Liquor Control Board of Ontario [LCBO]

17 Manitowaning Rd, Little Current, ON, P0P 1K0, CA
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Reviews and Complaints


In the past week I went to our local LCBO at 556 and to my surprise the door was locked, the closed sign off and employee taking cash to the office so I am assuming that it was closed even sooner than the posted sign of 6 pm!!! Was not impressed!
Also it has been the practice of most of the staff to start parking (starting last summer) on the main street in front of the store. (Yes there is parking at the side...which employees could/should be using as they are there for many hours) At times there will be as any as 3 employee vehicles out front when they have ample of parking in other areas, that of course is not prime parking. I have heard MANY complaints on the street about this. There are alot of seniors in this town and the prime parking should be for LCBO customers and NOT their staff. We are going into our busiest season here and hope to see the corrected for our community.

rude staff!

I'm on my way to hunt camp, I dropped in to get a case of Budlight (cans), there was only one staff...