LBC Expresslost/missing, delayed parcels

M Jul 19, 2019

Hello all disgruntled customers...
Your suspicions CONFIRMED!
So directly from a former customer service team member told me...

"When you call for a lost/missing parcel and we take your info and tell you we will look into and call you back within days...
Well we don't generally send anyone to look for your item...
We just hope it turns up within the days as it usually does (not all the time i know) or hope you give up.
With so much automated sorting and lack of people in their sorting facilities/depots parcels/letters simply fall or get jammed in machines sometimes and are set a side until a sender or receiver contacts them to try find it.
With their lack of organisation and compenent people it takes a while or sometimes never happens.
Call much as you like but most the time we'd just take the call to keep you happy and then go on with our day."

I think something like a royal commission into philippine post needs to happen now.
People need to ban together and make our voices heard. Probaly start with the ACA show etc to let others know (out side this group) they are not alone and it's time for a change.
We need Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency, Reliable and Accurate tracking and Better Communication.

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