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Kwik Kar - Argyleshoddy service

I took my car in for a oil change. First they tried to install t he wrong oil filter, then argued when I called them on it. Made me wait 45 minutes while the right one was delivered. Didnt check any other fluid levels and didn't lube it. When I called them on it they tried to convince me I was mistaken until another employee admitted he forgot. VERY DISHONEST and DISREPUTABLE LOCATION. B e very careful . If I hadn't been attentive to what they were trying to pull they would have got away with it.TELL EVERYONE TO AVOID THIS LOCATION.


  • Jn
    jnjgouge Jan 09, 2011

    I've traded at this location for years and I've gotten to know the manager/owner(Tom) very well. He'd never tolerate such actions or the response received by this patron. If this situation was brought to his attention, he would've handled it much different. You should contact him rather than make a defenseless post. I drive 16, miles to have my car worked on by this location, because I can trust the service I get.

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  • Ma
    macrojer May 28, 2013

    I also have had very bad service and dishonesty from this location. Beware also of hidden charges. When I got a transmission flush last year, my car was leaking oil when I got home, only to find the filter was half tight and leaking all over. If I would have drove somewhere far, my engine would have been toast. Which brings us to today. Really, I'm the idiot for going back there, but I did like how they would check to see if your tires would pass inspection as you drove up. I knew I had one tire that was close, so I thought I would take it there. When I arrived there were two vehicles ahead in line. So the guy(manager:we will get to that later) had me pull into a spot and did not check the tires. About 20 minutes later he comes inside to tell me one of my tires didn't have adequate tread and that it would not pass inspection and hands me my keys. I say ok, I knew it may be an issue. When I get about halfway home I realize my insurance card is no longer on my dash. So I drive back up there and ask the same guy for my insurance card and he says he gave it to me, i say get the picture. He won't even go look inside, and when I finally convince him to, he comes out and says "you must have dropped it" and hands it back to me. C'mon now, I've worked in plenty of places to know you just don't talk to customers like this. When I call him on it, I must have struck a real nerve with him because he calls the Argyle PD, and lies to them saying I am being irate and won't leave, yada yada. This is a bold faced lie, the employee was being far more confrontational than I.
    Truth be told, the whole conversation was under two minutes I am sure. So I say I'll wait for the PD since I know there en route. They come, pat me down like a common criminal, and then let me go after hearing my story. This sorta thing just should not have happened.

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