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Swimming pool

We purchased a pool of you a few months ago and after only to weeks is was leaking and the seams in the pool had come away. This is obviously a design fault. So we contacted you and you offered us a new pool on the 26th june.. We are still waiting, we sent you images as you required and we have heard nothing whatsoever from you. We are now going to contact our solicitor to get the money back on the pool. This is incredibly bad customer service. We have no pool and it is the middle of july. Please call us as a matter of urgency
The email below is what we have received from them and we sent a email back the next day and said we are happy with the replacement, we also sent photos of the pool but since then we have not received anything, I have sent countess emails and even been to the store but they refuse to deal with me in the store and say its an online issue.

Sedd (rco)
Wed, 24 jun, 16:32
To me

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Dear mrs. Pollock,

Please check the replacement item that we will be offering you for the damaged pool (with no extra charge, same price as you paid for the original one).

Ref. [protected]


We will appreciate, as you told us on the phone, pictures of the damaged item and the description of the issue.

Awaiting on your news.

Kind regards,

Leroy merlin
Tienda online

Swimming pool
Swimming pool

Delivery of goods purchased pre lockdown

On March 16th I bought a Manhattan dining set for my garden at the LM store in Murcia Spain .
Lockdown literally happened the next day and no delivery . I completely understand that . I left Spain to return to uk thinking they would call me when the store reopens as they was the plan . Nothing . They have however sent me an Sales offer email for the same set -9%. But where is mine ? I've tried to email . Via twitter . Using a contact no which does nothing . I can arrange delivery but I can't find anyone to talk to ! I don't have the receipt with me here in UK but I have proof of payment through which the order can be tracked . Please please can someone just talk to me . Lesley Rowley . Corvera Golf & Country Club.

Delivery of goods purchased pre lockdown

Product change of price and unhelpful staff

Date occurred: 26/June/2020
client: [protected] - OGDEN
Incident: We wanted to purchase a Sensea Galaxy Bath [protected] and went on line to find LEROY MERLIN ONDARA had two in stock. We travelled to buy this, plus a bidet, toilet, etc. You will see from our history, we have spent a lot of money at your stores. When we arrived, we saw our exact bath on display, same measurements, same order number, advertised at €125. We told the assistant we wanted to buy one and she said there were none in stock!! I said there were 2 in stock. She replied, oh, there is one on display and one is ordered for a client (at this time, she had not even looked on the computer to check!) I asked when the next stock would be delivered to the store, she then checked on the computer for me. She said the 2nd July. I noticed a discrepancy in price, which was showing €169 on the screen and she said there was a mistake! She then literally rushed off to the display bath unit and tore off the €125 sign and tore it up!!! We followed her and asked for the display model. She refused and walked away.

We do need this bath but my complaint is the underhand way we have been treated, and the fact we will have to pay €169 for the same product, advertised the previous day for €125 and the untruth we were told.
We would like this matter to be resolved and to purchase this bath on the 2nd July for €125, or if we are forced to purchase for €169, we should like a refund of the difference.

I look forward to receiving your answer promptly. Thankyou.
Patricia Ogden

Air con bad service bad attitude

20 june 2020

we bought aircon and fitting in the ondara branch after being messed about for 5 weeks over our bathroom in th finestrat store ie nothing in stock wrong products delivered when they delivered only half of the delivery there so they came three times when it should have been once and tried to charge us for the privilege so we thought ok try the ondara store its smaller and nearer to home lets explain the problem see if thy can help BIG MISTAKE we ordered units after explaining the trouble with finestrat manager kiki said he would put paula and arranca on the case everything seemed to be fine we left the store and receiveda call within 10 mins asking if we were collecting the unit and i said no read the order itsaysdelivery which you have charged for make sure it is right or i willcollect them now myself yes yes thats right can i confirm the address yes its moriara that is correct okfitting will be tuesday sat in all day tuesday no call til 6.45 in the evening when we were out having a meal trying to fit our air con so we said no we were out now so they arranged for thursday ok then we received another 2 calls confirming thursday then we received another call tosay they were outside a house in la nucia to deliver our air con units we live in moriara so they took them to an address that we did not mention whilst in store and tried tomdelivery to a house that had nothing to do with us yet we had already paid for these units.when we complained the following day they saidyeah we know but no probs we can change it to moriara sorry that is not the point why and who told you la nucia and if you knew why did you not call me first thing in morning to sort it why wait for me to ring to complain.the result we had to go in a speak to the manage who would not come out so spoke to under manager who had completely the wrong uncaring attitude and his answer was we all make mistakes and that he was not willing to do anything about did we want them to fit the air con on the order they had messed up or a refund so we opted for the refund as i would not trust them to do the work in my house

Delivery and customer service

Dear Customer Service Director,

I would like to express a complaint regarding the delivery service and customer service at Leroy Merlin.

