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car problem

In 2007, I went to lexus dealership in my country, asking about the new lexus es350. I had already a 2002 es300 at the time, in which I was very satisfied with. I decided to buy another lexus. So I asked about the new es350. My main question was: would anything in the car change for the 2008 model? Because I bought the car in july and would have waited if any significant changes were available to the car. They told me that nothing would change. After buying the card with around 6 weeks, the new lexus came out. Amazingly, it had a panoramic roof and totally different rims. I went back to them regarding this, and they told me that they were not aware of any changes. I found that very hard to believe.

After using the car for only six months, the driving of the car changed, it became much heavier, and when you are waiting for a red traffic, the engine makes a lot of noise. I have taken the car to be repaired more than 5 times since then, and everytime they tell me: there's nothing wrong with the car!

Also, the dealer in bahrain is ripping off customers. Whenever I take my car for service, the minimum amount that I pay is bd150 (approx. $400). They have increased their labor charge, and their customer service is still the same. I have complained a lot but no one did anything about it.

I know that I will not be buying a lexus ever again, not even toyota.

scammed by rick ghous and exotic motors

I had a similar experience as many previous posters. Wish i'd found this site before I sent money to exotic motors. I trusted their ebay rating which was a huge mistake. Vehicle was advertised in good condition but arrived needing $6, 000 worth of work done just to be safe on the road. Even after all the work, the paint is still in awful condition and the front bumper is bent due to some sort of fender bender, and the nav if messed up. It appears that this car has water damage. I also found the the whole dash unit has been replaced with a newer model year unit. Chances are this car has a lot more miles than the odometer reports, but I can't prove it. I wrote a nasty letter to rick and to the bbb threatening to sue and heard back from rick quickly. As soon as he was comfortable I was not going to follow through with suite, haven't heard back since. Something to note: the reason their ebay rating is so high is because they like to talk buyers into making their transaction outside of ebay which I was foolish enough to do. Shame on me. Now I can't even give them the poor rating they deserve. This establishment is a fraud and should be brought up on charges or shut down. Anyone who reports that they had a good experience or got a good deal may be telling the truth and may feel that way. I'm sure they get in a few decent cars from time to time. That doesn't change the fact that if the have a wrecked piece of junk that they will lie to you and sell it to you for as much as they can get, then fail to be heard from again. Buyer beware


On feb. 12, 2010, I found a 2004 lexus es 330 advertised on the internet as "extra, extra clean, low, low...

lack of warranty integrity

I purchased a new 2009 lexus gx470 in november 2009. Within a short period of time I noticed abnormal wear on...


I bought a scooter I had a awful time getting it after they got my money.
It has broke down several times and I have called several times.
I have called several times to no avail... At first I got the run around now they don't even answer the phone...
For what I paid for my lexus lite it should last or more than a few months..
I need help as I am handi capped and now I can't go anywhere the place supplies a scooter or I can rent one..
Beware of this company just because i'm handi-capped they shouldn't get away with this...
Thank you
Evelyn weatherhead

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total engine failure

I am writing you because I am being ignored by a large product manufacturer. Lexus/toyota is refusing to hear my claim or even consider my situation on the car. I have not had my claim denied by lexus because they simply will not even consider my issue.

I am the owner of a 2004 lexus rx 330 that has a failed engine due to oil sludge. I have always had my vehicle maintained at a lexus dealership and I get the oil changed in a timely manner. My car has 110, 000 miles on it and last sunday the engine failed in the middle of an intersection. It now requires a new engine that is estimated to cost me $3, 600. This incident happened on a sunday (1/9/10) so I had no choice but to use the one towing opportunity that my insurance company gave me to towe my car to a non-lexus/toyota brand dealership.

The engine failure was caused by oil sludge. I have always had my car serviced properly and I refused to be denied my right to be heard. Toyota/lexus settled a case for the very same problem in febraury 2007. This settlement effected 7.8 million units model years 1997 to 2003, however I refuse to give up the fight, my car is one generation out of the settlement. I refuse to believe that all issues have been solve the very next year. I want to file a claim for my car.

