Lincare Holdingsbipap/cpap

B Nov 21, 2017

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago. I was put on a bi-pap at that time. a couple of years ago my machine started quitting in the middle of the night. I would wake immediately out of breath. on checking with my insurance, I was due a new machine. The laws concerning bi-pap equipment had changed. I was told I needed a copy of the original order to get a new machine. On calling where my original study was done, I was informed that they had no record of the order and that the company who supplied the equipment was no longer in business or had changed owners. I explained this to my doctor and he stated that the only recourse was to have another study. This was approximately 2 years after my bipap started acting up. I agreed to get another study done. The doctor was informed that I was on a bi-pap. I informed the medical staff at the study that I had bi-pap. After the study was done, I was informed that they had done the wrong study and I still could not get a new bipap. I was working at the time and after much discussion my doctor ordered the take home study in order to get a new bipap. The test did not go well only got a couple of hours sleep. The results were sent to lincare for the equipment. On arriving to get my equipment, I was told that a Cpap been ordered for me. I was concerned and I told the sales person about my concerns of using a cpap when I had such good results with the bilap. I was told to try it. After 2 months of use, I was feeling as sleepy as I had before the bipap.I decided to go back to the malfunctioning bipap. I spoke with the manager of the morristown store and she said to return the unit and I would not be billed for the machine. I am sure my insurance had already paid their share of the equipment. I then returned the equipment. After a couple of months, I started getting bills from lincare for approximately 580 dollars. I called the manager of lincare in morristown, tn. After speaking with her, she said she would contact billing and s see what the problem was. She also said at that time that she could sell me a burlap for about 425 dollars if purchased without insurance. Later in the week she called me back and said there was nothing she could do. At that time I notified her that I would not pay for a machine that I wad not even using. Later I started getting bills with threats of running my credit and turning it over. to a collection agency. As far as I can tell, my credit has been damaged. I am in the process of getting my credit report. If they have done this I will bring it to court.

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