LBC Expressdamaged passport

D Aug 18, 2018

Me and my wife's passport were delivered on July 26, 2018 at our house in Valenzuela City one day early as scheduled. The delivery man is nice but he was in hurry that he did not wait for me to check the items which are in two sealed plastic envelopes. He even did not let me sign the record book, evidence that I received the parcel in good condition. After he's gone, I checked the parcels, my passport is ok, but my wife's is damaged. My wife and I went to LBC - DFA SM Manila to complaint. Certain Jojo of LBC called Mr.Gary of LBC (using my wife's cp) and was told that they will investigate.
To make the story short, after a few days, Mr. Gary texted us to go to DFA SM Manila and Mr. Jojo will assist my wife to re- apply for new passport, but my wife must shoulder the expenses of P1, 200 + P350 for the damaged passport. So, that was it, my wife got her second passport paying twice, paying penalty. Today, I went personally to DFA SM Manila and get my wife's passport personally. Forgot to tell you, I'm a senior citizen, and my wife is a PWD.
- Daniel Valencia

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