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A new LA Fitness opened November 9, 2009 at Settlers Ridge shopping complex in Pittsburgh. In July, there was a promotion to sign up members. The rate was good. I swim exclusively in a 25 yard pool. The representative signing me up said the new location would have a 25 yard pool also, have a 83 degree temperature. After I signed, the representative said I could check out the Bridgeville, Pa. location (also in Pittsburgh, where the shooting murders took place). The pool there was long. But, I don't think it was 25 yards. I swim backstroke exclusively because of a disability. I noted there were no warning flags for backstroke swimmers to warn of the lane ending. Since then, July 2009, I have been asking whether there would be flags at Settlers Ridge. I called the Los Angeles corporate office in August. The customer manager there said it was up to the local club as to whether to have flags. Since then, Ihave talked to Settlers Ridge representatives about the flags. They took my questions. Said they would get back. Never did. At least 6 times.
Yesterday (November 9, 2009), I talked to the general manager of the Settlers Ridge location. He said that warning flags would not be added because LA Fitness wanted a uniform appearance in all locations. When I mentioned I talked to thecorporate office, he took my name etc, said he would talk to someone higher up, but would not make it his priority. And if they installed them, it would take a month or two to install. At the same time, if I wanted to cancel my membership, I have until tommorrow, November 11, 2009 to do it.

I swim exclusively 2 mile a day because of my disability. I can't use the equipment etc. I also noted the Settlers Ridge pool is a lot smaller in length than the Bridgeville LA Fitness location, and the picture of the Irvine location that is on the LA Fitness website. I have been swimming in a 25 yard pool for over 20 years, and know how long that is. I think the Settlers Ridge pool is 18 to 20 yards at the most. But, the general manager insists it is A Junior Olympic Size pool, and that it is 25 yards. I need to know the accurate length for lap count.

The lack of warning flags is the main problem. The safety of swimmers should take priority over the decor of the pool. And LA Fitness should have them in every location. If they are concerned about decor, they could incorporate tasteful prints or something into the ceiling near both ends of the pool so backstroke swimmers don't ram their necks.

I am very satisfied with the Y where I am now swimming. The reason I was changing to LA Fitness was it is 6 miles from where I live, whereas the Y is 24 miles. But, given the back and forth from corporate to local (I feel like a ping-pong ball, not getting back to me as promised (3 months plus since started asking about the flags, the lack of interest of the general manager (not a top priority), I have decided to re-up with the Y, even though LA Fitness is less costly, and it would save me a great deal of gas and travelling.

LA Fitness has been a very disappointing experience, and I have not worked out once at the location I signed for.


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    Not la fit Aug 29, 2013

    The settlers ridge location is very poorly run . The management is nonresponsive to member issues, repairs of broken equipment, and courtesy to class schedule changes. Do yourself a favor and join somewhere else! If you like a clean gym, a heated pool, and consideration for the fees you pay, this is not the place for you.

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