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I have a personal training membership... yes, I know now. The first six months on the one year contract went well. As I watched management and personal trainers come and go. Within the first six months I had (5) five different trainers because LA Fitness has a high turnover rate. Lack of management and customer service in trying to keep the customer happy and give you what you paid for. The last three months I have been charged for personal training but have been unable to get anyone to book time with. After three months of calling and coming into the gym weekly hunting for the trainer I was working with... whom "was just here" or "he went to get dinner and will be back in a minute" I chose to cancel my (1) one year personal training contract. Mind you that I had already used 6 months and paid for 3 which I had not been trained for. The manager tried to get me too just train with someone else. I explained that after three months and getting my chain jerked around I had a bad taste in my mouth and just wanted out of the contract. He then started in with the insults, "You do not care enough about my body to want to improve it" and "if you get out of the contract you owe 50% of what is left of the contract do you have that kind of money to throw away?"...

I am not the brightest color in the box (but with a grin I do my homework well). I figure with (3) months left on my contract at (3) times per month that would be (9) times $25.00 per each session or $225.00 /2 = $112.50. I owe LA Fitness $112.50.
Cool, mister manager (Mat Miles), now I would like you to remeburse me for the past (3) months that you took money from me and did not provide me with a service... That would be $225.00 dollars. Funny how now me throwing away money does not seem to ring true cause now your paying me.
He jumped up from behind his desk walked away and called his boss to try to figure out what to do. He came back and told me I would have to return (when another guy was there) for them to do a buy out of my contract.
The gym is nice, most of the customers there are nice, a few of the trainers are great... the management and the rest of them need to get back in touch with a little customer service because with the times the way they are... they will be lucky to get new people to train. I will never use personal trainers again from this place and might even wear a t-shirt to work out in explaining why I feel this way.
Wake up and work on your CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS... we are the ones paying your bills. Once you have scammed the community all you can do is shut down and move on... so get right and stay or get ready to move.


  • Al
    Alan Nov 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Well they got me, LA Fitness does not pay you for unused sessions (credits) - use them or lose them is what I was told. will never use a personal trainer or look at LA Fitness in the same light. Once they have you sign on the dotted line out the door goes the customer service and here comes the scams and insults. best of luck to anyone that falls in to this trap. i wish there was some way of changing the policies of LA Fitness.

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  • Lu
    Lucky2009 Feb 21, 2010

    Just try and cancel your membership. They will fight you tooth and nail. AND call your house day and night too. After cancelling 3 months ago, they still call us 5 to 6 times per day on the phone and BUG you. Just cancel my membership and leave me alone!

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  • Ly
    Lyn J Aug 29, 2010
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    I joined the South Windsor LA Fitness with great optimism a few months back. As one might expect, when you first join a gym you are overly excited at the prospect of getting in shape/healthy, and tend to overlook some of the finer points. Well, here I am more than six months later, cursing myself for not being more observant when I first enrolled. While I have lost 12 pounds, I credit it to having the best Exercise Companion to help motivate me.

    At this point, I am 100% certain they are going to mysteriously shut their doors one day and walk away with my deposit money. Here is what I have observed:

    -> Most of the equipment is broken or in disrepair. For example, the padding on most machines is torn or worn through, making it very uncomfortable during certain exercises. Additionally, the pins used to select the weight on a number of machines are missing, so you can only do 20 pounds (the minimum weight).

    -> Look at the ceiling in the atrium/lobby area. There is excessive water damage with apparent mold/fungus. I worry that people are mistakenly thinking their wheezes are from a heavy workout – when it could be from breathing toxic air.

    -> The temperature in the Cardio area is exceptionally hot. As an experiment, I brought a thermometer and recorded an amazing 87 degrees. They have one fan to cool the area and it is completely encased in dust.

    -> They removed most of the paper towel dispensers and alcohol solution. At one point these were conveniently located throughout the facility. Now, you would be lucky to find a towel to even clean your machine after use.

    -> The music is exceptionally loud. Sometimes, it is so loud that I can’t even hear the person on the treadmill next to me.

    Overall, this place just seems to be going downhill quick. It is not clear whether management is really interested in maintaining the facility. They really need to wake up and take care of their current members.

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