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Green Smoke e-cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or e-vapor devices, are a two-piece unit consisting of a rechargeable battery and replaceable cartridge.
The products are available in a variety of flavor blends and nicotine levels.

Green Smoke / Nu Mark Complaints & Reviews

Green Smoke / Nu Mark / green smoke cartridges (cartomizers)

Jan 10, 2018

I agree with many others that the product quality has gone way downhill. The cartridges peel badly and the company doesn't care about product quality as long as they can be made cheaply. I am a longtime user also, and in the last 1+1/2 years have seen product quality go from good to...

Green Smoke / e-cigarettes

Sep 12, 2017

When I first started using greensmoke e-cigarettes a few years ago, they were great, but now they have become over priced and the quality is not the same. The cartridges only last for a little while and they peel. The batteries only work for about a month. I returned 70 cartridges because...

Green Smoke / E-cigs flavorings

Nov 30, 2016

I have tried to get an answer from Green Smoke as to whether or not the flavors used in their e-cigs contain any diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. I e-mailed the question to their so-called award-winning customer service department and never received a response. I posted the question on Green...

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Scam / Green Smoke is a Complete scam. Don't get there e-Cigarette


Green Smoke Is a Scam. Don't even try getting there electric cigarette. there prices are WAY overpriced. I've been with this company almost a year and had about 19 different battery's and the cartridges do not last anywhere near a pack but yet they are expensive because...

GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette Scam / Green Smoke sucks and is a scam!


I've purchased an electronic cigarette online by Green Smoke. based on the reviews, it happened to be the best one. well its not. Green smoke is a scam and no good. the batters suck i've placed an order thru a video I saw online using coupon code disc10-20844 to save 10%...

Green Smoke / Failure to honor return policy


I did not like this product - I don't care what great reviews you read online, the product is awful. The taste is horrible and don't even think of trying the Menthol. I went through the proper paperwork and tried to make a return for a full refund of the starter kit and the...

Green Smoke / affiliate program


I signed up for their affiliate program the like on this websight is my link. I have had 3 for sure sales I placed them myself! 1 for me and 2 under another customers account for her. I have recieved no credit at all. I have also had around 30 traffic on my sight how many of these bought...