LongHorn Steakhouse — discrimination! the manager was very racist

E Oct 07, 2019

Ok so today I went on a quick lil lunch date at longhorn, & as we're following the waitress to our seat the manager looked dead in our face without greeting us... So I didn't say anything then! So she sat us down at a both, it was 4 boths total in our section! Now this same racist man continuously walked up/down the walk way & everytime he would approach our both he would do everything in his power to over look us (mind you we're the blacks in that section) ok that's cool! So then this is what took the cake this ignorant racist "manager" approached every both in the section asking them are they ok & do they need anything except ours🤬🤦🏽‍♀️... So I told my people we ain't staying in here so when he finish his drink we out! Our server came back & I said we'll pay for the drinks but you can keep the food. She said what's wrong I asked her is that man in the burgundy shirt the manager she said yes! I said well he racists af & told her what happened! She sends alan over to our table & he was sooo choked up trying to apologize (I called his ass out & let him have it!) he said I was going to say something & I said you lying you racist af & it's [censored]ed up! I said when you take your ass home tonight look in mirror, ask for forgiveness & for god to remove the hate that your have in your heart for black people bc we are here to stay & ain't nothing nobody can do about it! We go everywhere everyone else goes & if he don't like blacks he don't need to have that position & keep his ass in the house! I said I don't know or care what you were taught as a child, but that [censored] dead period! Let's just say #ihadhimcrying real tears once I finished with him! #imtiredofdumbasspeople #dobetter (y'all better leave that racist [censored] at home) oh & sad to say but he probably teaches them innocent kids to be just like him🤷🏽‍♀️😏

LongHorn Steakhouse

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