I called lexus and they brushed me off saying that I had to get the car to a dealership and even then they weren't offering any type of maintenance credit at all. I can't afford to continue to haul my car all over town to meet the specifications of this company. I want to be reimbursed for the repairs which by all estimates will cost them less than what it will cost them at a dealership. What really upsets me is that clearly this company has had an issue with sludge, I live in atlanta where tempatures have been extremely cold which is a cause of sludge and they won't help me at all.

What legal actions can be taken on my behalf to get me reimbursed?

If your office can't take my case can you refer me to a law office that will take my case here in atlanta?

What pieces of documentation do I need to begin building this case?

Is it possible for this law office to get in contact with toyota/lexus on my behalf about this?

I just want my car fixed and I want them to take responsibility for the product issue that almost cost me my life. Please feel free to call me to discuss further even if you can't help I am open to being pointed in the right direction. Many thanks in advance.

  • Jo
    John/Yvette Lohman Mar 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased our Lexus LS430 in 2003 from Lexus of Rockville. It was our second Lexus, we were a loyal customer. As soon as we bought it, we started to have some mechanical problems with the Cruise control. We alerted the Lexus dealership and service of Rockville as well. It took them one week to fix the problem (just replacing the unit), and we understood they had to call all Lexus around the country to find the solution to the problem (????) .
    But the problem come back again, we took it back this time and sometime after that to the Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria, but they always claimed they couldn't duplicate the problem.
    Now the problem is getting worse over time, the cruise control would go on/off without being turned on and we couldn't set up the cruise. We felt it was an issue that should've been fixed years ago.
    We are writing you because we are being ignored by the Lexus Services. We just want our car fixed and we want them to take the responsibility for the product issue. Please feel free to call us to discuss further even if you can't help, we are open to being pointed in the right direction. Many thanks in advance.

    John/Yvette Lohman
    7307 Sterling Grove dr
    Springfield, VA 22150

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great agency but poor build quality

In 2007, after doing the relevant detailed pre-car purchase ground work, I decided to buy a new lexus is300 from the authorised lexus agent (al futtaim motors) here in dubai.

Since the past 3 yrs that i've had the car -

The dashboard has been changed twice
The driver's seat has been changed twice
The instrument panel has been changed once

All this before the car even did 50k kms.

Fortunately the car was under warranty and thanks to al futtaim motors (authorised lexus agent) in dubai, no questions were asked and the repairs/fixes carried out immediately.

However, is this the build quality expected out of a premium luxury car like lexus?

Also, unlike what I have heard about lexus cars, due to its tyres, this car also happens to be one of the nosiest cars I have ever driven (there are other is300 drivers who have exchanged this query with me whilst waiting at traffic signals). When this issue was raised with lexus, they said it was the bridgestone types. When I took it up with bridgestone, they said that nothing was wrong with the tyres. At 30k kms I had to change all 4 tyres because the noise levels whilst driving became unbearable. The same is the situation now with good year tyres, 65k kms on the odometer.

There is no doubt that the is300 is an excellent car to drive. But the build quality & the nagging tyre issues have somewhat tainted the pleasure.

disrespectful treatment

I email them asking if them asking if they have a black on black ls 460 and david deason who is the internet sales manager reply and said that he can get it. So, I told him if he get it in to let me know and I would come by to get it. Well, he did and I went down there and presented to him a employee discount program because my brother inlaw work for toyota under tabc in long beach. David deason wasn't very happy about this and went on to saying that they don't honor this program anymore. He keep trying to convince me to buy the car 3 thousand more then I should. I refuse then he went to talk to tim lazaris who is the sales manager. Tim lazaris storm into my brother and I and started to laud and speak in a very loud voice. He rudely toss the discount certificate to us said that we should of let him know that we were going to buy the car under this program and he is no way going to sell me the car. Then he said he is going to report us to toyota. I ask him why is he being so rude and unprofessional? He told us to leave infront of like 10 other customers who was there at the time. Everyone was look and wondering what's going on. I said if he doesn't sell me the car then that is fine, we'll just go to another dealer and then we leave.

He treated us so badly and disrespectful like we stole something. It was uncall for and wasn't necessary, all they had to say was a simple no and we would had gone else where. Instead they made us feel really bad and low.

