Leon'spoor customer service


When our less than a year old washing machine broke and flooded our finished basement, we called Leons to see what they would do. The woman in the service dept. said all they could was send the repair man out on Thurday. My machine flooded the Sunday prior to that. So I said that was unexceptable and that I expect something to be done within a day or 2. Now being a business in this day and age you would think that they would offer something to satisfy their customer...NOPE! The lady started getting rude and when I asked to speak to the mgr, he was rude.So needless to say that once this is fixed I will never spend one dime in that store again! EVER! Terrible customer service. They did not offer a thing for my inconvenience no appology no nothing, just ignorance and rudeness.


  • Bo
    Bob May 01, 2008

    I bought a leather lazy boy style recliner. The "leather" wore very quickly. It turns out it is not leather, the store still claims it is. Two upholsters confirm it is a plastic. This store is dishonest.

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  • Mj
    mjshaw Mar 28, 2015

    sorry about this. I hope they start to see how many frustrated consumers are out there that want compensation or at least some timely repairs.

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  • Am
    Amne Apr 15, 2015

    I bought couchs from leons two months ago the cotton inside in comin out the couchs the color is fainted the couchs color rub on my walls they already on the floor i went to leons and ask them to let me trade them the manage was so rude she even look at my face please help

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