Kwik Tripfees

Oct 09, 2019

You people charge me an extra dollar every time I use my card at the counter. It goes back on in 24+ hours after you've earned interest on the millions, perhaps tens of millions you collected in that same period.

I used your "free" ATM tonight and as it has always done, you charged me $22 to take out $20.

This IS A FEE because despite the fact that you return the funds, YOU still have MY MONEY tonight.

And don't feed me some [censored] about my financial institution... You've done the exact same thing across FOUR DIFFERENT CARDS I've used at your bunko stores.

Deception makes me angry. [censored] you. I'll go get my cash elsewhere either for free or for a fee even if I have to get gas at one of your pigmarts because it's the closest etc.

Any place of business I deal with is either honest and up front or they get this from me... you're not the first and you won't be the last.

And your smirky little cashier can kiss my dick too.

I'll be telling anyone who'll listen about this.


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