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D Dec 02, 2019

This complaint now spans 2 years of this issue.
I live in Australia and I am trying to use LCBO's online shopping facility to purchase a simple gift card for an Ontario resident.
A year ago when I tried this the LCBO would not accept my credit card payment because although they allowed me to input my home (billing) street address, country, postal code, etc...they mandated that I select my CANADIAN PROVINCE from the usual drop down list of option to input a non-Canadian state or province!?!?! Clearly this information was never going to match my credit card details and so my payment could not be processed.

So this time, when I tried again, the web site now accepts all forms of overseas addresses, and it even took me to my own banks authorization code site, etc, after which the LCBO site came back and said "We could not process your transaction - please contact your bank."...which I did. And my bank said "We authorized the purchase, here is the authorization code that we sent the LCBO, the payment is pending for them to collect - by the way we have had other complaints about the LCBO's online shopping, and unfortunately you are now going to need to get the LCBO to write to us in order to release your money back to you."

Isn't it in the best interest of the LCBO to sell to overseas shoppers???
Didn't the people of Ontario pay for the international shopping facility of the LCBO's web site???
Why has it been more than 2 years and it still doesn't work (still can't sell products to a customer with a valid Mastercard for delivery within Ontario)???
...and why when I wrote to the LCBO about having my money tied up in their glitchy web-site does nobody write back???

Attached is a screen shot of my online pending payment to the LCBO that I have no access to until they agree to either complete my purchase or release the money back to me.

Liquor Control Board of Ontario [LCBO]

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