[Resolved] Les Schwab Tire Centersover charged me for mounting tires

K Sep 05, 2018

I called Les Schwab on 3020 S Carson St. I had spoken to an employee. I needed to have 2 tires mounted on front of my car and an alignment. I asked SEVERAL times how much my tires would be to be mounted (as I had them already and was going to take them in) and she stated $44, and for an alignment was around $99. I went in today to Les Schwab on September 5, 2018. I took my car in and when I came back they had told me it could not get aligned because my inner and outer tie rod were bent. I said ok that's fine. They were however able to mount my new tires on the front of my car. When he told me the total I about shut myself. They had charged me $88.50 to mount TWO TIRES! They charged me for "TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM RELEARN" 22$ and two suspension checks 15$ each. wasn't necessary. I didn't ask for that. They charged me $24 for balancing and of course $9 for mounting. I had no other choice but to pay! I am VERY UNSATISFIED AND WANT THE PRICE THEY TOLD ME OVER THE PHONE!!!

  • Resolution Statement

    I called Les Schwab and was very relieved that they had given me the money back that they over charged me.

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