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National Floors Direct — horrible customer service

My father had National Floors Direct come out to his house to get an estimate on redoing the kitchen floor, 3...

National Floors Direct — hardwood floor install

Despite the "cute" commercials, you know... With the scary looking sock puppets, do not do business with...

National Floors Direct — vinyl and rug product, install, customer service

Shoddy quality of work, bad quality product, and unhelpful customer service. They subcontract out to random...

National Floors Directcustomer service 800 floors direct

Horrible unprofessional company . Unclear invoices and bad communication with customer service. Very difficult to communicate and get a clear understandable answer.
No one was able to explain my purchases of product I had installed . Also, I had given a deposit that was overlooked then told they would credit me through the finance Dept and that is still pending after 5 days .

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    National Floors Directflooring

    I had my floors done last summer. After the contractors left, I noticed there was an area where the floor looked as though it was rising up like a mountain, where it should be flat. I called and spoke to the manager, samantha. She said it was due to the humidity and would correct it self after the hot weather passes. I covered the area with a rug and let it go for awhile, believing what she had told me. When I discovered that it had not corrected itself, as was told, I called an spoke to a woman and she said the warranty time period had passed. I explained what samantha had told me ( to basically wait until the winter, which was well past the warranty period). I asked for samantha and the woman said she was not there, so I asked for a manager and was told samanatha was the manager and there was no one above her, but the owner, who does not speak to customers.They only accept money orders, no personal checks or credit cards. Now I see why. I honestly don't understand how they are still in business.the customer service is worse than the service.Any interaction, I had acted professionally, yet the customer service interaction with samantha, and anyone else for that matter, made me feel like I was dealing with a gum chewing high school dropout.

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      National Floors Directinstallation of floors

      National Direct was paid to install flooring in my 3 bedroom home. They failed to give materials that i paid for and is owed to me, the job was horrible, floors are popping out (after less than 24 hrs of installation) nails has physical cut the bottom of my feet while walking on my floors, the finishing is horrible. After calling customer service, the customer service manager was very nasty, refused to address my issues, when asked to speak to another manager he told me I'm not able to speak with anyone else and hung up the phone on me (this happened 3times) please check recorded lines.. The floors are not what i ordered- very thin and of poor quality. I need help, i have information national that the flooring is not compatible with radiant heated floors, so this problem is only going to ger worst, everything is falling apart. Regardless of multiple phone calls and failed promises that they are going to fix this i have gotten no help. The flooring is cracked, separating and is of poor quality

      installation of floors
      installation of floors
      installation of floors
      installation of floors

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        National Floors Directhorrible customer service

        Do not trust this company! Horrible experience and customer service. Their sales representative rushed through the order and 2 stairs were left out, plus he misrepresented what cleaning would be done before the new floor was put down. When I called to have the order fixed and informed them, I was told by their customer service that I should have gotten it in writing. So they know their sales reps will say anything to close the deal and can't be trusted! To top it all off, a significant amount of cash disappeared during the installation and all they said was they'll do an inquiry but they expect it will be denied. No care or concern for how they treat people.

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          National Floors Directcarpet installation

          I would never do business with them again and will tell anyone and everyone I know to not use them. From other reviews I have NOW read, I am not alone in my experience. Their customer service team including management level employees are rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, not helpful and harass you. I have never had a worse customer service experience in my life and I am in my mid 50's. Next they have a ploy to swindle you at the 9th hour when you are stuck and have no option but to pay them more money. Upon arriving for install, it was determined within a few minutes that I had to pay extra for moving my furniture and if I didn't go get a bank check or cash immediately they would have the installers leave my home. My furniture was described as excessive, heavy and old which apparently doesn't align with their wording of "normal" and "light" written in the contract even though we removed all drawers and had just normal bedroom bureaus in the rooms. No one could explain to me why I was being charged extra other than the installers pictures that were reviewed by some installation manager that I couldn't talk to. I also wasn't able to talk to the sales guy who told us the furniture would be fine. I was told its not their fault I didn't understand the words in the contract.
          After taking work off with my fiancée and moving 5 rooms of furniture and belongings, we had no choice but to pay the extra so they would do the job on the day planned. Despite 5 different conversations with customer service and the sales support team, my understanding and feedback on the issue was not resolved. I was talked down to, threatened and harassed. Excuses were made. Lies were told. I have never experienced anything like this and at the end, I don't care if the carpet came out ok and was done in one day as it was not worth what I went through. They should be ashamed of their business practice. I spent thousands of dollars for new carpet and labor and they treated me inhumanely. I just hope no one who is in a worse financial position than I ever ends up over a barrel like I was. And it wasn't the amount of the extra money they charged me that was the issue, it was how they communicated and behaved.