I hope you would do something about this tim lazaris because he is giving toyota & lexus a bad name.

worst customer service

Lexus dealership in silver spring is the worst dealership I ever had to deal with. I have not purchased vehicle here but because I moved to silver spring I am obligated to service my vehicle at this dealership as there is no nearby lexus dealerships. They have never managed to fix the problems of my car, the clicking noice in my car, they claim they cannot hear it. I let it go.

Anytime I have to bring my car to them for service they somehow manage to ruin your day. Discount coupons diseaper, or they clain they cannot use it. If you ask them for a loaner car, they always give you attitude, as if they dont realize you have the right to a loaner car when you service your car. If they give you a loaner car, it is beat up car that you are ashamed to drive in your neighborhood. They never listen to the costumer wishes, at least that have never listened to any of my concenrs or requirests. Never accomodated me with any most stupid request. Hate that place. Hope I do not have to service my car there ever. I would rather travel 200 miles to the other dealership in philadelphia where people welcome you and always able to assist you with your concerns.

  • Di
    dinojmarco Aug 03, 2009

    I have similiar problems here in Southern Calif. It never used to be this way; I've had a Lexus since 1992 and it's never been this bad.

    Have you tried writing to Lexus ?

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sudden acceleration

You can hear the recordings here

My wife was driving her 2007 lexus is250 when it began to accelerate and the brakes would not work. This is her account of what happened.

“it was about 4:45 during rush hour on a friday evening, I was driving on the highway in the center lane, traffic was very thick and I needed to get into the right lane because my exit was about a mile up. I put on my turn signal to get over but the car in the right lane did not slow down so I could not easily get over so I pushed the gas a little to accelerate and I began to get over, when I did this the pedal started to move away from my foot and accelerating without me, I hit the brake, which was like pressing a brick it did not budge, so I swerved back into the center lane because the car in the right lane in front of me was much closer than the one in the center. When I swerved it caused the car in the left lane to swerve almost off the road. At this point I had absolutely no control over the car it was continuing to accelerate and I had no brakes, the dashboard brake light was on as if I had pulled the emergency brake (which I had not). The car in front of me is getting closer and closer and I am sure I am going to slam into it because I am boxed in by other traffic. I got about a car and a half away from it when my brakes finally kicked in and I was able to decelerate, my legs were shaking so uncontrollably, I could barely push the gas pedal to pull off the road. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through, I had absolutely no control over the car.”

I immediately called lexus and spoke with a technician, I described everything that had happened to my wife and he said, “I have a 2007 is 250 same as you and mine does the same thing.” he said he has had his looked at 10 times by the service dept and they can’t figure out what the problem is. At this point I just can’t believe what i’m hearing and I started to really get upset thinking that lexus knows about this problem and I just almost lost my wife the mother of my three kids to a defect that lexus is aware of. This is a known problem with over 432 complaints and no one has contacted me or anyone else about the possibility of being trapped in a car while it accelerates down the highway with no brakes, you would think that human life would be priority with any company.

The gm told me they would have someone pick up my car and leave me a loaner car to drive, the tech that I spoke to on the phone with the same vehicle and same problem as my car showed up at my house, left me a loaner car and drove my 2007 lexus is 250 away. About 10 minutes after he left I received a phone call from him, he said in a shaky voice, “I just wanted to tell you that I just had to pull off the highway and that was the scariest moment of my life” he said he hit 65 mph and the car did the same thing to him as it did to my wife, he said “I have never seen anything like this” I could tell he was really upset about what just happened, he said” i’m not driving this car i’m going to have it towed to the shop and I will call you next week and let you know what we find out.

You can hear the recordings here

  • Sp
    Spooky30 Aug 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This really upsets me. I was a previous Lexus owner (2002 IS300) I never had this problem. My girlfriend has a 2001 IS, but my concern is the loaner car they give her when she takes her car in for service. Someone needs to get to the bottom of the this ASAP. I am very disappointed with the way Lexus/Toyota has handled this problem.

