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Re: Lufthansa -Complaints letter regarding services and arrangement

I would like to address my series complains for the single trip I made with your airline.
I will reserve my right on legal action further from any of my physical and psychological lost raised from Lufthansa.

Incident 1 - baggage lost
Beginning from Jan 11 2007, I took flight LH727 a business trip from Shanghai to Venice with transfer in Munich. The flight was pleasant and smooth. Until arrival of Venice, my only luggage tag number LH218839 was lost. And, Italy baggage claim attendant 'SAV' filing my baggage claim forms and told me the baggage is still in Munich. Il have wait 1 day, another day and another day... However told me that baggage is miss-send to Hamburg. I have my friend collect the baggage for me after 5 days later!
I believed this is a unbelievable mistake your airline should avoid and bear for the passenger lost.

Incident 2 - flight cancel without notification
Without my only luggage, I have to fly from Milan to Naples in order to have the meeting over my business trip literary. Me and my mother took Air one flight AP from Milan to Naples depart at 4:00pm. We checked in at 3:20pm and waiting at securitized boarding zone. At 4:15pm the flight announced cancelled. But, where is my luggage ?while no one notify us the flight is been cancelled and no further arrangement ! Finally, we took our abundant luggage from restricted area, running up and down, cross the arrival floor and attempt to check in the baggage with your next available flight which was scheduled at 7:15pm but actually depart at 8:15. Not including my running up and down and doubled check-in with security checked 2 times and negotiated with your staff. We actually spent a total of 4 hours extra together with bad arrangement with your independent reason of flight cancel. We missed the appointments in Milan and the transportation arranged but we never know why.

Incident 3 – flying long haul with air conditioning problem.
A long the way back to shanghai, I told myself to attempt finish the round trip portion. Of course, your connected flight is also delay. But Munich flight is waiting for passage, we are being take care for transit. But my long haul trip is in pain since I have to stand all the way 9 hours since my sit and my mother sit at row 26 had problem on climate control. It is too hot that I had difficult on breathing. Your flight manager and hostess insist me not to sit on attendant's sit as alternative. I understand that is not a good practice for this but I cannot image that your flight attendant Ms. not only didn't solve the problem by arranging another alternate sit to me but also complain for my standing on the emergency exit. I believed that a plane will not have anywhere other than emergency exit. Finally she confesses the ventilations problem and change me half sit occupied half by another passenger.

I am asking for a full compensation with my physical and spiritual lost thru this un-peasant trip. I believed your company will offer a reasonable and satisfactory result regarding this incident.

Best regards,
Eric SC Wong

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Sep 23, 2019 7:42 am EDT
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Walter Plettner Schon
RE: Diebstahl aus einem Koffer, Flug LH 493 YVR - FRA, 18. - 19. Sept. 2019, FRA - BRE Flug LH 354, an Bremen 13:40.
Gepäckstück LH 008422. Es fehlten 1. ein Kofferriemen, 2.das Schloss, 3. ein warmer Herrenpullover, 4. .warme Handschuhe. Bemerkt wurde der Diebstahl erst am Freitag, 20. Sept., wegen starker Ermüdung.
Wir bitten um Aufklärung. Der Flug LH 493 war ausgebucht, das Personal forderte auf, auch Handgepäck aufzugeben.
Wir suchten vergebens im Internet nach einer email Adresse für "Baggage Claim Desk", daher war eine Fahrt zum Airport Bremen erforderlich. Auch dort fanden wir keine Hilfe mit unserer Beschwerde.
Wie ist es möglich, dass Sie, die so berühmte Luftlinie Lufthansa, wohl auffordern eine email zu schicken, aber nicht die entsprechende Internetadresse angeben? Wir fanden nur diese Möglichkeit als Kommentar zu einer andren, uns unbekannten Beschwerde anzufügen.
Bitte antworten Sie auf dieses Schreiben an Walter Rudolf Plettner Schon, z. Zt. Hotel Robben, Bremen Grolland, Emslandstr. 30. Tel. [protected].
Nach unseren Erfahrungen fand der Diebstahl beim Umladen in FRAPORT statt. Mit dem Flughafen in Vancouver gab es niemals Probleme.
Wir erwarten eine baldige Antwort,

Feb 26, 2012 8:01 pm EST
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On flight number 272 from Frankfurt to Linate airport in Milan on Sunday Februray 26, I was seating in seat #9D and my son Miguel was seating in 9F.

When we got out of he airplane, I left behind my cellular telephone, a small AT&T unit inside a black case that clips on to the belt; it probably slipped out during the flight to Linate.

They suggested I contacted you to help me locate the telephone. I will be in Milan until Thursday March 01 and I can reached at the Air Hotel Linate 39 02 [protected] or at this email.

Thank you very much,

Eduardo Kafati

Sep 10, 2009 10:37 am EDT

I have a new plan to deal with Lufthansa following there lack of response to complaints. Its a little consumer rebellion.

1) do not check in online (this means they find it harder to work out when they have overbooked)
2) check in JUST BEFORE check in closes. This increases the chance of financial compensation and/or free upgrades when they have overbooked.
3) do not board until the last minute. If more people did this, they would probably cause a delay in boarding and Lufthansa loses its flight slot and its costs them dearly.

All of the above are unfortunate things we must do in order to effectuate a change in their managements philosophy to complaints. I have already caused one delayed departure by half an hour and will continue and encourage this plan until they set up a professional and compensating complaints service.

Also, remember to be nice to ALL staff. Its not their fault, its a management issue which is more cultural than anything. Anyhow, you dont want anyone playing with your food now, do you, when on board.

Nice flying with you Lufthansa. Welcome to my world! :)

Dec 18, 2007 6:30 am EST

I travelled from Manchester to New Delhi via Frankfurt. I landed in Delhi at 1:30 am in Delhi on 17th dec 2007. its around 40 hours now and they still donot have any clues about my baggage.
I have made several calls to their office and their attitude is like -its a normal thing to happen. I would like to say that it is totally unforgiveable for such a thing to happen on an international carrier. I had to travel from delhi to my home location on a different state and will travel back on 02.01.2008- Thankfully not in Lufthansa.


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