National Floors Direct Complaints & Reviews

National Floors Direct / customer service 800 floors direct

Sep 20, 2019

Horrible unprofessional company . Unclear invoices and bad communication with customer service. Very difficult to communicate and get a clear understandable answer. No one was able to explain my purchases of product I had installed . Also, I had given a deposit that was overlooked then told...

National Floors Direct / flooring

Jul 13, 2019

I had my floors done last summer. After the contractors left, I noticed there was an area where the floor looked as though it was rising up like a mountain, where it should be flat. I called and spoke to the manager, samantha. She said it was due to the humidity and would correct it self...

National Floors Direct / installation of floors

Jun 27, 2019

National Floors DirectNational Direct was paid to install flooring in my 3 bedroom home. They failed to give materials that i paid for and is owed to me, the job was horrible, floors are popping out (after less than 24 hrs of installation) nails has physical cut the bottom of my feet while walking on my floor...

National Floors Direct / horrible customer service

Jun 20, 2019

Do not trust this company! Horrible experience and customer service. Their sales representative rushed through the order and 2 stairs were left out, plus he misrepresented what cleaning would be done before the new floor was put down. When I called to have the order fixed and informed...

National Floors Direct / carpet installation

Apr 18, 2019

I would never do business with them again and will tell anyone and everyone I know to not use them. From other reviews I have NOW read, I am not alone in my experience. Their customer service team including management level employees are rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, not helpful and...

National Floors Direct / carpeting done on my stairs.

Jan 25, 2019

National Floors DirectCarpet installation 11/17/2018. December 2018 contacted them about carpet fraying at seams. Sent them pics as requested. Received a call after sending numerous emails and was told the approved the repairs and I would be contacted for them to come and repair. They want be to sign a...

National Floors Direct / unprofessional company, terrible installers, rip off company

Jan 20, 2019

I waited over two weeks to have my floor install and when the installers showed up they told me a certain section of my room was not covered in the quote and got me quite upset. After calling the company they informed the installers that I had paid for the section to be done in my quote...

National Floors Direct / deposit refund after cancellation

Oct 01, 2018

I had a sales rep come to my home September 22. Felt pressured and gave a 1288.00 deposit. I was told I had 3 days to cancell. I called and cancelled Sunday the 23rd via phone call, called again on the 24th and was told the order was cancelled and my refund would be sent once it cleared. I...

National Floors Direct / hardwood floors

Aug 24, 2018

This is the worst company to deal with. I've dealt with many companies and use to work in customer service and this company are a bunch of scam artists with no integrity. I signed a contract for hardwood floors and it specifically states everything I signed in the contract and that i have...

National Floors Direct / carpet installation

Aug 22, 2018

Horrible customer service. One contact number which is basically a pool of people trying to juggle service needs (inefficiently). No accountability from anyone, including the salesperson. BE CAREFUL...I do not trust their ability to provide the service they claim. They do not appear to...

National Floors Direct / carpet and vinyl flooring

Aug 11, 2018

WORST COMPANY EVER!! Here is letter just sent to their Customer Service Manager, Cliff Dubois And to add to the misery, after leaving out house in shambles, their carpet installers filled out their Customer Satisfactory Report themselves, giving them a glowing report and FORGING MY...

National Floors Direct / flooring installation

Jul 28, 2018

To whomever will listen at National Floors Direct, I am writing in regard to our current disastrous experience with National Floors Direct at my parents' home. On July 6, 2018, my sister and I met with and placed an order with your sales representative, Brian Simone, for carpet and vinyl...

National Floors Direct / I have not received my $500.00 deposit.

Jul 08, 2018

I contracted with National Floors direct to remove ceramic tile in the dining room and peel and stick flooring in the kitchen. The kitchen floor needed to be leveled. A salesman and a manager came to look at the job and the manager assured me three different times that the installer would...

