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LoanCare - Mitigation and no response

To whom it concerns,

I have been in forbearance with my mortgage company, New REz/LoanCare and now need to apply for loan mitigation but no one assists and the phones are all recordings, and the site does not answer the questions to apply.
It has been months of trying to figure out the next step with them. They direct you to thier website which I registered to sign in, but again the choices given for my situation are limited and getting a real person to talk with is next to impossible. When I do get ahold of someone the next phone number goes through the same long wait time and has not yet helped my situation
concerned of forclosure.

Walter Sharp

Desired outcome: mitigation

LoanCare - Mortgage/mid america

Loan care used to service my loan I would call in my payments by phone And over and over and over again they would not process my payment due to this my credit score is horrible they were requested...

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LoanCare - Mishandling of escrow

Re: Loan Number xxxxxxxxxx - Lapse of Insurance from 8/15/2020 to 12/31/2020 I received several letters from LOANCARE, LLC (LC) regarding a lapse of hazard insurance. The current letter dated...

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LoanCare - Customer service or lack of it

Loan number # [protected] was paid around 01/07/2021 I have tried many times to find out the status of my deed, loancare keeps hanging up on me due to loan is paid in full. I have sold the property and trying to transfer ownership, but, can't without deed. Loancare doesn't return calls or emails

Desired outcome: get deed

LoanCare - Refusal to give me a payoff

I have been calling and emailing loancare to get a 30 day payoff everyday for the past 3 weeks. I am consistently told it will take a couple days to receive it and when that time comes I never get anything! I also have proof of every single email request and call that has been made to loan care about my request. I have spoken to supervisor and told this would be escalated but nothing gets done! I don't understand why and how this company can with hold your own information from you. It's now been 3 weeks and I call everyday!!! Still nothing!!!

Desired outcome: Need my payoff ASAP

LoanCare - Late payment, credit reporting

Loan #[protected]. I received a mail notification on 11/16/20 that my account was past due for missed payment on 10/01/20. The October bill was not received until 11/16/20 due to significant mail...

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LoanCare - Loan servicing - poor record keeping

I pay my loan payment twice a month and pay two weeks ahead to ensure that I'm never behind. These payments are made automatically through my bank to ensure that I am never behind or miss a payment...

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LoanCare - Mortgage, insurance coverage dept. Predatory, fraud, negligent

I received a letter stating that my insurance coverage had expired on 12/15/20 and that I needed to provide evidence of renewal or face the consequences of paying insurance through your company...

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LoanCare - Web site

Every month since March 2020 I have had trouble getting into my account. And trying to contact someone has been nearly impossible. I think I have gotten through twice to get them to help me sign into my account. I seems my password works when I am on the phone with them. But the next month is the same problem. I am not stupid! I sign into all of my accounts every month to check on them, this is the only one I constantly have a problem with. I wish they would sell my mortgage to another company. I hate LoanCare.

Desired outcome: Get my online account straight! Quit making it so difficult for customers.

LoanCare - Mortgage loan

I also like to join ANY class action law suit against Loan care! I have repeatedly called this company due to errors they have made on my account. They bought my loan in 2019 immediately refused my...

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LoanCare - Class action lawsuit

To Whom it may concern:

I received a notice that there was a settlement reached in the class action lawsuit for Gillespie vs Loancare. I am just wondering if the payments have been issued in this matter and if not, when the payments and/or credits will be applied to the accounts.
I still have my mortgage serviced by loancare and I am waiting for the credit to be applied to the account for the late fees.

Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

LoanCare - Payments not disbursed

I closed on a home last September; my first mortgage payment was made successfully in November over the phone with Loancare, because it is mandated that first payments be made manually. For the...

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LoanCare - Credit reporting class action lawsuit

Hi. I've noticed that many people are experiencing problems with Loancare. Many concerning website being down and missing payments. I'm interested in anyone who is filing a classaction lawsuit or already a part of one I can join.

My loan was sold to them some years ago. I've never had a 30 day late payment. In October, I tried to make payments several times with no success due website failure and phone lines not working during business hours or either long hold timed., I mail a payment and guess what? Never received. No phone call at all as a courtesy to let me know it wasn't paid. Didn't find out until my credit alert notified me that it's 30 days past due.

Very upset. This has ruined my credit. I had a 748 credit score and its dropped 95 points. I called made the payment, explained the situation and even placed on autopay. Was hoping to get resolved with no success


Hi! Nicholebda
I am also similarly affected like you. I want to join the lawsuit against LoanCare LLC if any available.My credit history ruined and billed several late payments and Inspection fee. My bank even talked to them but the issue is not yet resolved.

I want to know how to stop them from calling. I just got this phone number. Every time I call it asks for my account or social security. I give it but my number isn't in the database just this number I got from my carrier.

LoanCare - Has not paid my taxes. I have plenty of money in escrow.

I called 4 times to request my taxes be paid. I have well enough money in my escrow account and keep getting the runaround when I speak to someone. My taxes that were due are now late. I am told "they are working on it". I have even had this escalated and I am getting no help. So now I am on the phone with them once again asking to please please pay my taxes and i'm being told the same story over and over again. "ma'am we have escalated your issue and someone is working on this" I then asked to speak to the people that are so called working on this and I am told that they are all the same people? Wow, I am now going to try and refi just to get away from this company. I am sure I will have to pay a fine for late taxes when it's 100% not my fault. Do not use this company please. Customer service is horrible

LoanCare - Loss department, insurance

Hello, I need funds released for the restoration of my home. I lost my home in a house fire. All funds paid out by my home insurance company (State Farm) was submitted to Loan Care as required. I...

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LoanCare - Accounting department

I have been trying and leaving messages for over a week as there is an auto with drawl on my account from Loan care.

I was able to call my bank and see who authorized the ACH but when I call the number associated I get only a voicemail with no return call.

I need to speak with a live person otherwise I would assume this is fraud.

I have emailed my request with no response as well

LoanCare - Mortgage servicing

Loancare has lost 2 of my mortgage payments which were electronically transferred from my bank. it has been well over 2 months and they are still working on it. I speak with a different escalation specialist each time I call. My banker has tried to intervene but he gets nowhere. Each time I call I am given a different explanation. I am often told they will call back but do not. In the meantime my credit rating has dropped 300 pets and they have my money.
lou ann erikson


Hi! Lou Ann Erikson,
similar thing happened to me too; Loancare said they lost my 2 mortgage payments. They reported to credit office and billed me for several late payment fees and other fees. we need to make lawsuit against them. My bank also proofed to them they received the money but they deny it.

LoanCare - Mortgage payments and requested deferment

When I lost my job and got I'll back in January 2020 I had waited to start my social security benefits. I have been receiving now monthly but much less income than when I worked full time.. my...

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LoanCare - No customer service available / incorrect escrow impound account

Company: Loan Care/New Rez Notices of Error/Information Requests Attn: Office of the customer P.O. Box 8068 Virginia Beach, VA 23450 For the last 12 months I have been trying to...

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LoanCare - False reporting $ amount to the 3 credit t bureaus in correctly

I checked my 3 credit bureau reports over the weekend and found out that loan care has not been reporting my full payment of $ 551.38 my regular payment is $ 446.16 but I have been paying extra $ 105.22 extra toward the principle!!! They should be reporting my full payment of $ 551.38!! So am I wrong for thinking that every dollar amount so be reported to the credit bureaus? Thank you

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