LBC Expressunethical behaviour

M Jul 29, 2019

I am regular sender at LBC. Every week i send parcel thru this delivery agency.

Last July 29, 2019 at LBC Branch in SM Bicutan, I got my queuing number at around 7:30PM, way earlier than their cut-off time of 8PM. However, I had to wait for more than 1hour and to even call the attention of the staff for them to notice that I am still waiting to be called. The monitoring screen/notifying screen was not working, so they were just calling numbers depending on whether they like cargo or money transactions.

When they finally noticed me (because I was the last person there, though I was not the last to arrive) all they had to say was that it was cut-off and I should just return tomorrow. I understand the cut-off period because I've had this kind of transactions many times before, what i am complaining is the lack of due notice from the staff, that I had to wait for one hour for nothing. It seems like I wasted my time there!

Now, I don't want the same experience again. Actually, I have had this experience not only once but I let those other incidences pass. Seems like I should have lodged my complaint earlier because it's becoming repetitive, costly, and more than annoying.

If LBC cant handle the influx of customers why not make an earlier cut-off notice to ensure those who got queing paper wont wait for nothing? Or why not hire more people during peak periods?! The common ethical standards is to let your clients know if you can't serve them way ahead, rather than to let them wait there for nothing.

More than efficiency of delivery of parcels to recepients, everything starts from the acceptance of parcel at the drop off site. If this continues, might as well change courier rather than continue wasting my time.

Client Number: Cargo - 94

How to resolve this?
1. Improve the system of queuing. It became so messy and disorganized when the notifying screen went off. People were asking, who's next? What number? It's like a wet market.
2. Train the people well (especially handling client influx when peak period)
3. Train the people well (I should repeat this for emphasis)
4. Have an earlier cut-off if necessary. Dont provide queuing number if you won't honor it!
5. Hire more people.

unethical behaviour

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