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I was treated in such a discriminating/chauvinistic way by a Lowes employee in the Plumbing Dept at the Brandon, FL - Causeway Blvd store yesterday. It all started when I asked for a bar sink drain, Casey (the employee) made me take the sink out of the box so he could see the drain size – I was buying the bar sink also. I was trying to explain what I needed and his answer was ‘ I have no clue what your talking about’ so I decided to forget about explaining and proceeded with the next part I needed.

I had a plumbing fitting which I was told I could easily find the elbow & pipe at any Home Improvement store and Casey tells me it was a special fitting and Lowes didn’t carry parts for it. I told him what the other store told me so he walked over to the PVC aisle and gave my part to another employee and asked him to serve me while he continued on to go help another customer (a man). Why he did that? The other employee got my elbow & pipe right away without any problems.

I was with that other employee checking on another part for a hot water tank when Casey arrived listening to our conversation when he say ‘ You will run hot water in THAT THING’. At that point, I was so offended, I looked at him and told him ‘That THING happens to be the 2.5 Gallon Hot water tank Lowes sell’ and I proceeded to walk away.

I was so offended by his attitude and being treated that way that I left. I didn’t want to chance going into the lumber department and be treated the same. I went to their competitor and spend my money there.

Women, beware shopping at that store!

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Jan 27, 2020 8:34 am

I was a paint department employee that was kidding with another paint employee when one day I was just kidding when I called him a homo I said this kiddingly and he lost his mind, I told him I was just kidding with him but he went to management . four days latter I was let go sould I have gotten a warning first or just terminated.

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My husband worked for Lowes in Alabama. He was their slave, go to guy when no one showed up. On November 26 they work him to DEATH. He walked out to get buggies (after working so hard and getting out of breath) he dropped dead of a heart attack. CPR didnt bring him back but EMS did. He had 4 clots to his brain I have a feeling something happened to make him throw 4 clots and that made his heart stop. Lowes wont tell me anything. They came to hospital and said it would be filed under workers compensation. Compensation sent him some cards (cant use them when you on a vent and then dead, but thanks anyways). I called 4 weeks after I received workers comp cards and was told that "my husband was a sick man" told her no he wasnt he just had a cardio work up including stress - negative everything. I ask her why it took so long to tell me and I had to call to get that answer - she said "I was letting you grieve". BULL CRAP. They cancelled my health insurance the day he died! Against the law. I still have not heard from them and it has been 12 weeks. No one will tell me what my husband did his last day alive. I live with this no knowing everyday. It hurt so bad. ONE MORE THING... i was there when he signed up for benefits HE TOOK OUT LIFE 50, 000, SHORT AND LONG TERM INSURANCE. HIS MANAGER AND ANOTHER EMPLOYEE HELPED HIM, I WATCHED...WHEN HE DIED THE HR MANAGER TELLS ME HE DOES NOT HAVE LIFE INSURANCE BECAUSE IT WAS NOT TAKEN OUT OF HIS CHECK. HE WAS SHORT LIVING BY ONE DAY TO COLLECT SHORT TERM FOR ONE WEEK. SHE MADE THE MISTAKE AND I AM LEFT WITH NOTHING AND HORRIBLE MEDICAL BILLS. I WATCH HIM TAKE OUT THE LIFE INSURANCE. CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS. I WANT TO WATCH THE PARKING LOT TAPE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HUSBAND, BUT I CANT. i want to know what my husband was doing and everyone was told to be quiet. It's horrible

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Sep 01, 2011 8:34 am

My husband is currently a Lowe's employee and he too is being mistreated. His customers always go back to him, and always gets good reviews. But his employers somehow don't like him and like to mess up his schedule knowing he has a family just like everyone else there they are accommodating, but yet when it comes to my husband “no” as a Specialist you have to be available all the time. I am full time working mother who attends classes at night. Now let me ask you this. What person would want their kid at a baby sitter’s house til 10pm on a school night!?! But if Lowe’s is so family oriented like they claim to be then they would understand his situation as they do the other Specialists there. Even the other specialists he talks to, asks him why his schedule is corporate schedule like the rest of them. Do they not know he has the policies and procedures and the paper that corporate gave him showing him what the corporate schedule is for ALL Specialists?

This is stress no family should have to deal with, and I’m getting ready to get a LAWYER for employee harassment, because he knows damn well what his rights are as an employee, he knows what the corporate schedule is and what all Lowe’s locations SHOULD be following. Be ready to hear from Tucson, AZ soon Lowe’s!

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Nov 02, 2010 8:34 am

i work 7 years for the company, from those years i got employee of the month everything was good until a new store manager came aboard .all dept mangers started working under pressure. as much we tried to do are job it was not enough for her.i saw a lot of racial discrimination in the store by the store manager when she came to the store i was a zone manager i did my job but for her it wasn't enough so she forced me to step down of my position to a dept manager the position was never posted when not even two days she brought somebody from her old store to the position she did not have a clue of the position but she still is in the position and still does not know .she is there because the store manager protect her just because they have the same sexual preference i thought lowes had open door policy i talked to a couple people regarding the issue and guess what nothing happen our hr manager is just of waist of pay roll she never did nothing .she has been seen going out to lunch with a csa for what i know by policy she is a clase A violation and store manager knows and pretends that she does not know it is sad when the store is run by all the csa when it comes to a good job senior staff takes the credit when it comes to a bad walk they blame the dept manager due to bad job performance .
Las Vegas Nevada

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Aug 25, 2010 8:34 am

Someone in corporate should speak with the associates in the Granbury Texas store. Management continually allows one of their sales specialists ( woman) the break company rules such as coming in late, working off the clock, wearing offensive clothing(showing underwear) baring midriff, tongue ring. She never has a margin above 6% and sometimes it is even negative. Male managers are a bit to "friendly" with her and she allows it so they do nothing to reprimand her.