I bought some stuff on leroymerlin.fr from May 22nd and haven't received anything until now (June 17). One month for shipping to a customer living in the same city!!

I have tried to contact many many many times the hotline [protected] provided on the website and all the emails I could find contact.site.[protected]@leroymerlin.fr, relationclient.[protected]@leroymerlin.fr and surprisingly, no matter how hard I tried day by day, no replies were back to me!

For this reason, I ask you to cancel the order and refund the amount I paid immediately. I am so disappointed to get such the worst service in the world at Leroy Merlin.

N° de client : [protected]
Réf de colis : 399917 & 399916
N° suivi : [protected] & [protected]
Transporteur : Geodis
Email: HTAM.[protected]@GMAIL.COM

Thank you in advance for the attention you give me and trusting that you will take the appropriate measures.

Best regards,

BUI Hue Tam

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I made an on line purchase and paid for it to be delivered but after 9 days it has not arrived. The mobile app states cancelled yet I have not cancelled it, the website states delivered yet it had not been delivered and customer service say if it doesn't arrive after a further 3 days ask for a refund!
But do it by telephone if you are not getting a reply to emails!
No help what so ever

Raised vegetable garden produced by biohort

In English and French below Reference: Leroy Merlin Val Thoiry, 01630 Ain, France I emailed...

Recent purchase and delivery.

We recently made a purchase online from Leroy Merlin and requested delivery. Order as per Confirmamos a...

Service - alfradgide and customer helpline - order number 5_485189

I ordered a SET of garden dining furniture comprising of 1 table and 6 chairs on the 13/04/2020 and paid in...

gas heater

My name is vanessa chen, (email: vanessa.chen.[protected]@ gmail.com). I went to the shop with my husband to buy a...

false product information on the leroy merlin website

The Leroy Merlin website contains the flush valve and inlet valve set for toilet cistern WC AB-63.3 (АБ-63.3...

slow service

I am Currently at Leroy and Merlin in Edenvale, we paid for our order at 14.37 and came to collection to...

late delivery of goods.

I placed an order on 1st January for goods for the value of more than 1, 000 euros. Delivery was notified a...

wood cutting

Absolute atrocious service from Leroy Merlin. Paid for wood to be cut and was given 1 week lead time. I give them one extra day and arrive 8 days later to find nothing has been done. Stock has been sitting downstairs for 4 days yet still no service completed. I will definitely stick to using Builders Warehouse as per my usual building supplier. Far more efficient and reliable.
Order number: 025849
Consultant: Sibusiso
Manager: Aubrey

Resolved service of a ceiling fan with lamp

We bought a ceiling fan with a lamp, with 5 year warranty on 23/6/2017 from Leroy Merlin (Cyprus) and the placement was done by a technician of the store . A month ago the fan broke down and a technician of Leroy Merlin replaced the remote control and the sensor without charge. Ten days ago the fan was completely broken. After contacting the store, twice, they contacted us asking for 50 euros so as a technician repair it. We have suffered twice and since is in warranty the product we request for a replacement.

service of a ceiling fan with lamp
service of a ceiling fan with lamp


It has been set

returns from leroy merlin online

I ordered an item online, 27th September when it came it was not what i wanted so tried to return in to a store but although the website says you can you can't. So called the number for online leyroy Merlin for the last. every weel for the past 5 weeks!!! I need to ask for an English speaker so most time the person just puts the phone down on me!!! I am getting nowhere with this company!! Still not been collected and sill no refund!!! What a bad service! Never will i order online from them.


Good day, 02 November I have ordered 8 pc.storage boxes. Order No 2106349, Vladivostok, Russia. During purchase, I was informed that I will get my boxes on 04 November. The next day I got a phone call from Leroy Merlin shop and was informed that I will get my boxes on 08 November. 08 of November I got a phone call again and was informed that I will get my boxes after two weeks from now. Don't you think that 3 weeks for delivery within the same city is too long. Kindly ask you to explain why I did not get my order in time.

supply of wardrobe

I have sent this twice and received no response. This was the second time copy: I sent this to you month...

exterior door

Good day I ordered a new exterior metal door through Leroy Merlin and agreed an installation date some eight...

sterwins strimmer

I purchased strimmer about 1 year ago. In the summer it broke down and partially seived . I took to the...