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I recently needed to book a hotel in Chicago last minute. I looked on the internet for quite a while and could not find a room anywhere. I stumbled upon this site and checked it out.
They claim to book hotels at a discounted rate. The catch is that you do not find out the name of the hotel until you book. They do give you the amenities as well as a general location. Given this info it seemed fine. I submitted my reservation and promptly got a confirmation email listing the hotel name. Since I was traveling within 24 hours it advised me to call to find out if my reservation was available. I waited several hours and called that evening. When I called to check a very rude representative told me that I would not know if I had the reservation until check in time the net day! Obviously this would not work as I was flying from NC. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me no that he would say the same thing she had so there was no reason. I insisted and she put me on hold. She came back shortly and told me I could not speak to a supervisor. I got off the phone with her and called back (thinking I would get a nicer representative). I got her again and asked for a supervisor. She told me they were an international company and that he had more important things to do than deal with me!. I than expressed my concern that I had booked this hotel with my credit card and did not feel comfortable that they were even a legit company. At this point I knew the hotel was the Wyndham. I aksed her for the phone and fax number of the hotel which she gave me. The phone number went straight to vm for someone at the Wyndham. I then called the front desk at the Wyndham and the woman gave me an alternate fax number to send the request to. I called Lastminutetravel back and once again got the same representative. I gave her the fax number. I shortly received a vm from the Wyndham confirming the fax as well as my reservation. I called the Wyndham back and directly spoke to them and once again received confirmation of my reservation. The next day I arrived at the Wyndham and when I went to check in was notified that tourico had cancelled my reservation that day at 1pm?? The hotel was now booked to capacity! Luckily the front desk had the fax and I had saved my vm from the Wyndham which I played for them. The manager called Tourico and the SAME representative I spoke with told her they had cancelled for non payment but in the same conversation told her my card would not be charged by them. The hotel manager found her rude and non helpful as well. She also found her excuses invalid. I sent tourico an email relaying my awful experience and never heard back from them. The hotel was actually great. She realocated me to a very nice hotel up the street for that night and gave me a much better rate on a room for the following two nights than tourico. I was also given 20% off dinner at their hotel.
She also told me they had only recently started using Tourico and had had similar problems on 3 other occasions. She was going to STOP business with them.
I would NEVER use this website again.


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      Aug 12, 2011

    I also had a very negative experience with this site. This all happened at the beginning of August.

    I had made a booking for 1 night in San Diego and with my travel plans, I was going to arrive to the hotel late in the evening. Around 6 pm they wrote me that my booking was rejected by the hotel and that they had not charged my card, so they considered this to be case closed. I called their customer support, but without much luck. Turns out that they can not do a new booking by themselves even to another hotel, so they told me to just do a new booking from their website. Luckily there were still a couple offers available and I could make the new booking, they confirmed the booking by email and charged my credit card.
    When I arrived to the hotel around 21 pm, it turned out, that they don't have any bookings under my name and the hotel is fully booked, so we called up the customer service. It turns out, that already from some time mid-day, their website does not update the status of free hotel rooms, so you can make the reservation if you want, but the hotel will not have it. So after a very long explanation to their customer support about why on Earth I would make a new booking on their website at 6 pm, they just told me to find a new hotel on my own because they can not make any bookings so late in the evening.
    Again, they considered it a case closed and promised to refund, what they originally charged from my card. Luckily the hotel manager knew to recommend close by hotels and I got the last available room in a hotel not far from my initial plan. Although I did have to pay triple the amount for much less of a quality.
    So basically, if you run into trouble, then you end up starting to look for a new hotel at 22 pm in the middle of tourism season, good luck with that.

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