Lastminutetravel.comunathorized charges


In year 2008 has a $1 Hotel room contest. They said you you joined their club you would get clues as to when to be online to try to get one of those $1 rooms. So I joined the club. Yet never ever got any sort of clue. I tried to dispute the charge. I never used their services for anything else. American Express sided with the vendor and I had to pay.

One year later, they auto rebill me American Express. I call to talk to them about it, get transferred over and over and over to someone else each time. Obviously noone is going to give a refund. Finally transferred again and was told I had to email [protected] So I did that, even though I had already talked to them on the phone. The email came back undeliverable, fatal errors. Its clear noone there has ANY intention of refunding anything! STAY AWAY!!! Use Hotwire, or use Priceline name your own price. It can work fine at times. Or check with hotel direct for any unadvertised specials. Travel is slow and you can often find them for the asking. But please be careful here. Once they get your card number you'd better watch out!

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