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  • Un
    Uncle Joe Oct 09, 2009

    I own a 09 ISF and this never happened to me. If this happened again you have 3 options, shift to netural and break, or shift to netural and then hold start/stop buttom for 3sec to shut off engine and break, or go to sport manual and downshift all the way down to first and then start breaking between first and second gear, the car gears are electronic controlled so pushing gear to park or reverse as last option will not do anything, it is like being in neutal this i believe is to prevent blowing up the tranny. Be safe. Hopefully it is really b/c of the floormats for everyone's sake.

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  • Xe
    XenoMiang Oct 09, 2009

    Oh my gosh, I wouldn't take that car back even if they somehow found the problem. I'd probably have a hard time getting in a car period.

    I really hope they got something worked out for yourself and your wife ... do you have a follow up story?

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  • It
    itssarahhh Apr 09, 2011

    does your wifes car VIN number start with a J?

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  • El
    elmz Sep 05, 2013

    I work as an estimator for a paint and body shop and I'm handling a claim which involves a 2008 Lexus is250. According to the customer, as she was leaving her friends house immediately after she puts the car in reverse, it accelerated across two lanes of traffic into someones living room. She states that she pressed the brakes multiple times but the vehicle only accelerated more. Scared for her and her childrens life all they could do was scream. She is blessed no one got hurt. This vehicle is under investigation. I am very interested and concerned in the outcome, not only for the customer but for my wife as well, who just got a 2006 is250.

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leuxs accelerating out-of-control

I had complained a few weeks ago to my local dealer about my lexus es 350 (still under full warranty...

awful company

I went to get a part, and I was followed around as if I wanted to steal something. The general manager asked to black employees to defuse the situation because they could relate to another black man. This is not the first time, prior to this I was asked if I wanted a job application when I went to view the rx300. This time an employee told me that they were going to call police on me because I am an irritate customer. The gm tried to speak to me but his demeanor waws that of ignorance as he guaranteed me that the customer was always right. I want ray catena (the owner) to contact me. I will not stop until this situation is rectified.

be aware of brake problem!

I have a 2004 lexus gx470 with 75,000 miles that I purchased new. Last week I was driving home on a side street in brea ca and for no apparent reason I had no brakes. I used the emergency brake to slow and finally stop but could have easily been killed or killed others if this had happened on the freeway. I am not aware that any brake problem should happen in a life threatening way. Vehicle was towed to longo lexus who is charging me over $1,000.00 to repair.

  • Va
    valerie jacobs Sep 06, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you ever find the cause of your brake issue? I’m trying to research I have an 07 RX 350 and was rear ended last week and lost all power and ALL brakes causing me too crash into a tree/fence to stop. I have not found any explanation for losing the brakes and I’m exploring a huge potential safety issue in the Lexus.

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poor customer service

Lexus customer service and lexus of reno

I recently purchased a lexus rx300 that now has 85,000 miles on it. Just last week the transmission went out. Aren't lexus' supposed to be dependable and last longer than many of the vehicles out there? I was told by two individual mechanics and by lexus of reno, that it is uncommon for the transmission to go out on a lexus (a $40,000 vehicle!!!) this soon. When I asked lexus to assist me with the repair costs they declined. Elizabeth, from the customer service department, was very rude to me and insinuated that I drove the vehicle improperly which could have caused this problem. Quite an accusation from someone I have never met before. She refused to give me her title or her supervisor's name and phone number so I could take this request for assistance to a higher level. When asked who I could talk to about reconsidering my request, she said there was no one…that the decision had been made. After I asked her approximately three times, she finally gave me her supervisor's name.

My lexus has been serviced on a regular basis and the transmission was just flushed by lexus at 75,000 miles. Maybe that caused the problem??? This is the first lexus I have owned and will be my last!!! The cost of the repair is $5000 and with that lexus is giving me a remanufactured transmission…not even a new one. I just cannot see how lexus thinks it's fair to charge a customer for a major repair like this when there are only 85,000 miles on the vehicle. The vehicle has been serviced on a regular basis and has been very well taken care of. I'm very dissatisfied with my experience with lexus and would urge anyone considering buying a lexus to reconsider. Their vehicles are not as dependable as they advertise them to be. Their slogan is "the pursuit of perfection." I know my lexus, and their customer service, is far less than perfect.

vehicle that can kill you!

I had a life threatening experience in my lexus on thanksgiving day 2006. I was driving with 3 other family...

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