National Floors Direct / flooring

Jun 14, 2018

I had new floors put in our dinning room and kitchen by National Floors Direct, vinal flooring that looks like wood. The installers left with things looking overall ok, they left without our complaint and with our thanks. They were very nice but...we have never ever been so disappointed in...

National Floors Direct / flooring

Jun 13, 2018

Please run! They are a complete scam company with high pressure salesman and lies. I folled all their supposedly (cancellation policy) within 3 days mailing cancellation notice in duplicate and calling 3 days in a row. They kept giving me the run around and lies and actually denied my...

National Floors Direct / carpet

Jun 11, 2018

My 85 year old mother in good faith ordered carpet May 28, 2018 and was promised installation on Monday, June 11, 2018 between 8 am and 10am..she had ordered a new box springs an mattress to be delivered on the 12th..she was called AFTER 10:00 am on the day of delivery to say it wa...

National Floors Direct / carpeting/service

Dec 04, 2017

We were scheduled for an installation of almost an entire house of carpeting and hardwood in one room for 11/21/17. For my husband to get a day out of work, he practically had to jump through hoops. He arranged for 11/21 off. On the Friday prior, the salesman called with a change for the...

National Floors Direct / laminate flooring and baseboard

Nov 06, 2017

National Floors DirectI Paid $4300.00 TO Install of 800 square feet of laminent flooring that was postponed at the last minute, which was very inconvienint because my son was supposed to be there with me when they came to install. When they arrived 3 days later, They saw an 80 year old lady and tried to up the...

National Floors Direct / hardwood floor

Aug 16, 2017

I contracted with this company to take up a portion of 1 room of carpet and lay an oak floor. The area was about 168 sq. ft. I was told, by the salesman, that I order for the job to come out right, the carpet left behind must be stretched to meet the new hardwood floor. Because this would...

National Floors Direct / floors

Jun 11, 2017

fter coming to install flooring in our home the second time, we again felt that it was not the product we had expected. Provided that we had given a deposit and a payment of 10, 000 we contacted the company of warranting a refund. They were unprofessional in their response and stating that...

National Floors Direct / carpet installation

Apr 18, 2017

We had a NFD salesperson at our home on April 4, 2017, we chose "stone" carpet, scheduled the installation for April 8, 2017 and put a $1, 000 deposit down. NFD cashed our check on April 5th. We received a call on April 5th telling us the "stone" carpet was not in after all, we accepted a...

National Floors Direct / carpet and install

Mar 24, 2017

National Floors DirectNot only did the install the wrong carpet, destroy my new construction, leave tacks protruding, they also are fighting me on fixing it. The carpet was ordered with the salesman as 15 ft wide, the installed 12. They left the seam apart. Put a 3 x 5 patch in the corner. Literally cut every 391...

National Floors Direct / hardwood flooring

Mar 23, 2017

National Floors DirectWrong floor was installed upgrade on risers not compliant sales rep texted us stating he had left company for obvious reasons at 11:45 pm out of the blue will not complete repairs. Hand up on us and state we call too much and are giving Cynthia, christine, and Jennifer headaches! Blocked...

National Floors Direct / carpeted our stairs

Mar 13, 2017

National Floors DirectThis is an amazing story about National Floors Direct. They were scheduled to come out to our home Friday February 10th noon to 4pm to install new carpet on our stairs and small hallway on top of the stairs. 2 guys finally showed up at 6:30pm (2.5 hours later than the latest time given...

National Floors Direct / everything

Aug 05, 2016

the initial person neglected to address the missing tile in the pantry and the rotted wood. he also let me select tile inappropriate for the small pantry. the 1st installers were lazy rude and unprofessional. they did not want to replace the floorboard in the bathroom, they didn't...

National Floors Direct / installation

Aug 05, 2015

National Floors Direct is a nightmare to deal with. The customer service dept in Avon must only consist of one incompetent employee named Annesha Ali. After National Floors Direct cancelled the installation of rugs at my home they would not reimburse the $1000.00 deposit I had put down...

