Leon's Furnitureall sales final policy


I bought 2 twin mattresses, two bed frames and 2 pillows. When the merchandise came, the pillows were much smaller than I was anticipating.
So I was very upset to find out I couldn't return them. The packaging is intact, I never opened them and you could sell them again. What I upset about is the lack of transparency and misinformation I was given. I was never told by Jennifer McIntosh at the Newmarket store that all sales were final. At the time I tried to return the pillows, the sales person kept referring to a policy in little fine print that furniture sales are not made on an approval basis. What does that even mean? I found out that means all sales final. Why can't you say what you mean, unless you are counting on the consumer not understanding. I also found out that pillows were considered furniture, I would have guessed accessory, of which there is no specific policy on. This is very poor customer service, not being given the correct and honest information at the time of the sale, and the language on the written documents is ambiguous and unclear. This issue calls into question the integrity of your company. I think it is ridiculous that you would not accept a return of unopened pillows that you could easily sell again. It's just terrible!!

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