to try and get it off has no good result. I'm looking for anything that will make the floor shine like it should. So far I have used vinegar and water, pledge gentle wood floor cleaner and Bruce...

Pergo Lanimate / Pmax hg moneta mahogany

Mar 05, 2017

I purchased my flooring in January 2014, I loved the floor and it really looks nice. But I have an issue about cleaning it. We wash it with water (very little) and no matter what we use, we have to hand dry it with micro cloth on our hands and knees, if not when we walk across it, it...

Pergo / Pergo XP Extreme Performance

Mar 29, 2016

We spent $6500 on Pergo XP Cross Sawn Chestnut in Fall 2012. It was installed in 5 rooms, a hallway, and a closet. It sounds terrible when we walk on it - creaks, cracks, pops, sounds like walking on bubble wrap. Called Pergo in 2013 - they said it probably needed to "settle" more. Home...

Pergo Max / Laminate flooring

Oct 19, 2015

purchased 2000 sq. ft pergo max floating floor from lowes 9/2014. installed by our contractor and looks great in our new home. the first week we noticed squeaks and noises which are getting worse by the day. we complained to lowes who sent a pergo inspector out to our house. he spent about...

pergo laminate / floor is failing

Jul 12, 2015

I have over last 15 years have had pergo flooring in my slab home.. 5 months ago I remodeled my home and invested in pergo max.. It was beautiful in the store and I was very excited to put it in my home.. How beautiful it was.. but now I am noticeing that where the planks connect they...

Pergo / Awful customer service

May 20, 2015

one month ago we purchased over $1, 000 of PERGO Presto Grey Yew flooring from our local Home Depot. After installing a few rows we noticed the joints weren't coming together properly. I called PERGO and explained and they told me the flooring was mismilled and to simply return to the...

Pergo / Bad product

Mar 20, 2015

Pergo lamnete flooring that has a life time warrenty is chipping all over the floor. It was installed correctly but company refuses to replace it. 50 years i have used cheaper flooring in rental houses and have never had a problem that i am having with a much more expensive floor. They...

Pergo Max / Transitions

Feb 16, 2015

Lowes in Riverhead, N.Y. Is insisting on selling me transitions for Pergo laminate flooring that is running through 2 rooms and a small hallway 670 sq ft. Lowes informed me that my warranty would be void with Pergo if I did not put transitions in doorways due to buckling and explanation...

pergo maxx / chipping, discoloration, scratches, wraping around edges

Jan 12, 2015

We purchased the pergo Maxx because Lowe's sold us on the lifetime warranty and that it was the best flooring around. This flooring is a piece of crap! Chips, discoloration and warped around the edges even though we followed all the rules of cleaning it. Pergo nor Lowe's will help us with a warranty on this product. 3000+ down the drain

Pergo laminate floor / Worthless Warranty

Mar 16, 2012

I had Pergo on my previous house from 2001 - 2005 and it was great! So I decided to install it on my new house in 2005. I did it thru Home Depot. I cost me $3, 972.54 between labor and materials. A month ago I saw some small white spots in my room. I also noticed a few planks were...

Pergo India Pvt. Ltd. / Defective flooring - covered by Lifetime warranty

Aug 22, 2011

I had installed Pergo Laminated flooring (PVT 28032) in my new Villa, at Cochin, Kerala, during December 2007, and received a Warranty Certificate Sl. No. 045/08 dated 03/01/2008 offering me a Lifetime warranty for the installation. The work was carried out by Aazman Enterprises, Cochin -...

Pergo Laminate Flooring / Poor labour service and Damage of wood

Jun 22, 2011

This is with utmost disappointment that I am writing this. We had Pergo flooring laid in our Dining and drawing rooms last year (2010) May.THis year on June 4th we saw buckling and termite near the steps leading from living to dining room. My main complaints are --- Your Pergo people here...

Pergo Prestige / bad flooring

Jun 15, 2011

Last year my husband installed a natural hickory pergo floor to replace a Swiftlock floor which was too dark for my liking. I am sorry to say that we are not pleased with it at all. The only thing we like about it is the color. The Swiftlock brand floor that we replaced was in better shape...

Pergo / Buyers beware of Pergo hardwood floors

Mar 02, 2011

Pergo now makes hardwood floors. We purchased 450 sq feet of it in January 2006, and installed it. In 5 weeks the floor began to dent, as well as develop odd markings where no one even walked. I complained to Pergo who then advised me to go to Lowes where we purchased it and file a...

Pergo / cracking noise


I too had pergo flooring in january 2010 with lowe's installed, everything was fine at first. Now since humidity start to kreep up the floor is making a cracking sound all over. I had this installed thruout the entire downstairs in the house. Kitchen, Dinning Room, Bathroom, as well...

Pergo / Creeking floor everywhere


WE HAD PERGO FLOORS FOR 6 YEARS (RED OAK) AND RECENTLY had an insurance loss. The whole floor was replaced again and we never had creeking before. My installer says it will go away, but I doubt it now after reading this other mans complaint. I have contacted pergo, but I can see I will...

Pergo Prestige Floor / Bad experience


We also bought a PERGO floor from Home Depot, & the "25/30-year warranty" was one of the reasons we bought it. The Home Depot salesperson told us it was one of the best floor warranties available, & we trusted Home Depot & our salesperson & didn't read it word for word. 4 months after...

Pergo / customer service/poor floors


In Feb 2009 I went to Lowes and purchased Pergo laminate flooring w/in 4 days the short end seems were popping and creeking. Went back to lowes who filed a claim for us. Inspector came out and Pergo said it was product defect and they would honor their warrenty. That is where all...

Pergo / Incompatibility of planks


Installed Pergo Presto flooring a couple of years ago. A panel was recently damaged, I obtained a new box from Home Depot. After unlocking planks to get out to the damaged one, and opening the box of new ones, I find that the length, width, and locking grooves do not match the existing...

Pergo Accolade / Shoddy floor


I am hoping that someone can help me in finding out if a class action lawsuit is the way to go. We built a new house last May (2006) and had a large amount of Pergo Accolade installed. Immediately upon moving in the floor began "cricking" and "snapping". The flooring retailer (whom our...

Pergo Laminate Flooring / Laminate floors are a fraud!


I can't believe to see so many others having the same issues with Pergo like I have, and I always thought I was the only one to think something was wrong with my floor. I purchased my Pergo floor in Dec. 2009 and it looked great, I was very happy with the looks of it, but very shortly...