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LoanCare - Class action lawsuit - legal action needed

I have noticed that I am not alone in my struggles with LoanCare's unethical mortgage servicing practices. The company is incredibly deceitful and specifically targets customers who are struggling to...

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LoanCare - Forbearance/loan modification

I was approached by Loancare last July 2020 to go into forebearance. I accepted it as we were shut down due to the Pandemic. Well in January 2021 I contacted Loancare about coming out of forebearance and was told I was eligible for a loan modification where my interest rate would be reduced to 2.8% and my payments would be a little over $500 per month. I was happy and stated lets do that right now and get it going. After hearing nothing for a month I called back where I was told that was wrong and not happening. Hear it is July 2021 and still not out of forebearance and still no clear honest explanation or pathway back. Many phone calls, many letters, and niow complaints and almost to the point of getting an attorney and taking them to court.

Desired outcome: Leave Loancare for good they SUCK!!!!

LoanCare - Loss mitigation

For a year now I have been trying to have my loan modified from 15 to a 30 year loan, in order to lower my monthly payments, all the while I was in forbearance. Phone calls and emails have had no...

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LoanCare - Loan modification

Made the three payments required for loan modification. The first payment went through ok but I had the second two come out of a different account. I noticed a payment had bounced because they tried...

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LoanCare - Loan modification and escrow payment not applied

I have been attempting to have my loan modified from a 15 year to 30 year mortgage in order to lower my monthly payments. This has been dragging on for a year now. All the paperwork was submitted in...

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LoanCare - Unethical behavior

This has been happening since March of 2021. I have since made close to 100 phone calls to Loan care, WHEN you can get someone on the phone which is next to impossible you get a variety of different answers to your questions that have negative consequences for the consumer. I am currently on hold on 3 different phones trying to get help to access my account online to make a payment which I can no longer access. Every time I call there is another reason why I can't access this. I missed ONE payment because my daughter needed Brain Surgery the resulting 6 months has been a nightmare. Now after I just got a person on the line they hung up on me. This has been the worst customer service I have ever received.

Desired outcome: Fix my issues immediately

LoanCare - New client

HelloI have been trying to get help with my account for the past few weeks. My loan maturity date is incorrect (somehow 8 years off!!! and not in my favor) and my social security number is incorrect...

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LoanCare - Class action lawsuit / deceptive practices / lies / forbearance / will not modify / payments due out of forbearance

Dear LoanCare (attempt to be civil), First, I have all of the emails, documents, recorded phone calls from my interactions with LoanCare as this entire company should be shut down for mortgage...

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LoanCare - Loan servicing

I am in the process of having my loan deferred just coming out of forbearance. I have been told numerous times documents will be coming. They have not. I get an email every 3 days saying it's on its way in 7 days this email has been coming to me for 2 solid months I have also been told each time I call that no payment due till July 1st. Now I have a letter saying that I am past due and in default. Potentially harming my credit profile. They sent a letter stating call a number and email this address. Email Does not even go through it bounces back. Can't get anyone on the line now with the phone number. How convenient. I see this happening left and right with my own clients. Eventually harming their credit.

Desired outcome: Deferment paperwork and assurance that my credit is not going to be effected and a letter stating I am not in fact past due or in default.

LoanCare - Mortgage

I have been unable to actually speak to a customer service representative to pay my mortgage. There is no automated option for any of the 4 phone numbers I have tried. In addition there is no option to speak to anyone. It is just a default recording talking about covid 19. I am unable to find my full loan number and therefor cannot access my account online to pay. There is no way to make the payment at this point!

Desired outcome: Speak to an actual person at loancare

LoanCare - Class action lawsuit

As I sit on hold to speak to someone after speaking with someone for an hour and needing to speak to someone else. My daughter had to have brain surgery I had to take an unpaid leave of absence I missed 1 payment and the amount of grieve, time on the phone with them and misinformation is historic. Once I realized I missed a payment I contacted them. They told me to request a forebearance and that I wouldn't be reported to the credit bureau any longer which they still continued to do. When I called them they told me I needed to write a letter even though it was their error which I did and it was denied of course. Inaccurate information on their website, agent after agent provides wrong or misinformation, unable to get a supervisor on the phone after repeated requests and holding for over and hour. I see lots of bad information about them a class action lawsuit is needed against them. Bad deceptive business practices.

LoanCare - Mortgage payment for 5/01/2012

Good morning, I tried to make my payment numerous times though your website via computer and phone application, the website kept crashing down for five consecutive days. I had to call to make my mortgage payment and somehow I got charged for two payments instead of one. I'm very disappointed with your service, how do you go five days with your website crashing down and not get if fix!!! And why do I get charged twice for making a single payment!?

