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K Oct 09, 2019

So that's it ...
here are the many facebook of the one who stole me nearly $ 4000 ...
today I am desperate ...
I see my dogs french bulldog put back on sale
the female more than 2 weeks ago she was resold
he does not reply to any message
3 other breeders contact me ..
they were flying by the same as me ..
I'm crying because I really thought I had the little boy with me
when we have nothing left we attach to everything that can have ...
the money I gave this man is money that I borrowed.
that I have to repay ..
so I pay the double
I ask you to share as much as possible ..
because in 24 hours we are 4 to have been stolen by the same person ..
his names are;
Lazar Melu
Viorel Lazar
Lazar Lgv
Kennel Lgv
I put a picture of all his facebook and other people to whom he asked to send money
because he said he did not have paypal and he did not want to be blocked by western union
I will never have my long-awaited boy
and I do not have the financial means for another ..
so please shar

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