LensCraftersI am complaining about my service I received at the location at the stonecrest mall in lithonia ga

R Aug 06, 2018

Good morning,
my name is Rochael Taggart and I visited the location at the stone crest mall in Lithonia Georgia on 07/15/2018. First, the person who did my exam had such a bad attitude and did not clean the machine after it was used by a customer. I had to ask her if she was going to clean the machine. She was very rude and at that point I said nothing. I then return to the store on 07/28/2018 to pick up my glasses, the person who help me at that point was very nice, ( sorry did not get her name) I then return glasses back to the store on 08/04/2018 after I notice my eyes was hurting in the sun I realizes that I paid for transitions lens and did not receive. I spoke to the manager that was there at the time. Tall light skin and wears glasses I informed her that I did not received my transitions lens ... I tried to explain to her that i paid for two glasses at the time and a mistake was made and transitions lens on the wrong glasses. ( sharmine did my order and she was awesome but a mistake was made somewhere ) I will also remember her name because of great customer service). The manager told me there is nothing that she could of done about it. Also mention to her that my daughter have a different receipt than I did so take a look on that receipt. She told me is no need too and I need to pay additional $125.00 to add transitions lens on my glasses. At this point I would like to return my glasses because I have no use for them knowing that trans lens are needed for my prescription. I spend $684.00 in the store that day and the customer service I received was not acceptable. I paid a full insurance also on my glasses and that was also mention as well. Please contact me at [protected] on this matter. Thanks in advance.

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