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Today is June 12, 2019. I came across of single 473ml Budweiser cans advertised on sale for $2.50 save .20. I bought 6 cans. The price came up as $16.20. After I paid I asked if their was tax on the beer. The cashier said no just deposit. So I brought it to their attention that the beer says it's on sale. The cashier retrieves the shelf sale ticket and takes it to the manager. The manager hollers out from the manager booth that the sale ticket is expired. I will not honor the sale price. I told her that's not my fault and she should honor the advertisement. She said she's not because it expired May 26, 2019 and she doesn't have to. I told her that's not right and I was going to file a complaint. Other customers agreed and said that I have a point. I told her when customers shop they don't look at dates that's in small print. We look at dollar amounts. She proceeds to tell me I'm being disrespectful. I said no way. I didn't swear or raise my voice. I stated my point. After I threatened to file a complaint she gives me my sale discount after 10 minutes. Then when they refunded my money they gave me back to much. I tried to give it back and the manager had a nasty attitude and didn't understand. I told her she was disrespectful and I was still going to file a complaint. She threatened me to leave the store or should would call the police. I spend to much money in that store to be treated with such hostility and disrespect. I would like a response to my complaint if possible. Thank you to whom it may concern. My name is Torrance Chester. [protected]

Jun 12, 2019
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      Jun 12, 2019

    You are being disrespectful. You are trying to scam them over an error. Did your parents not teach you right from wrong? Why is it okay for you to tell the manager she is being disrespectful. After all she did not swear or raise her voice. If you say you were not disrespectful due to those conditions does the same not apply to her. The expiry date does not matter, because once they card you they will know that you are just a child trying to buy beer. With the way you behaved she has every right to call the police. I doubt you were not being disrespectful. If this was the case she would not have to threaten to call the police. I don't blame you for your behavior though. I blame your parents. Probably afraid that that it was abuse to slap you across the face. Something you clearly deserve.

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