Desired outcome: Please refund my second payment

LoanCare - Mortgage loan service failure

Our loan statement includes a charge of $90.17 on top of the mortgage payment, and all I want to do is ascertain where this charge came from, but Loancare makes it a virtual impossibility to get hold of anyone to find out where the charge arose.

I called and keep getting disconnected no matter what menu option I take (after being forced to listen to irrelevant recordings.

I tried to login to the webpage, but it intervened after I logged in with a two factor verification, and when I entered in the 5 digit verification code, it still wouldn't let me in.

Loancare should not be allowed to do business servicing anyone's mortgage.

Desired outcome: That Quicken cancel its contract with Loancare and find a responsive mortgage servicer.

LoanCare - Refund of escrow balance

My loan was paid off 3/3/21. After that date, I had an escrow balance of $1130.55. Two payments have made from my escrow account for 111.88 after the pay off occurred to "mortgage disbursement." My payment history reflects a payment was made to (borrow) myself of $906.79 on March 17, 21. But I have not received that payment. I have attempted to contact loan care through different methods. I am unable to get ahold of anyone. No one will respond to my requests for information. I want to know why payments are being made from my escrow account when it is paid off. And I want my full escrow balance refund.

Desired outcome: Full refund of escrow balance

LoanCare - Mortgage loan modification

Got email saying to hurry with signing the modification loan that approved and send back. We never got the documents! I have called, emailed and tried to get into my account which they locked me out of. No one will return my calls or emails and I keep getting recordings that they are backed up. I worry that they want to foreclose on my house and take my equity. How can you send an email saying you are approved but won't send documentation? I repeatedly tell them I never got them but it doesn't get resolved but they tell me my time is limited

Desired outcome: I just want the documents so we and sign the agreement

I am in the same boat. They asked if I wanted a lower rate... who wouldn't, and sent me a loan modification packet. 6 months later, they denied by modification after telling me not to make payments as they already had the loan so there was no reason I would be denied. Well, I was denied and the reason was... my loan was not 36 months old. Luckily, I had enough money to bring it current but they are still saying my loan is in loss mitigation so they can continue to manipulate. It is apparent they are actively trying to get people to default on their loans by lying so they can sell the property to buyers they already have lined up.

LoanCare - Mortgage servicer

I've been having issues with MyLoancare since I've been with you all. I'm going to be filing a lawsuit against MyLoancare and they're horrible business practices. I've never seen a company operate...

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LoanCare - Mortgage

I was charged 2 months of late fees because they indicated my dec 2020 payment had not been received. My payments have always been submitted via a recurring payment option thru my bank, which they confirmed, and I provided the confirmation to loancare. Multiple phone calls and e-mails resulted in no response and then magically my dec payment was returned to my bank in feb stating that my account had been closed, never happened, which also cancelled my next scheduled payment. I provided the letter from my bank indicating the return of payment and was told I needed to provide confirmation of my banks original payment transfer. Apparently proof that they errantly returned payment was not enough. Today I received notification that my loan servicing had been transferred... How convenient!!

Desired outcome: With the number of complaints out there, many far worse than my own, I hope they get their day in court

LoanCare - Faking address to commit fraud

Loancare has taken upon themselves to change my address and phone number on my loan, without my permission. I emailed them, tried calling multiple times, and you only get a recording, written snail mail, and 60 days later, nothing has been corrected. No one has responded to me. Someone in their company is trying to commit fraud and instead of trying to correct this, they are continuing to dance around the issue. I have no idea what they are trying to pull, but it can be only suspicious. I had my loan sold to them, so I had no idea this company was going to ruin my life!
They are a complete scam. Nobody seems to care about the little guy.

Desired outcome: Someone investigate this scam company

LoanCare - Mortgage assistance application

I submitted my mortgage application assistance on February 4th and since then no one contacted me regarding my application, I called few time and they said someone will contact me but it never happened, it's been already one month since I submitted my application, I was waiting for them to call to discuss my options but no one did, and I checked my account online today and my application status suddenly disappeared, it's really frustrating, I was hoping to do loan modification to lower my payment since I lost my job, my name Rula Odeh loan number [protected]

LoanCare - They are not withdrawing my mortgage funds bi monthly and telling me I am late

1. Qicken loans sold newrez my loan 9/2020. (bi monthly payments, every other tuesday.) 2. In 1/21, I am getting calls and late notices. 3. "glitch" in their system-all my morgage went to...

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