Les Schwab Tire Centersrefused to replace

M Jul 11, 2018

I purchased a tire from Les Schwab for my boat trailer exactly 2 years ago. I purchased the most expensive boat tire they sold. I put around 200-250 miles a year on the trailer. The tire separtated and has a big bubble and I went to Les Schwabs for a new tire. They refused to replace it and would give me only 1/3 of the cost that I paid for the tire. I reminded them how loyal I was to Les Schwab purchasing all of my tires from them when there are several tire stores in our area that sell tires for less. I then asked the salesman to look up how much I've spent in their store recently. He did and it was $4, 000 in the last 4 years. The majority of that on tires. Didn't matter, he was not going to replace the tire that clearly was not my fault in the first place for needing replaced after less than 500 miles. Needless to say I was ticked and left the store before the situation escalated, vowing to never give them my business again. I would think that a company worth millions would replace my boat tire as a loyal customer rather and nickel and dime me about it. Unbelievable!

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