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i went to purchase a 6 pack of beer at the general store in keene in and around port hope ontario canada and the store doesn't accept credit cards because it affects its profits the storekeeper said to me in person.i find this unacceptable because it affects us as campers and trailer owners when the gas prices are so high and my family travel from etobicoke ontario canada.please resond back to [protected] thanks


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    Stimpy63 Jun 07, 2014

    All LCBO stores accept credit cards. The "general store" that you were at is an "agency" store, which is essentially a private store that has a permit to sell alcohol. These individual stores have their own policies, unfortunately.

    Allowing "Agency" stores was a limited experiment that, in my opinion, demonstrates why the LCBO should not be privatized. From my personal experience, these "Agency" stores do not uphold the same standards of service, and often fail to properly enforce the laws regarding the sale of alcohol (ie. demanding proper ID, not selling to minors, not selling to someone who is already intoxicated, etc).

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    cplcbo Oct 14, 2018

    Please contact us at 1-800-668-5226 for more help. Monday to Friday 830am -6pm.

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