Leon'spoor service and delivery


Two store owners and had to deal with both. I have been waiting a month to have a set of bunk bed delivered and still no show. I have been calling and all I get is sorry but I don't have them yet. Knowing that they were back ordered and I wasn’t told. Week after week I was told next week. When they finally did get to their store they were damaged and had missing parts. One of the 2 owner told me that he was going to make sure the missing parts were sent on the next day and have the beds to me when they arrived ( with damaged parts wanting another 3 weeks for new ones.)When I called the store, of course that owner was not there and I had to talk to the other. They informed me it would be 6 days or more before the parts even arrived at the store. I will give a little credit to the first owner he did try, and gave me a discount on one of the 2 dressers. After saying that I decided I couldn’t wait any longer then I all ready have and I canceled the order of the beds. The dresser that was to be delivered with the beds that I still want, the second owner refused to deliver it at my convenient and hung up the phone on me. Telling me that he would not deliver after hours where as the first owner was going to. I was also informed that I writing this complaint was going to do nothing for me and that it would be sent back to him to deal with. So in other words I am wasting my time. After saying all this I just want your company to know that when you have private owner adverting your name you should screen the people you let do that! You have just lost another customer and I will spread the word.

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