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            National Floors Direct — carpeting done on my stairs.

            Carpet installation 11/17/2018. December 2018 contacted them about carpet fraying at seams. Sent them pics a...

            National Floors Direct — unprofessional company, terrible installers, rip off company

            I waited over two weeks to have my floor install and when the installers showed up they told me a certain...


            National Floors Direct — deposit refund after cancellation

            I had a sales rep come to my home September 22. Felt pressured and gave a 1288.00 deposit. I was told I had 3...


            National Floors Direct — hardwood floors

            This is the worst company to deal with. I've dealt with many companies and use to work in customer service...


            National Floors Directcarpet installation

            Horrible customer service. One contact number which is basically a pool of people trying to juggle service needs (inefficiently). No accountability from anyone, including the salesperson. BE CAREFUL...I do not trust their ability to provide the service they claim. They do not appear to have ANY control over the installation service. Failed on first and second day to arrive and install as advised after having been given 8 days to arrange my installation date. Excuse after excuse while my home is ripped apart and personal time taken at work to accommodate installers who never show.

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              National Floors Direct — carpet and vinyl flooring

              WORST COMPANY EVER!! Here is letter just sent to their Customer Service Manager, Cliff Dubois And to add to...

              National Floors Direct — flooring installation

              To whomever will listen at National Floors Direct, I am writing in regard to our current disastrou...

              National Floors Direct — I have not received my $500.00 deposit.

              I contracted with National Floors direct to remove ceramic tile in the dining room and peel and stick...

              National Floors Direct — flooring

              I had new floors put in our dinning room and kitchen by National Floors Direct, vinal flooring that look...

              National Floors Direct — flooring

              Please run! They are a complete scam company with high pressure salesman and lies. I folled all their...

              National Floors Direct — carpet

              My 85 year old mother in good faith ordered carpet May 28, 2018 and was promised installation on Monday, June...

              National Floors Directcarpeting/service

              We were scheduled for an installation of almost an entire house of carpeting and hardwood in one room for 11/21/17. For my husband to get a day out of work, he practically had to jump through hoops. He arranged for 11/21 off. On the Friday prior, the salesman called with a change for the install to Monday. We could not switch the day off so called to request the original date of 11/21 - which had never really been changed. That could have not worked out well. It seemed the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.

              The guys for the carpeting arrived close to 9:00 A.M. They moved very quickly to get furniture out of one room and into another pretty much just grabbing everything including made beds (blankets/sheets/pillows) and piling them up into a heap on the beds or floors. They needed to do what they needed to do. However, the terrible job of seaming is unacceptable. They did not leave until it was dark out which is probably one reason why the seams were not as noticeable while they were there or I would never have let them leave it like that.

              Even if the carpeting was the same color from a bedroom into a hallway, there are still seams. The rug is already shredding in the corners. We can see T's and L's and whatever kind of shape there is in the living room and in the master bedroom. Unacceptable. Carpeting is lifting at seams and shredding - it is only a week old! The carpeting going into the hardwood sections of the house is just cut at the edge. Nothing is holding it down. It is loosening and shredding. Terrible edges. One of the stairs is not even cut at the left side of the stair.

              I love the carpets. I love the colors. I am not happy with the seams that are so readily visible by anyone (including children) that were left behind. The fact that they did not tack down the edges with a piece of something is ridiculous.

              It is the Holiday Season. There is a lot going on. I am still trying to put my house together from this whole process. The time my husband and I have spent on the phone with your customer service department is ridiculous. He has called. I have called. We have both been given the runaround. Exceptionally long waits on hold, told that we would be called back, given dates that were false, etc. We are not able to take another 12 hours out of work to fix all these mistakes. We were given a date on a Saturday only to later learn they don't work on Saturdays. I finally spoke with a supervisor and was given a date of Thursday, Dec. 7th for repairs.

              It is yet to be seen what kind of repairs are done and whether it is done satisfactorily or not. So far, I would not recommend this company to anyone. We have been dealing with a nightmare right from the start. The amount of time this has taken out of our daily routines is beyond normal. The stress and anxiety of the whole process has been great. By the way, the hardwood floor that was installed is wonderful and done correctly. For that, we are very appreciative.

              I hope I will be writing back with a good report after this Thursday. So far, we are not happy with National Floors Direct.

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