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This is not an uncommon statement. Lowes does not care about its employees. They go through the motions but you are the easiest product to replace in the store.
There are hundreds of people in this low pay situation waiting for a job, any job... Even cleaning trash cans...
At lowes you can do hundreds or thousands of dollars of sales but mess up on only one for a SOS sale and you are written up! Threatened with replacement or moved out of your selling specialist position...
I am retired from the military and that is constantly thrown in my face. I should work for less money to help Lowes, because I spent 30 years in the military and have a retirement pension...

I presently work at a Lowes. Like my job, but am so tired of the constant descrimination just because I am retired military...
Lowes is bogus bull [censor]... And I agree, most of the department and zone managers are legends in their own minds... True Idiots.

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i worked for lowes 9 years iwas #2 in the district for being a specialist in sales then i had my title taken away as home decor so then they asigned me as team leader then that was deleted how can you have a possitive additude when your employer keeps shuting you down i had customers that would demand i wait on them only . then 1-1-10 steve southerly at 167 came in after 3 monthes at least 15 people were let go

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Nov 22, 2009 8:34 am

With All due respect, there are jobs at Lowe's requiring skill sets such as Sales specialists. Kitchen Design and Fashion Bath design require knowledge, education and skill. There are all different levels of employment at Lowe's, a path and way to move forward. To state that "you are working at Lowe's at a crappy job because you are uneducated" is quite frankly, Un-American. There is a job and a skill set for everyone and a dollar earned is a dollar earned. This is the issue with Lowe's, it is kill or be killed and no compassion from Management down and it permeates the building and the quality of the workplace. Refusing to pay overtime and requiring time made up during lunches or be threatened with dismissal, disrespectful management, agreed on power trips, constant threats of losing your job does not make for a healthy work environment for anyone. If someone refuses to handle garbage with their bare hands, for goodness sake respect it and get the guy some gloves! Lord knows there are plenty on the shelves.

I worked at Lowe's and was number one in my region for sales...I took a plumbing department from nowhere to the top 25 in the NATION and yet I was still pressured, harrassed, and pushed out BECAUSE I was educated. Clearly, listening to another ilogical voice from the management side just affirms my belief that Lowe's would rather build a case based on nonsense, try and push them out or fire them, than pay the unemployment insurance.

I wonder just how many wrongful termination suits would be filed if former employees during these tough times had the ability to do so.

Any lawyers looking for a class action suit?

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Nov 11, 2009 8:34 am

I held many senior managerial positions at Lowes, and every time I read one of these types of complaints I shake my head. I shake my head because it's likely true that employees have experienced this mal treatment. Let me explain a few things about Lowes employment to you, and the role that many of you play.
First consider the following:

1) Most of the managers you work for are barley educated; this matters because as one becomes better educated, they are become better at managing people. When you have uneducated people making decisions about your future, you will never win.

2) Many of the managers are holding on to their job by a thread. Many managers work with the threat that they will be fired for the smallest infraction. This feeling often turns the managers against other managers, and places managers against employees. I say this because as when a manger is afraid that he will lose his job, he will try to deflect the attention off of him by targeting an employee.

3) Most managers are lazy and power hungry. When you take any intelligent group people and give them control over an environment; don’t expect them to pick the crappy jobs for themselves. Many times, managers ego-trip and are trying to prove to others that they have control over the subordinates. Subordinates (dept. manger, sales spec, cashiers, loaders) are just pawns on the chess board.

4) Lowes is a crappy job for intelligent people. If you have a self worth where you believe that certain duties are beneath you, than don’t work for Lowes or any other low-skill occupation. Its often perceived that Lowes is the enemy, but in reality you are stuck working a crap job as a default to your low skill set.

With all of this being said, I as a Manager for Lowes, I've worked my employees hard; and I worked harder than any manager in comparable positions. I received many accolades and promotional opportunities, but I too hated aspects of working in a low-skill profession. The best thing for a person who want to escape this type of employment is to become educated, and offer the world something more. Until this achieve you are always going to hate your job and have crappy enviorments and duties. Many of your complaints may have occurred at Lowe’s, but they are not uncommon to the industry. I am no longer employed by Lowes for other reasons, but I can’t say anything too bad about the company. In whatever situation you find yourself, remember the more control you have over your future the better you are.

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Jul 19, 2008 8:34 am

You did not read your training book for being a loader. It specifically says we're expected to empty trash, and assist with zone recovery which would include cleaning the floors and restrooms. And big deal, so the garbage is gross, if you don't have gloves just wash your hands real good when your done and all will be fine. However I do think something should be done about those toxic fork truck gases. I'm also sorry you din't have a better experience there.

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Jun 12, 2008 8:34 am

I used to work for Lowe's as a loader in Memphis from 04.19.08 to 06.11.08 . I was mistreated by management, threatened, singled out. They also made me do cleaning floors, and durty garbage cans which was not my duty. Yesterday i refused to touch durty and stinky garbage can without gloves, zone manager shouted at me at public, and he put his own hand into the dirty can showing that it wasnt unhealthy or unsafe to do so as i told him. and today HRM told me that they dont need me anymore. I had to write 2 weeks notice before because of this mistreatement, when i already had to work in the hit of the sun all day long. Before they made me unload trucks and smell toxic gases of the forklift working inside the truck and i had horrible headaches and still do.

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