LG Malaysiawasher repair

L Aug 02, 2018

There is no initiative from LG to call when the replacement parts they ordered arrived at their service centre. I had to call to followup and only then did they check and said oh yes it has arrived.
Then trying to get the LG technician to come over to replace the faulty parts was another headache. After 2 weeks of me chasing the technician, an appointment was finally made.
Then just minutes before the time of the appointment the technician calls me up and informs me that not all the parts have arrived!
All this drama had taken up 4 weeks of my time and no conclusion was insight!
LG Malaysia service is a joke! Looks like there is a conspiracy within LG to bring down the company.
report no. [protected]
Truly regret buying a LG product.
Never looking at an LG product again.
My advise to everyone, AVOID LG LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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