National Floors Direct / misleading & does not stand by their customer service promise

May 29, 2015

National Floors DirectNational floors direct does NOT stand by their installation, warranty nor do they commit to the customer service promise that they state... They have NO address, when you call them you get a CALL CENTER who cannot help you. Our floors were installed incorrectly with separation gaps... It...

National Floors Direct / refused to refund deposit

Nov 23, 2014

Hello, I am a single mom of three girls living in a two bedroom home in Billerica. I wanted to put my house on the market and needed to replace the carpets. I called National Floors Direct in mid October, as I had seen the ads for them on tv. On Oct 14, the estimater was scheduled to...

National Floors Direct / not honoring installation guarantee

Feb 24, 2014

National Floors DirectIn September of 2013, we had hardwood floors installed in our upstairs hallway. There were problems from literally day one. The installers came and no sooner did they come upstairs they had to stop and inform me that the job couldn't be done because we had the incorrect sub-floor. due to...

National Floors Direct / beware when something sounds too good to be true because it isn't


I spent yesterday, 5/3/10 / waiting for the installers to come and put in my carpeting. After many phone calls to the company they finally showed up and worked until 8:30 in the evening. I would never deal with them again in the future. The salesman was rude and hung up on me when I wa...

National Floors Direct / horrible installation


National Floors DirectReally messed up our wordwork - have big problem with our laminate floor in bedroom. Sent complaint to Attorney General. Carl Hediger responded that he sent people back to my house free of charge but our problem was due to high mositure in our home. This was a lie and neve discussed. He...

National Floors Direct / non honoring terms of their own contract


Signed contract with National Floors Direct. I gave them a deposit of $2000. Later I noticed at the very end on the back of the contract paragraph (5) it mentioned late cancellation within (3) business days. National Floors seek to count Saturdays as a business day. At the very bottom of...

National Floors Direct / robbery


I called National Floors Direct got an estimate and contracted with them to install hard wood flooring in my kitchen/dining room. The salesman was nice, seemed knowledgeable and the price was right. The installation on the other hand was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. They...

National Floors Direct / national floor direct the company is a rip off


National Floor Direct the company is a rip off, they have poor customer service and they do not stand behind there product, after no satisfaction from this company we took them to court, judgement in our favor and they still failed to pay… stay away from the company nothing but headaches!!! from an unsatisfied customer.

National Floors Direct / stay away


Words cannot describe how displeased I was regarding the whole process of buying a carpet from National Floors Direct. I highly advise anyone looking for carpet to "STAY AWAY" from using them! Here are two quotes from the head of their customer service dept (this person answers to...

National Floors Direct / rip off's


This company is a complete fraud. As a qualified installer of over years i have found this company to use inferior products, illegal's to install their products and they dont pay their contractors. If you buy anything for this company you are over paying. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere

National Floors Direct / scam - stealing


Please stay as far away from this company as possible! My wife and I signed a written hardwood floor installation contract with salesman, joel fosmire, on 8/18/11. His business card reads [protected]. He stated that if we ever had any concerns, call him. He never returned any of our call...

National Floors Direct / refused to give money back after a month of no rug.


I have had just a terrible, terrible experience with National Floors Direct, and I am out over $2, 000. They boast next day installation, first of all, which is an out and out lie. I moved into my home in late Feb and called them for a flooring estimate. Their prices were pretty high but I...

National Floors Direct / shoddy installation


National Floors DirectI bought carpet from National Floors Direct on Oct 9, 2010. The installation job was awful - there is a two inch gully running along the seam of the carpet, which bisects my living room in half. Many complaints from prospective buyers - my house is on the market. Filed a claim; it wa...

National Floors Direct / refund


Over a month ago I cancelled an order with National Floors Direct because I had second thoughts about what I wanted to do in my home. The salesman that came to my house guaranteed I had 3 business days to cancel without penalty and that I would get my deposit of $500 (check - because they...